Winter tour, discuss the post, like you did not discuss

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    The impression of Ningbo seems to remain in Tianyi Pavilion and the Old Bund, but walking into the discussion post is like opening another window and meeting different wonderful things.
     Best time to travel
    The Shanggang has the reputation of “Summer Resort, Cool World”, which is cool in summer and ski in winter. It is suitable for sightseeing all year round.
    D1: Changsha-Ningbo PN6339
    Shanggang Ski Resort
    D2: Chiang Song Villa
    Ningbo-Changsha EU2750
    A, self-driving: 1, Shanghai departure: Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway-cross-sea bridge north wiring-Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge-Shenhai Expressway-Ningbo Ring Expressway Jinjin Expressway Xikou Exit-to Zhongxing East Road, turn right to Park North Road – Turn right and go straight to S33 – Follow S33 and follow the signs to the Shanglianggang Scenic Area.
    2. Departure from Ningbo: Transfer to the Jinjin Expressway at Xikou Exit via the Yongtaiwen Expressway, and then reach the Shangganggang Scenic Spot by Xikou Xuedou Temple and Dongpu.
    3. Departure from Zhejiang: Visitors from all parts of Zhejiang can go to Ningbo first (some high speeds are under Fenghua), then arrive at Xikou Town, and then follow the direction of Xuedou Temple. After arriving at Xuedou Temple, press the road sign for 8 kilometers to reach the negotiation. Gang.
    B. Bus: Go to Ningbo South Bus Station, take the bus from Ningbo to Xikou to Xikou to Shangganggang.
    The Shanggang Scenic Area is located in the hinterland of Siming Mountain in the east of Zhejiang Province. It consists of Chiang Kai-shek, Song Meiling Mountain Resort, Army Officer School, Shanglianggang Historical Exhibition Area, Forest Waterfall Square, Expansion Base, Forest Climbing, Natural Rock Climbing, Original Hunting Ground, Fishing Park, Forest Oxygen Bar. 20 cabins including the Cabin, Healthy Trail Recreation Resort, Elderly Leisure Area, Sanhu Scenic Area, Xianren Bridge, etc., divided into Jiang Song Relics Search Tour, Moonlight Lodge Escape Tour, Expand Fitness Wonderland Tour and Forest Hunting Wild Tour Tour Tour line.
    The Consultation Post is equivalent to a multi-purpose paradise. It refers to the latest model of European forest tourism destinations. It integrates tourism, leisure and vacation, ice and snow entertainment, fitness and health, mountain affairs and catering and accommodation, providing visitors with a new experience space.
    A. Usually skiing: 180 yuan for 1 hour, 260 yuan for 2 hours, 320 yuan for 3 hours, 400 yuan for all day.
    B. Weekend skiing: 220 yuan for 1 hour, 340 yuan for 2 hours, 390 yuan for 3 hours, 450 yuan for all day.
    C. Holiday skiing: 250 yuan for 1 hour, 340 yuan for 2 hours, 420 yuan for 3 hours, 580 yuan for all day.
    The snowboard deposit is 300 yuan/set, the ski ring deposit is 200 yuan/person, the ski service deposit is 200/set, and the locker deposit is 200 yuan/piece.
    Ski instructor: 200 yuan / hour.
    Ningbo cuisine is famous for its seafood inside and outside. It is famous for steaming, roasting and stewing seafood. It has unique characteristics, light form, heavy taste, fresh and salty, delicious and delicious. Ningbo people call it “down meal”. Most of the cooking production adopts steaming and simmering, especially paying attention to the heat and knife, and paying great attention to color, fragrance and taste.
    For food, every time you go to a place, the favorite link is “food show”. When you come to the business, you can’t miss it.A delicious dish is like a piece of art, full of color and flavor, and staged a “temptation of food”, which is simply unstoppable, only a big blessing!
    Shanglianggang Tourist Resort has moonlight villas, tree houses and various rooms with views. It is mainly made of wooden structure, simple but not simple, warm and elegant, although it is on the mountain, but the facilities are all available, away from the downtown area. , but can enjoy the quality of life without losing to the downtown.
    At the same time, because the room is all “mountain view room”, facing the mountains, the layers of the emerald, you will have a good mood in an instant!
    In addition, there is a game house near the accommodation, the space is not very large, but it looks very small and fresh, including werewolf killing, billiards, table tennis and many other games. If you invite three or five friends to play together, there is a feeling of a small party in an instant, which is a pleasure.
     Changyou Business Forum
    In the winter, the north is frozen and the snow is floating, which naturally becomes a ski resort. But this does not mean that skiing is a “patent” in the north, and skiing is also available in the south.
    Snow Dou Mountain is one of them. It is one of the five famous Buddhist mountains in China. It is the highest peak of the Siming Mountain branch. As early as the Han Dynasty, it was likened to “Peng Lai on the Sea, Land on the Roof”. The Emperor Renzong of the Northern Song Dynasty once visited this place in the dream. The Emperor Lizong of the Southern Song Dynasty pursued the book “Ying Meng Mingshan”. The generation of writers and writers also did not swear by the words of the United States: “Gao Huai has Yunmenguan, a good sentence rumors that Xue Shoufeng “”
    Even after Chiang Kai-shek visited this place, he blurted out and debuted: “Snow Mountain is a good place to be in a good position, not less than three pools; I am in the midst of Lin Quanmeng, and I am suspicious.”
    It can make a generation of Xiongxiongsheng return to the heart of the mountain forest. The beauty of Xuedou Mountain is so beautiful to what extent its beauty can be imagined!
    The Shanggang Post is located on the snow sinus hill. It combines the best of both worlds and geography. The humanities and nature blend together. The four seasons are picturesque. The spring blooms and the flowers bloom. The average summer temperature is only 23 °C. It can be described as “cool world, summer resort”; All over the place, the forest is full of dyes; the winter is frozen and the snow is floating, crystal clear, and each season presents different beauty.
    According to Guangxu’s “Fenghua County”, it is said that there are three gods in the Jin Dynasty who have discussed the construction of the temple. The latter three incarnations are high-intelligence, static air, and sky and air.Cheng Xue Dou Temple, Jingkong built the Dangxi Temple in the “Simingshan Heart”, and built the Guanding Temple in Jixian County, and the three temples became the famous temples in eastern Zhejiang. The name of the consulting post is named after it, and it is known as the “community of Feng Shui”.
    The beautiful legend and the beautiful scenery, it is like Xiao Wang encounters the king, which has a sensational effect, attracting countless people to compete, including Li Bai, Meng Jiao, Pi Rixiu, He Zhizhang, Lu Guimeng, Liu Changqing, Dai Watch Yuan is such a “well-known big V.”
    Of course, for the modern people, the most exciting thing is the ski resort.
    The Shanggang Ski Resort is based on the concept of “green ecology”. The snow-making area is 16,000 square meters. The snow road is built on the mountain. The total length is about 500 meters. The appearance is trapezoidal structure with a maximum slope of 18 degrees and a drop of more than 30 meters. It is an ideal place for outdoor sports in winter, with skiing, ice skating, slip rings, snow flying saucers, snowmen, snowball fights, ice slides and more than a dozen snow and ice entertainment projects.
    It should be noted that skiing originated and developed in the Scandinavian countries. Up to now, not only has the number of projects increased, but the field has also expanded. Among them, tourism skiing is less restrictive by human factors. Whether it is adults or children, you can enjoy skiing on the snow and enjoy skiing.
    The so-called “Linyuan squid, it is better to retreat to the net”, if you just rely on watching, you will never be able to experience the joy and excitement of skiing. It is better to wear ski boots, step on the skis, chase the wind and electricity, and show your talents. From the top of the snowy road, you can feel the speed and passion on the ice and snow.
    Even if it is a beginner, there is no need to shrink your feet. You can ask an experienced ski instructor to practice the “Scrapping Dragon Skills” and still be able to stand on the ski slopes!
    Popular. Rain fly. Snow dance. Why skiing is far away, there are ski resorts in the south of the Yangtze River, and the ages are cold and the silver is wrapped up to satisfy all your shackles of snow.
    In addition to the ski resort, there is also a famous landscape in the Shanggang: Jiang Song Villa.
    In the autumn of 1935, Chiang Kai-shek succumbed to this feng shui treasure land. He wanted to create the “China’s second mountain” and opened up the business as a Wuling school forest farm. Because its summer house was built on the mountainside, it was named “Chinese House”. The bedroom, the reception room, the tea room, the infirmary, the attendant room, the kitchen, etc. are all available, and the luxury of the year is faintly visible.
    When the villa was built, Song Meiling once planted a golden pine and a ginkgo tree at the door, meaning “gold and silver rich.” However, the money rich tree is still there, but the Stan has gone.
    There is also a strange spring behind the villa, named “Mei Ling Quan.” When Chiang Kai-shek’s developers were on the job, they heard that there was a god in the mountains, the water quality was clear, and the sweetness was sweet. They had the beauty and body-building benefits all the year round. What is more peculiar is that the springs are always kept at the same water level, and the drought is not reduced by one point. The heavy rain did not increase by one inch, and it was decided to build a villa on the edge of the spring. This spring has the beauty effect of beauty, and Mrs. Jiang is called Meiling, and later generations call it “Mei Lingquan.”
    It is worth mentioning that in the forest below the Zhongyangfang, an artificial lake of more than 200 square meters has been excavated. Because the lake with a horizontal mirror shape is like a big winter melon, it is named “Winter Melon Lake”.
    Walking through the winter melon lake and embarking on a mountain road, it is a lush bamboo forest. The green color has become the most eye-catching main color. It has entered the spring, and there is no such thing as winter chill.
    In order to build the Zhejiang version of the “Whampoa Military Academy”, Chiang Kai-shek founded the Wuling School in 1929 and has received much attention from the very beginning. During the Anti-Japanese War, Wuling School built a school building on the construction site for the safety class, and opened a secondary school branch to allow some students to study here.
    Today, the old site still exists. Although it has weathered the storm, it has also witnessed an extraordinary period of time.
    Human history is the soul, and the lakes and mountains are rhymes, which together make the unique beauty of the discussion.
    Empty mountain. drizzle. mist. Wanlibi is so far away from the sky, so the journey of people is long. Only the old home, for people to hang, the long years of condensed in this moment, surging the memories of the old time.

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