Winter tour Changbai Mountain, once meet all the requirements for winter

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Snow is a respect for the winter season.
    But the city where I live never snows. Every winter is coming, I see the appearance of wild friends in the snow, and I am envious. So this winter, I decided to go to Changbai Mountain and enjoy a life that should be enjoyed in winter.
    I got off the plane from Baishan Airport, the first forest tourism airport in China. It was 10 o’clock in the evening. The cold wind in the north came on the way. At that time, I was wearing a T-sleeve and a small coat of Cantonese-style winter dress, and I didn’t feel too cold. It may be that the inner enthusiasm is like a fire that resists the cold of winter, or it may be a warm and thoughtful service that makes me forget the chill for a while. At the airport, there is a free bus at the hotel waiting to pick up the station. The journey takes about 20 minutes. There will also be a tour guide on the road to introduce the local tourism situation and some things that should be paid attention to when visiting. Our guide introduces that she is a holiday assistant Huihui, easy. After a pleasant and simple interaction, the car entered the Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort and successfully arrived at the first stop of the hotel, Changbaishan Wanda Holiday Resort.
     A good hotel can always add a lot to the journey.
    The first stop of Changbai Mountain Wanda Holiday Resort is made up of wooden European-style buildings. The design is inspired by the local ecological beauty, which makes people feel like returning to nature when they enter the hotel. On the eve of Christmas, the hall has been decorated with a strong Christmas atmosphere, which complements the outdoor ice and snow scene. A huge Christmas tree is actually made of BOOMi dolls, and has a dreamy world of fairy tales. Not only this Christmas tree, the Holiday Inn can see the traces of BOOMi everywhere, there is a special BOOMi children’s room, the entry children can also get BOOMi small backpack and custom BOOMi passport luggage tag, the room is equipped with children’s exclusive Slipper bathrobes and BOOMi towels; on the side of the corridor in the lobby, you can also see the ski statue of BOOMi, with the autograph of the father of BOOMi on the ski; on the outdoor snow, there is a BOOMi snowman piled up by the staff… It is simply a wonderful journey to experience BOOMi.
    The holiday superior room I stayed in was spacious and private. It was also equipped with a TV, a refrigerator and a comfortable working area. The hotel also specially prepared a welcome card and a gift for me, but I was overjoyed by the floor heating. The floor heating is really too comfortable for us southerners. I can’t help but take off my shoes and step on the ground and step on it. The heating comes from the bottom of my heart, so I want to give it to my family. The floor is warm to the floor. There is also a humidifier in the room, which saves me from worrying about being too dry and sniffing at night.
    In fact, in addition to my stay at Changbai Mountain Holiday Resort, there are two hotels next door to the holiday. Holiday Inn Changbaishan Wanda Suite is especially suitable for family outings or pets. The suite is equipped with an open kitchen and refrigerator. All kitchen utensils can be used free of charge. The special pet room is specially prepared for pets.Small nests, toys and pet supplies are attentive. The Changbai Mountain Wanda Holidays is more economical than the average tourist family, and it is the fruit pine ski center. It is very convenient for skiing, and specially prepared for the children to play with children. Tourists are also a good choice.
     White poppies that can’t be missed – skiing
    Some people say that diving is blue opium, skiing is white opium, these two poisons, I am in the middle. So the first priority to come to Changbai Mountain is to go skiing. Staying at the Holiday Resort, the distance from the ski resort is very close. In the morning, you can see the heroic attitude of most of the ski resorts. You can walk to the service center of the ski resort about five minutes walk from the hotel.
    Wanda Changbai Mountain Ski Resort is Asia’s most popular ski resort. It has a snow period of 6 months and a snow depth of more than one meter. It has both advanced ski trails to meet the requirements of the Winter Olympic Games and intermediate ski trails. It is also equipped with a professional, safe and complete ski system.
    I still remember the embarrassment of my first skiing for many years. After I got the ski equipment, I was so excited that I couldn’t know about skiing. I had a courage to do it. The primary road test was quite good, holding it. The skateboard was on the mountainside, and the wind from the mountain rushed down. After a few seconds, the speed was a little scary. It was estimated that the speed of the heartbeat was faster than the speed of skiing. In short, after sliding down the mountain, the whole person They are all awkward, and they are afraid after they think about it. They never dared to go up the mountain again. After several skiing experiences in recent years, I slowly explored how to stand still, how to walk, how to turn, and it seems to be a little like a slippery, but it is purely a wild path, the most terrible thing. It is not very likely to brake. So this time I came to Changbai Mountain for skiing. I booked the ski assistant in advance through the “My Changbai Mountain” APP and wanted to improve my skiing skills. When I arrived at the service center, the ski assistant I booked was actually the guide who was responsible for picking up the station last night. I didn’t expect this petite little girl to be a senior ski instructor. It turns out that now Wanda Changbai Mountain Resort has only holiday assistants, and the holiday assistants are all-round talents. They can be both pick-up guides and ski instructors. All the problems in the resort can be found, which is delicious. It’s fun when it’s open for business.
    With Huihui’s professional guidance and meticulous safety care, I have corrected many of my previously unstandard postures, greatly improved my skiing level, and also photographed my skiing photos intimately. It seems that it is really necessary for the novice to ask the ski assistant. It is safer to enjoy the fun of skiing. Now, I can bravely fly down from the mountainside. Turning and braking are all handy and easy to control. I slipped into the joy of ice and snow.
    In fact, I didn’t have the courage to slide down the snow from the top of the mountain, but I still took the cable.The car went to the top. Sure enough, the top of the mountain has an excellent perspective, you can look at the beauty of Changbai Mountain, and overlook the entire resort.
     Play Snow Park, find memories of childhood fun playing snow
    Since it is a resort for snow, it must not be just a ski project. A 10-minute walk from the Holiday Resort, Wow Cool Snow Park is a richer choice of snow. As a brand new strategic brand of Changbai Mountain International Resort, Wow Cool Play Snow Park includes four major theme parks, namely, Baihua Wild Snow Crossing Park, Parent-child Play Snow Park, Banana Boat Park and Xuehuan Park. At the same time, it introduces Xinxuexiang people and play snow punching cards. A series of boutique travel products such as the music bar and snow house.
    Wow Cool Play Snow Park is open from 10:00 to 16:00, and tickets are 50 yuan per person. Tickets are free for hotels staying in the resort. There are many fun projects in the park, such as the curling and ice gyro that children from the northeast have played since childhood, as well as the “vehicles” of the Northeast, such as ice bicycles, snow rings, sleds, etc., and even children’s exclusive Children’s snowmobiles, adults and children can find their own snow fun in this park, the children found the release of childlike happiness, the adults found the memory of childhood childhood snow fun.
    Next to the snow train, two or three scenic spots are working together to build a snowman. I saw them waving a small meeting with a shovel. A vivid cartoon image was born. I asked if this is a rabbit police officer. I am more excited after the affirmative answer. I feel that these staff members are as unpredictable as sweeping the floor. It seems that the staff in Changbai Mountain Scenic Area is really a hidden dragon!
    In a short while, the sky suddenly dimmed, and then it snowed down. I couldn’t help but stick out my tongue and kissed the taste of the snow. The feeling of ice and cold was sweet. The heavy snow did not interrupt our play. On the contrary, during this snowstorm, we drove a snowmobile on the snowmobile in the snowy woods. In the whiteness that we couldn’t see, we let go. The laughter resounded throughout the forest, as if we had embraced a winter worth remembering. It felt so cool.
     Winter in the northeast can also play water parks
    In addition to playing with snow, Wanda Water Park is also a good choice to play with water. Wanda Water Park is an indoor large water park that integrates water, spa, health, thrilling high-altitude water slides, dining and theme goods. Although the ticket is more than two hundred dollars, but the hotel staying in the resort is free to go, really choose a lot of benefits.
    In the winter when the Shenzhen seaside is cold and there is no way to launch the water, it is really surprising to be able to play a water park in Changbai Mountain. The indoor heating here is comfortable and the water is not cold. I don’t know if this season is in the off-season. There are very few guests to play. Almost all the projects don’t need to be lined up. You can play as you walk. You feel like you have become a super VIP. If you want to play, you can play it immediately. I can’t imagine the water park.
    The Super Bowl Slide is one of the most exciting, thrilling and eye-catching projects in the water park. Two tourists can take a raft at the same time and dive from the heights. Under the action of centrifugal force and water, in the big bowl. At high speed, it is finally sucked into the water outlet in the middle of the big bowl.
    The “Super Big Horn” slide is a must-have for the water park. Four or five tourists sat together in a circular floating circle, sliding from a platform more than 20 meters high, flying into a huge horn-shaped slide, as if being sucked in by a tornado, only the screams heard one after another, especially Suitable for those who like to experience the excitement.
    There are also some projects and areas suitable for children to play, and they are also favored by many parents and children. In short, this is a paradise where there is no need to scream and laughter.
     Snow volcanic hot springs are essential and wonderful
    In fact, Changbai Mountain Wanda Resort also has hot springs. After all, hot springs are also a business card of Changbai Mountain. Since our third day of travel is the Crowne Plaza Changbai Mountain Hot Springs, the hot springs of this hotel are more famous, so we will put the experience of hot springs. At this station.From the Wanda Holiday Resort in Changbai Mountain near the west slope to the Crowne Plaza Changbai Mountain Hot Spring Hotel near the North Slope, the hotel is a two-hour drive away. We have a free shuttle bus to the hotel. All the way through the snow in the Changbai Mountain forest, very beautiful.
    Crowne Plaza Changbai Mountain Hot Springs, decorated in a warm and elegant style, combined with the local original design style, brings a natural and comfortable experience, especially in the public areas of corridors and other public areas, the use of volcanic rock slices, those formed hundreds of millions of years ago The volcanic rock slices appear simple and natural. Every honeycomb hole seems to tell the ancient historical story, highlighting the noble and calm aristocratic temperament of Crowne Plaza Hotel.
    All rooms feature high-quality LED LCD TVs, wet and dry bathroom with luxurious bath amenities, comfortable work area, and free high-speed internet access. What is more commendable is that in the morning, the bed is sunny, and with a cup of coffee, you can enjoy the snow-capped Changbai Mountain when you walk to the window, as if you are within reach, happy to dizzy.
    The open-air hot spring in the snow is one of the wonderful items that can’t be missed in Changbai Mountain in winter.
    After completing the check-in, I can’t wait to go to the hot springs. The hotel uses direct pipe directing to direct the natural volcanic self-overflowing hot springs to the hotel, 24-hour hot spring water supply, a total of 10 indoor hot spring pools and 21 landscaped outdoor hot spring pools. . The snow springs that are soaked up outside at night are really a rare and unique experience. Change the swimming trunks and put on the bathrobes and run to the hot springs in the cold wind. I feel more hesitant to freeze me for a second. Immediately after taking off the bathrobe, I went down into the hot spring pool, and the body immediately warmed up.
    In the cold wind of the 30 degrees in the winter, the body is soaked in more than 40 degrees of open-air hot springs, feeling the snow fluttering on the head, hot springs under the hot springs, ice and fire two days of snow outdoor hot springs The ultimate experience. The hot springs are full of smog wonders. After a while, we sweat all over the body and the hair freezes. It is no different from the smog. It can irritate me…
     Changbai Mountain in winter is a fairyland belonging to a few lucky people.
    Changbai Mountain is known as the “Millennium Snow Covered Pine, Straight to the First Peak of the World”. Therefore, Changbai Mountain in winter should belong to only a few lucky people. Only those who are blinded by fate will get a real winter wonderland. Just the snow that happened on the day before Changbai Mountain, the road to the mountain has been sealed, so no one can know if it can go to the top of the sky.
    Thanks to the hotel’s excellent location, it is located at Laoshanmen in the north scenic area of ​​Changbai Mountain. So after breakfast in the morning, we decided to go to the scenic spot to try. The hotel has opened a green channel service. As a resident guest, we directly delivered the scenic spot to the scenic spot, saving a lot of time to queue up for ticketing. Entering the gate of the scenic spot, the news that is getting up is still being cleared, and when it is not necessary. But when we arrived at the transfer platform of Shangshan, we got good news that we could go to Tianchi. It was really good luck, and it also benefited from the excellent support team in the scenic spot, which guaranteed the smooth safety of the scenic roads.
    Transfer to the scenic cheetah car in the scenic spot, a car is limited to 6 tourists, then from the foot of the mountain to the mountain, less than 20 minutes drive, came to the top of the Tianchi scenic spot. The scenery along the way is also dizzying. Sitting behind me is a pair of Taiwanese tourists. The Taiwanese accent on the way is always admiring: “Wow… beautiful! Super beautiful! Wow… so white. I have never seen such a white white! “Really, I have never seen such a white white, and the white snow scenery of Changbai Mountain has brought us endless joy.
    I finally came to the top of Changbai and saw the scene of the cold winter of the Tianchi.
    The sun shone in the snow, and the whole Tianchi was sealed like a seal. After freezing, it showed a quiet and sacred beauty. Watching this sacred Tianchi at close range, especially the shock of the blue sky and white snow, it is really human. There are few exciting moments in the world.
    However, the mountain is more than 2,000 meters above sea level, the wind is particularly large, the air has become cold and pure, although the clothes are not enough to wear cold, but it is not suitable for long-term, can only fall in love, and look forward to seeing again in the summer. On the upper side.
    After watching Tianchi, there are many attractions on the north slope worth visiting. This time we went to experience a forest “snow step”. After putting on the snow, there is no pressure on the thick snow, and I am not afraid of getting stuck in the snow. Although it is a short walk from the forest, but seeing the snow mushrooms that are completely original, the fascinating light and shadow in the snow, and the footprints of “sin” on a white snow, let me Southerners are excited. Occasionally, one or two birds will fly, and we will be excited to tell each other.
    Changbai Mountain is a place where God lives and is a paradise where everything is spiritual. I believe that people who have walked through the virgin forests of Changbai Mountain will have their own unique experience in forests and spirituality.
    At the next stop, we came to Julong Spring, which is the hot spring with the largest amount of water, the widest distribution and the highest water temperature in Changbai Mountain Hot Spring Group. It is called Changbai Mountain.A spring. It is located about 900 meters north of Changbai Waterfall, on the lower side of the falling pen peak. The distribution area is more than 1,000 square meters, and the Erdaobai River passes through the middle of the hot spring group. On the right side of the river, the springs are concentrated, there are dozens of places, and there are 7 large springs. Numerous heat flows from the bottom of the earth, like a group of dragons spraying water, hence the name Julongquan. The hot springs of Crowne Plaza Changbai Mountain Hot Springs is the direct source of water from the past, so it is a natural hot spring water.
    Of course, the most not to be missed in the hot springs is the hot spring eggs here. It is not the same as our usual white boiled eggs, egg whites, and cooked egg yolks. The hot spring eggs are egg yolks. The egg whites are not solidified or seductive. Taking a light breath, the whole egg yolk slipped into the mouth, and then a bit of pink egg yolk, very wonderful, even after eating a few can not stop.
     a snow country train that only departs in winter
    On the day of leaving Changbai Mountain, it just happened to catch up with the starting tour of the Snow Country Train this year. A snow country train that only departs in the winter, there is no unique theme in the country. There are only 90 soft-sleeping tickets available for sale in the whole car. Every passenger can enjoy VIP service: free day and night breakfast, unlimited red wine, and Children’s entertainment room, adult video room, chess room, and other functional activities.
    The experience on the train is as lively as a relative in the New Year. After getting on the train at 9 o’clock in the evening, tourists from all over the country began to gather in the dining car. The friends from Northeast China laughed broadly and heartily, and a few words with a strong accent in the northeast opened the mouth. The people who were full of cars were big. Laugh, the atmosphere of the entire train will be harmonious. Everyone eats together, stays up late, drinks and chats, sings and sings, and there is a voice shouting: Shanghai Mahjong is missing one, come over and play… So lively scenes, completely ignoring the snow outside the window, The dreamy scenery is not as good as the immediate ones. This is definitely the best train trip in my life.
    The next morning, at 10 o’clock in the morning, the train arrived in Shenyang, Shenyang. Everyone was greeted by the northeast accent of the devil, and said goodbye in the Northeast.
     Gourmet: You can’t freeze your mouth
    The winter in the northeast is cold and cold. I thought it would be lack of food, but the two large saucepans, a few simple side dishes, can still be tasteful in the days. It is really frozen and can not be frozen. Therefore, this trip has left a lot of good memories about food.
    Changbai Mountain Holiday Resort Jike Coffee: Offering a nutritious breakfast buffet and an all-day à la carte menu, as well as healthy local dishes, it offers an unparalleled feast.
    Changbai Mountain Holiday Resort Hotel Peak: There is a professional mixer and a large screen. There are two good resident singers. At night, friends gather here, drink and sing and sing, and you can run on the stage. Under the spotlight, there is a star illusion that is eye-catching.
    Holiday Inn Express Changbai Mountain Korean BBQ: The main chef is a chef who has worked and lived in Korea for many years. He has developed a variety of secret ingredients from Korea, and with fresh and delicious ingredients, the meat is delicious. It’s delicious and doesn’t want to lose weight You can also experience the fun of making dumplings with the chefs in the Northeast, making the whole journey more colorful.
    Changbai Mountain Wanda Resort Saibei Shanzhen Restaurant: Choose the wild fresh wild ingredients of Changbai Mountain and cook it with the cooking techniques of Northeastern cuisine. It has the characteristics of Changbai Mountain, so it has eaten many Northeastern dishes that have never been eaten before. It is also in the South. The Northeast restaurant is unheard of. In addition, the cost performance is relatively high, suitable for families to eat together, after all, the weight of Northeastern cuisine is quite real.
    Choi Fung House, Crowne Plaza Changbai Mountain Hot Springs: Choose organic vegetables and pork, fresh seasonal Jinzhen cuisine to cook authentic local Changji Mountain specialties and Northeastern cuisine. The dish is delicate and tastes in line with Southern tastes. It looks good and delicious, and it is suitable for taking pictures in the late night.
    Erdaobaihe Town Northeastern Iron Cook Stew: This is the most authentic northeastern iron pot I have ever tasted. It is delicious to cry. When you enter the restaurant, you may be scared. The decoration is especially like the style of second-hand roses. This aesthetic is simply shocking me, but a few big pots come up, those unremarkable foods, actually eaten to make me suspect that all the northeast dishes I used to eat are fake northeast dishes, this is the real sense. The Northeastern local food bar, people coming to the northeast must come to taste it.
    Therefore, skiing, snowmobiling, snow springs, Changbai Mountain Tianchi, forest walks, northeast specialties… This trip to Changbai Mountain meets all my requirements for winter. I only hope that time can be slower, allowing me to stay in those wonderful moments and not want to leave.

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