Wrong peak travel, put the colorful Nalati into the most beautiful autumn of this year

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“With 30,000 feet of high altitude, it is a magnificent and beautiful country. The distant place I went to is called ‘frontier’.” The time passed was hurried and slow, and the self-driving tour two months ago was vividly in sight. Nalati’s quiet night, clearly visible in my mind, the cold air, the wind-proof tent, the starry sky in your eyes, as the plane gradually rises, the forever will not forget to eat snacks and shoot the stars The night is coming again.
    The summer in Nalati is wonderful and lively, and it is also the peak season for tourists. Due to the cold and changing weather, Nalati’s autumn and winter season visitors are rare, but if I like a place, I will choose to travel in the off-season or travel in different seasons, and this autumn, I Give time here.
    The beauty of nature is always ever-changing, because this decision I accidentally harvested an intoxicating autumn color, blue sky, white clouds, cloudy, rain and snow, sunrise, sunset, ice hanging, cloud sea, snow mountain, starry sky… this is a The colorful travels were abundant, because Blizzard cancelled two flights and then dropped to the train back to Urumqi. Finally, it was called “Gangzhao” version by the friends. “I am still on the way,” but I am still glad to meet Nara. The other side that is so beautiful and rich that is not known to most people…
     Day1: Sunrise on the plane, Nalati under the rain
    There are many places in Xinjiang that are impressive. There are many ways to get from Urumqi to various destinations. Unlike the last self-driving, this time, from the Urumqi Airport, I went straight to the Nalati Scenic Area and arrived in Urumqi the night before. , rushing to the Tianshan Mountains at 8 o’clock this morning, flying to the Nalati in the fall…
    When the plane began to fall and woke up from the slumber, it coincided with a beautiful sunrise in the air. The snow-capped mountains crossed the thick clouds and were shot in the sun, and the white clouds reflected the golden light. I haven’t arrived yet and I have a good memory. Unfortunately, the camera has been put into the luggage rack, but I can only take a few photos on my mobile phone.
    [ps1: Although the sunrise is beautiful, when I saw this thick cloud, my heart was actually a bit sigh. It must be a rainy day. The consequences of the downtime are not good…]
    [ps2: If it is a good choice to drive from the Ukrainian city to the Nalati road, it is also a good choice. The scenery of this road of the independent road is particularly beautiful. It is still my regret that the uncompleted road in the first half of the road has been completed…]
    Nalati Airport should be the smallest airport I have ever seen. It is even smaller than Aershan, so it is extremely convenient to take your luggage or check in. This may be the biggest advantage of a small airport. The airport is half an hour’s drive from the scenic spot. When Hemu has been in the late autumn, the trees here are still yellow in mid-October. This is also the broad performance of Xinjiang.
    However, the contrast between the rainy weather and the autumn scenery I imagined is very big. Whether it is travel or photography, the weather is very important, but the mood is more important.
    Stayed at the hotel next to the entrance in the scenic area, put on a down jacket, and ate a simple breakfast, then came to the nature style garden [河谷草原], near the cattle and horses, the mountains in the distance, walking through a yellow In the green grassland of the grassland, I tried to imagine the way the sun was falling…
    Still like the summer, following the car all the way to the winding road and the ancient road, the yellow grassland gradually widened, and the grassland on the mountain is different from Inner Mongolia’s grassland! The yellow leafy Populus euphratica is in harmony with the green snow-covered spruce, and there is a charm in the drizzle…
    The fog spreads in the forest, and the secondary Populus euphratica forest at the corner has a feeling of desolateness in the haze of the haze, and the fog is getting more and more foggy as the car rises in the Panlong Trail. It’s just the environment. Imagine that the summer of the blue sky and white clouds two months ago is not worthwhile. It is not the same weather, not the same taste.
    From the Panlong Ancient Road, come to the herdsmen’s house in the first village of Kazakh for lunch. There is a farmhouse in the Mainland. For the first time, I know that it is called “Muslim”! Said to be lunch, from two o’clock to eat until 6 o’clock in the evening! Appetizers, specialties, roasted whole lamb ceremony! Full of long tables, drinking and listening to folk music, the hospitality of Xinjiang people became the most profound impression today.
    I might like to thank today for the rainy weather, find a yurt, and drink a bowl of milk tea. So I have the experience of deepening the local Kazakh ethnicity. The music melody that I used to be familiar with in mobile phones and movies is so full of modernization. In the yurt room, with the mixed taste of mutton, tobacco and wine, nest in the corner of the floor mat, close your eyes and listen, the mouth is rising, the air is filled with happiness, leisurely to sleepy.
     Day2: Surprise for travel, meet a magnificent rolling sea of ​​clouds
    At 8:30 in the morning window, a trace of blue sky was drawn from the clouds. The cold wind of autumn was blowing outside the door. The wooden planks at the foot floated with white frost. Looking out for the nine-point sun, I found a bowl of beef noodles. Field cloud sea…
    The weather in Xinjiang is changeable. The blue sky before breakfast is covered with clouds. The mountain road to the grassland passes through the thick clouds. The snow mountain appears at the intersection after the turning. The sea of ​​clouds spreads in front of the eyes…
    In fact, I really should thank the rain yesterday, not only enjoying the leisure in the afternoon, but also creating the sea of ​​clouds this morning! Most of the trips are like this, and the mood is always more important than the weather.
    With excitement, I took some pictures and looked at it. The magnificent snow-capped mountains and seas rolled up and down at the foot. The clouds in the valleys lingered between the spruces. The faint color of the faintly seems to wander in the world. When you meet different scenery and meet the long-lost heart, this is the meaning of travel.
    The difference between this trip and the last time is that after the shuttle bus reaches the nomadic reception point, it continues to take the Tianchengtai and Xuelian Valley, which can only be reached by the sightseeing car, and walks to the foot of the Tianshan Mountain!
    Before arriving at Tianchengtai, the snowy spruce in the mountains gradually became dense, and a cedar tree that suddenly appeared in the blink of an eye had already hanged a crystal ice hung in mid-October, and the autumn wind blew through it, and the rustling land was white. The dreamlike scenery is like a shining Christmas tree in the winter!
    Not long ago, Tianchengtai was in the sky, and the Tianshan Mountains were in front of you. The autumn winds and the snowy mountains and the spruce echoed each other and became another great thing today.
    The cold wind whistling in the ear, the hair fluttering at the foot of the Tianshan Mountain, standing in the snow lotus valley seems to have a gust of wind to want to take me to the top of the mountain… Compared with nature, people are always small, we need three meals a day, Need to feel the life…
    Happy and focused time is always short. It’s already half past three in the afternoon from Xuelian Valley. Since today’s weather is better than yesterday, I plan to go again and see the scenery I missed yesterday!
    When the time comes to work, Xiaolong goes out to sea, lying on the oxengang… Time passes in one minute and one second, the most beautiful scenery is always on the road, the cattle and sheep are scattered in the distance, on the side of the road, in front of the eyes. The blue sky, the snow-capped mountains, the woods, and the grasslands are stacked into a huge picture. I don’t know you and I have become part of the landscape!
    From the high sun to the sunset, at eight o’clock, I painted a semicolon for today’s photography trip. Even if I missed the best place to shoot the sunset, it is also a great day. Some places always have some regrets. Can you remember, not to mention the magnificent beauty of the sea of ​​clouds has been deeply imprinted into the heart.
    Tomorrow’s tomorrow is always beautiful, just like the starry sky every night, the stars are a little bit! The stars of the past childhood, and later flooded by the bustling city, later grew up traveling, the vast world, always meet different scenery, the tears of sensuality is also the normal state of the journey, I like this full of freedom and Unknown state of life…
     Day3: Walking in the deep mountains in autumn, feeling the working life of scattered herders
    Still waking up at 8:30, the window is a pale pink morning glow, squatting in the window and taking a picture across the glass. There are only two villagers walking through the small village where the smoke rises. The scene reveals a strong sense of life!
    The autumn here is particularly dry. It is the first thing to wake up when I get a cup of hot water. I am going out with the bright sky. It is still the breakfast shop yesterday, the side dish, the egg, the beef noodles, and open the day.
    The first stop passed by the felt room scattered in the scenic area just braved the smoke, and could not help but get off the bus and explored it. These felt houses in Inner Mongolia are called “yurts”, but in the eyes of the Kazakh people in Xinjiang, they called “the felt room.” “If they are wrong, they are somewhat unhappy.”
    The yurt isolated the cold outside, the fire warmed the air, standing on the edge of the door, there was a sentence without a word, it was originally built in such a felt room to be four thousand yuan.
    More than nine o’clock in the morning, the herdsmen began to work, adding fire, boiling water, playing horse milk… Not far away is a few clusters of horse free activities, sometimes suddenly feel away from the crowd, here to be a galloping horse It is also a kind of happiness…
    I saw the horse grazing at the door, I asked the little brother to ride a horse? He readily agreed, then I let the little friends go up and feel the way to help her take a picture. Because the language communication is not very smooth, there is still a feeling that it is difficult to integrate, but seeing their true side, sunrise and sunset, and harmony with the grass horse and sheep, here is the most authentic Kazakh nation.
    Later, the car opened up to the “Volta Tower” name was explained as I love him to find him, here you can feel the joy of hiking, in fact, the mountain in mid-October is very cold, it seems that some are not suitable, but We still experienced it once, and it turns out that if it is changed to summer, it will be very comfortable, but the scenery in late autumn is also very beautiful!
    As the stone plate stretches the route to the mountains, the autumn scenery surrounds the whole body, the stream water creaks in the ear, and the tall and straight snowy spruce stands on the foothills. The moss under the feet, the yellow leaves, the broken trunk, and the feeling of a moment seem to have entered the virgin forest…
    This tree has become one of the most loved scenes for everyone. They lined up and left to leave a portrait. The fun of a group of people is also a pleasure to travel. This bleak autumn is actually an intoxicating beauty.
    On the way to the next destination, the car broke into a group of horses and blocked the way. Everyone excitedly got off and took a shot. After the horses passed, they found that the scenery on both sides was still beautiful even in the cloudy sky. The scene at this time is no longer suitable. The Gongnaisi River, the Tseng Huyang Forest, and the moving creatures in front of us are all flowing oil paintings…
    In addition to occasionally chasing the sunrise and sunset, the sky is full of stars, free and always accompanied by my journey, after filling the stomach after walking, I will go back to the room to rest until six o’clock, this plan to go to the Tianyintai, because the weather is dark and dark The reason finally gave up.
     Day4: Welcome to the first autumn snow
    I missed the trip yesterday afternoon, so I planned to go out at 8:00 last night, so I woke up at 7:30, I saw the darkness outside the window. I looked at the weather forecast and expected snow. I was going to give up, but I woke up after waking up. Dissipate and think about going out and trying your luck…
    Wrapped in all the clothes, shirts, sweaters, coats, down jackets, pants, skirts, thick scarves… Follow the darkness before dawn, the cold air is mixed with damp rain and snow, and the cold wind is blowing With the buzzing of the engine, the glare on the glass window blocked the cold of the outside world and blurred the darkness before dawn.
    The sky was slightly bright, and everything on the river valley was frozen with a layer of ice. We joked that we saw a piece of grass and frozen grass in the early morning…
    In the distance, there were herders riding motorcycles or horses on the road, but since they went out, did they go back? Which river will there be smog yesterday, or else let’s go see it? Travel is casual and hard, but the excitement of discovering the New World always makes me happy, but fortunately I struggled, so I got the photo above!
    From the direction of the river valley grassland, I went back to Hu Yang Citzlin, and the snow continued to float. The heart that got off the bus was cold, and there was no layer between the heavens and the earth! Adjusting the mentality, it seems that the trees in the distance, the grass in the vicinity are very beautiful, here is the world surrounded by ice crystals…
    Just walking on the road, looking for the location of the composition that was ok in yesterday’s memory, and then encountering a group of cattle and horses like yesterday…
    The dead tree below the road attracted our attention at a glance. It crossed the tiny creek and set foot on the grassland. At the foot was the squeaking of the ice grass. The slightly raised small slope was already white. Xiaoxue continues to float, and we continue to look for our fun. The snow on the trunk, the grass on the ground, every corner has new discoveries, so that we almost forgot the time.
    Life is so full of surprises and surprises. Travel always makes people grow up. The accidents on the roads have taught us to be indifferent and unhurried. I am more and more fond of that An An’s stable and unruly self, like the very thoughtful one who can take care of himself. I like to eat, sleep, drink plenty of water and remember to apply the mask on my own. Maybe it’s really old. But I like everything that gets better.
    The short trip is over. At this time, I am already on the way home. You may not be able to imagine that we have returned home after many twists and turns. The weather in Xinjiang is really changeable. The heavy snowfall on the return trip caused the aircraft to delay, cancel, cancel…
    Fortunately, we have harvested an intoxicating autumn color, as well as colorful weather conditions! Blue sky, white clouds, cloudy, rain and snow, sunrise, sunset, sea of ​​clouds, ice hanging, snowy mountains, starry sky… In addition to the lively summer, the beauty of Nalati is varied and ever-changing.
    A weather clothing: Xinjiang has a vast territory, so pay attention to the weather when you travel. Nalati has a large temperature difference between morning and evening, and it is necessary to carry a long thick down jacket [even if it is still cold in summer evenings]
    B daily necessities: the weather is relatively dry, it is recommended to carry water cups, make-up moisturizers; accommodation can only carry personal habitual daily necessities [toothbrush, shampoo, bath towel, etc.]
    C: documents, wallets, electronic products, commonly used drugs, etc. [Experience the Urumqi airport security check carefully, sometimes more people and no fast track, try to reach the airport one and a half hours earlier]

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