Xiamen, a city that must go once in a dream!

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Xiamen, a city that must go once in a dream! This time, I finally had the opportunity to go to Xiamen to have a look.
    Last time, I left from Quanzhou and went straight to Xiamen to participate in the Xiamen Quality Tourism Route Experience Program hosted by Xiamen Tourism Commission, Xiamen Asia-Pacific Tourism Development Center and Xiamen Xiamen International Travel Service Co., Ltd. This time, I recruited people from all over the country and was fortunate to be one of the 20 experiencers.
    Due to time, the trip arrived in Xiamen three days earlier. Also, give yourself a chance to experience slowly.
     [First day: first experience]
    At 18:14 on the evening of October 29, 2018, enter Xiamen Island. The news from Weibo’s push shows that 18 of my friends have already been to Xiamen, but I am here for the first time.
    Xiamen is like a fresh little love letter. I don’t know why so many people are obsessed with Xiamen. Anyway, when I first set foot on Xiamen, I already liked it.
    (Xiamen’s first photo)
    It was already late, and I came to the taxi and heard that many of the net reds are very much like Xiamen’s slow life.
    The inn is very clean and welcoming, the big bed room can let me roll around, the most important thing is the light I like, the romantic and emotional can write the manuscript…
    Put down your luggage and take a hot shower. Can’t wait to go out to find food, some people say that if you want to know a city, you must start with it! That person is me…
    The inn is located in the famous Zengcuo in Xiamen and is a variety of specialty snacks. Quickly walked to the street, and quickly walked to the end of the street, probably a quick look, I know what to eat.
    I decided that the first thing I want to eat is the special long-term Weinan specialty snack “蚵仔煎”, the amount ~ here to say, “蚵” read “ke”, I hit “he” for a long time and did not find… The full name is “ke zai jian”, Minnan dialect: “ou a jian”, in our northerners, it is called “sea oyster fried” or “oyster fried”. The method of eating in Fujian is different from that in the north. What I used to do at home was to wash the starch and egg mixture with sea bream and fry until golden. The way to eat in Xiamen is to wash the sea bream and add the greens to the frying, and finally put a large spoonful of wet leaves.Powder, the pan is very hot, basically eat starch, each has its own hobby, I still like the northern way to eat.
    If you eat a glutinous rice noodles, you can go to the second special food: 闽台肠粉. There is one biggest difference between this intestinal powder and Guangdong sausage powder, that is to bring soup! And still very good to drink…
    After eating the intestines, I ordered a cup of freshly squeezed mango juice, which was almost full, and went back to the inn to sleep.
     [The second day: slow life]
    I feel sleepy until noon, so I can sleep so cool. After washing, I found the scenery inside the Wuyi Inn so beautiful!
    As the fire said: In the bustling Zeng Biao, the B&B is like a cloud, this B&B called Wuhuan is hidden in the alley behind the hustle and bustle. It is different from a smoky ins wind. It is subtle and restrained, one flower and one hospital. The chair, one by one, one tea, seemingly inadvertent moments, but has broken into the heart.
    For lunch and lunch, it is still a specialty snack in southern Anhui. There are always some novel foods waiting to be tasted.
    Today’s weather is good, the sky is clear, the map is inquired, Xiamen University is nearby, slowly walked over and experienced a real slow life. Out of the snack street, crossing the overpass on the South Road, and seeing the Shimao Twin Tower.
    After crossing the bridge, I came to the beach. There are not many people on the beach, and the wind and waves are very big. Take a few photos at your own pace and follow the road around the island to prepare for Xiamen University.
    Walking on the quiet boardwalk and the roundabout, the sea near the beach and the sea in the distance makes it difficult to move. You can also rent a bicycle to ride, let the sea breeze face, do not have a charm.
    The road around the island is 31 kilometers long and the road is 44-60 meters wide. The locals call it the five-color road: the blue sea, the golden sand, the green grass, the red runway, and the gray road.
    Everywhere can be the starting point, along the roundabout all the way forward. You can see the sea next to you. You can blow the sea breeze and look at the flowers and plants on the roadside. Even if you don’t go to any attraction, you will feel that life is wonderful.
    The first time I saw Bougainvillea was in Thailand, and I later saw it in Saipan. Bougainvillea, native to Brazil in South America, may be seen in warmer parts of the world. This time there are so many in Xiamen, the colors are still a lot.
    There is no particularly obvious concept of “attraction” here. The hustle and bustle of Hulishan Fort, Xiamen University and Shimao Twin Towers can be places where local people live and become tourist destinations. This round-the-island road is especially obvious. People who ride leisurely photos and enjoy the scenery can’t judge the Xiamen people who are leisurely weekends or the tourists who come from afar.
    The time spent wandering in the afternoon is always very short, and it’s almost dusk when I take a photo. The moment I stepped on the overpass, I was attracted by the sunset glow in the west.
    Come to the beach in front of the Xiamen University and enjoy the endless beauty.
    I really didn’t have the courage to go back, take a taxi, and I returned to Zeng Yi in a few minutes. After getting out of the car, I rushed to the flyover, and the sunset glow in the west was more beautiful. Unfortunately, this kind of beauty will only stay for a moment…
    Back to the bustling Zeng, the arrival of the night made it even more lively.
    A large bowl of sand tea noodles, appetizing and lacking, even the hot soup has not let go.
    Back to the inn, I realized that I have caught up with the “big things” that have not happened in Xiamen for a hundred years.Piece”…
     [Day 3: Did not go out]
    The “big event” that has never happened in a hundred years is to catch up with the typhoon! Xiamen is a city with many typhoons, but it is rare to catch a typhoon at the end of October and early November! Typhoon “Yu Rabbit” may visit Xiamen.
    The beautiful sunset glow last night also heralded the arrival of the typhoon. I didn’t go out today, and even the meal was ordered. The outside wind was very big. I took photos in the inn to write a manuscript and drink tea. Tomorrow, I am leaving here to start a new travel experience. Unconsciously, it is evening, today’s sunset glows…
    [Fourth Day: Mutation Day]
    It is still sleeping at noon, and the baggage is packed up to the front desk for check-out. I would like to especially thank this hostel in Sina Xiamen for recommending to Qingdao friends who came to Xiamen on the same day. The reason is cheap, convenient and literary!
    At this time, it was raining outside, envying the leisurely life of the Minnan people, watching the rain and tea chatting under the eaves.
    In the rain, I dragged my luggage out of Zeng, and came to the roundabout to call a drop. I stayed at the hotel provided by the organizer Xiamen Tourism Commission tonight.
    Xiamen in the rain does not have a charm, just hope that tomorrow’s trip will not rain.
    The organizer Xiamen Tourism Commission gave us the Huli Haohao Hotel located at No. 13 Huli Avenue, Huli District. Seeing the slogan of the welcome experience to Xiamen in the hotel, it can be seen that the Xiamen Tourism Commission has attached great importance to this event.
    In the hotel lobby, the Xiamen Tourism Commission has arranged for the staff to wait, sign in, arrange the room, receive the Xiamen Tourism Album, the BRICS Meeting Maillet, the Chinese and English version of the Xiamen hand-painted map and the Xiamen Tourism, a GO, CD and other promotional materials. In the group, I also sent a notice of the event and a welcome letter.
    The room is extraordinarily large, and it is a waste of one person to live… but it is still secretly hilarious.
    Because it was at noon, the Xiamen Tourism Commission also arranged a special meal for the hotel. It is a simple meal, a bowl of boiled fish, a soup, a bowl of rice, a bowl of egg tarts, some snacks and fruits, and eat well.
    The most favorite is this mango pudding, it is delicious, don’t want it. If you have the opportunity to come to this hotel, be sure to try it.
    Tea sets are provided in the hotel room. It is true that the people of Fujian love to drink tea. Fortunately, they brought some Jin Junmei, soaked in a pot, and prepared to continue to write a manuscript. Just turned on the computer, the mouse is actually broken…
    I asked the hotel, the front desk told me that I might go south to a street where there is a mobile phone repair shop. No way, I have to work at night, it is raining outside, and the front desk borrows an umbrella and follows the navigation to find it.
    Sure enough, found in a mobile phone repair shop! The conversation is like this: Is there a mouse? Yes! What brand of watch do you want? I said: mouse! Have! 35 yuan! 15 yuan! Take 20 yuan! Ok… hahahaha
    The group informed that they would gather at night to eat, and meet with tourists from all over the country to meet each other, get to know each other, take pictures, and even taste the Xiamen specialties of Haohao Hotel in Huli. Of course, coastal cities are still dominated by seafood.
    There are too many kinds, only remember the more distinctive foods: ginger duck, boiled oysters, seaweed rolls, okra and conch slices, fried bacon, what grass stick soup… some names are from me, I don’t know right.
     [Fifth Day: Tour Classic]
    The most anticipated day has finally arrived! At 7:30, we will have breakfast at 8:00 in the hall, and we will issue a guest card for the Xiamen High-Quality Touring Line Experiencer. I have already obtained the consent of everyone, modified the line, and divided into 2 groups. Today I chose the A line: Chua’s lacquer line – Yun Shang Xiamen – Shapowei – Eat Fort – Hulishan Fort – Huandao Road – Zeng厝垵-Jia Li Seafood Restaurant.
    Today’s Xiamen, the smoke and rain, the outside of the typhoon has been affected, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of all travel experience.
    The leaders of the Xiamen Tourism Commission have personally led the team, hiring the national excellent tour guide, Xiamen tourism promotion ambassador, Xiamen gold medal guide: Charlie old wolf – Zhang Jingfeng as our guide today.
     [First stop of the trip: Chua’s paint line carving]
    It may seem like nothing to you, maybe even a shopping point, but what I want to say is that if you want to understand a city in depth, then its history and culture must be understood, knowing that these intangible cultural heritages are also The memory of a city is the wealth of the country.
    The lacquer line carving is a folk craftsmanship with a long history and unique characteristics in Xiamen. It has been circulating for more than three hundred years. The biggest feeling I have here is the inheritance of Chinese wisdom, which is so well protected in Xiamen.
    It originated from Tongan Maxiang Town, Xiamen. It was originally called the paint line makeup Buddha, which means the decoration of Buddha statues with the craft of paint lines. After half a century of inheritance and innovation, Chua’s lacquer line has changed from endangered craftsmanship to exquisite handicrafts and high-end gifts, adapting to the transformation of society and the development needs of the times.
    Cai’s lacquer line carving: 300 years of history, innovation and brilliance
    The Cai Shi Paint Line Art Museum visited today is located on the 7th floor of No. 204, Hexiang West Road, the bustling commercial street of Xiamen. The art gallery has been planned since September 2005 and officially opened in June 2008 for nearly three years.
    The 600-square-meter art museum has a physical exhibition hall, a film and television exhibition hall and a technical exhibition hall. It is the first art museum in China that completes the complete history of paint line carving, history and development.
    There are very rare statues of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China in the museum; there are design manuscripts of Mr. Cai Wenpei’s old man; there are unpainted lacquer-line carving materials, tools and materials from the 1920s; in the 1930s Shop number chapter; there are exquisite pictures of Cai Shuiguo master and his father being collected by the National Museum, Shanghai Museum, and China Arts and Crafts Museum; there is a representative work of Mr. Cai Wenpei, who is famous in Shenzhou in the 1950s, and has a master of Chinese arts and crafts. The classic works of Mr. Water and his disciples; there are classic new works that have won national gold medals in recent years. There are several classic works of the “Cai’s lacquer line carving”, “Idol, Paint Line Egg, Paint Line, Paint Line Bottle, Paint Line Painting”, etc.; there are nearly 40 classic traditional patterns that have been sorted out.
    Here is a complete record of “Chua’sFrom the raw materials to the production process, from the raw “starting line” to the “paint line carving Buddha”, to the “paint line carving” art development and innovation process. It originated from China’s great carving art tradition In the early shaping of Buddha statues, the characteristics of the north and the south have been merged. Some characteristics of Tibetan Buddha images have also been absorbed.
    Specifically, the decoration of the Chua lacquer line statue has the influence of the Ming Dynasty Dehua white porcelain sculpture, especially her smart and elegant clothing pattern; in the color decoration, especially the use of various gold, the Chua lacquer line carving Some techniques of Fuzhou lacquer ware; the shaping of the face of the character, and the foundation technique are popular in the clay sculptures and the production process of the 傀儡人.
    Learning paint line carving can master the production method in about three years, but the most difficult is the process innovation. Only one of every ten apprentices may have the ability to create new works. (The “God of the Four” created by Zhuang Nanyan and Wang Zhiqiang won the gold prize of the 2009 China Paintball Cup Chinese Lacquer Art Exhibition)
    The complete technical system of Chua’s lacquer line carving is very complicated, including wood carving, clay sculpture, foundation, sanding, lacquer line decoration, Anjin, coloring and other series of flat and three-dimensional craftsmanship. It is blended with aged brick powder, large lacquer and cooked tung oil. It is repeatedly beaten, hand-kneaded into a soft and tough paint line, and then painted on the primed body. , winding, stacking, shaping the embossed graphics.
    During the recent BRICS summit, the heads of state of China and Russia jointly visited the South African Material and Cultural Heritage Exhibition. At that time, Russian President Vladimir Putin took a magnifying glass and carefully observed the woodcarving works, which was quite fascinating. The picture shows the 2017 BRICS leader’s ninth Xiamen meeting. The national guest gift is out of the paint line carving “The Marshal of the Great Marshal”
    As an outstanding representative of Xiamen Arts and Crafts, Cai’s lacquer-line carving crafts have been presented as gifts to the world’s friends. In 2017, two varieties of three specifications were selected as the ninth BRICS leader Xiamen Association officially. The national gift of the national heads of state.
    According to statistics, the Xiamen lacquer line has been presented to the King of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk; the Prime Minister of Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore; the President of the Philippines, Mrs. Aquino; the Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix; the Sultan of Brunei His Royal Highness Kyrgyzstan Hassanal Bolkiah and His Royal Highness Princess Royal Princess Sirindhorn and the Egyptian President’s wife and many other world celebrities and the mayors of 53 cities around the world.
    Under the impetus of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, in 2006, Xiamen lacquer carving skills were included in the list of China’s intangible cultural heritage. In 2007, Cai Shui was named as the representative inheritor of the Xiamen Intangible Cultural Heritage Project.
    It was originally scheduled to arrange an hour of visit time. As a result, we have been visiting for more than 2 hours. If you come back next time, be sure to try it yourself and make a souvenir for yourself.
    Finally take a group photo and leave for the second stop.
     [Second stop: Xiamen on the cloud]
    On the first day, I noticed the two towers in Xiamen. I thought about how good it would be to go up and see the panorama of Xiamen… Today’s dream has finally come true. Two super-tall buildings of up to 300 meters make Xiamen Shimao Channel Building a well-deserved first tallest building in Xiamen and a new landmark in Xiamen. The Shimao Strait Building Sightseeing Hall, which has the highest altitude view, is romantically called Yunshang Xiamen.
    The entrance to Xiamen on the cloud is on the first floor of the Twin Towers. Near the entrance to the mall, it is easy to find along the signs.
    The ticketing hall is located on the B1 floor. In addition to the ticket purchase, there is also a multimedia interactive area. On the way to the ticket, there is a wonderful Preshow and cool multimedia interaction to provide visitors with a superb sightseeing experience.
    After buying the tickets at the ticket office, I will take the elevator directly to the 55th floor sightseeing hall. The elevator speed is extremely fast. It will reach the 55th floor in less than a minute. However, it is still a bit slower than the Taipei 101 building, but it is still very strong. The eardrum is pressed.
    The Shimao Strait Building View and Sightseeing Hall is located on the 55th floor of Tower B. The sightseeing hall has a 360° transparent viewing platform. The 360-degree rotating Xiamen is charming. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, it overlooks the invincible scenery of the entire island of Xiamen. It is clearly marked on the glass.
    Feel the high-rise urban forest, Gulangyu Island is not far from the Twin Towers. Just like at the foot, the roundabout is like a dragon, especially spectacular.
    On the east side of Xiamen University, South Putuo, and some of the islands of Kinmen, you can see the stunning scenery of 300 meters.
    It is a pity that the day we came to rain just happened. It was foggy to look out from the glass. The visibility was not ideal. Gulangyu was just a silhouette of the rain. There are a few telescopes that look at Kinmen because they are worried about visibility, so they don’t try it. They advise everyone to go up on a sunny day.
    The angle of the west is the most people, the scenery is the best, many people are patted here, you can see the panorama of Shapo.
    R interactive experience, fantasy is in front of you, immersive swim in the clouds to explore, high-tech VR interaction brings you a new immersive wonderful experience.
    In the air store, take the Xiamen home on the cloud, postcards, commemorative shirts, Taiwanese gifts, Xiamen souvenirs, IP-themed goods, and take home the wonderful memories of Xiamen on the cloud.
    If you are not addicted to the exhibition hall, you can also walk to the love platform on the 58th floor of the sea, walk on three floors, then walk a long glass staircase to the top of the World Trade Center. The plank road is more than 20 meters long and has a width of 2 meters. The 300-meter-high love platform glass path is not fenced. Strolling in the clouds at a height of three hundred meters, facing the sea, being blown by the sea breeze, overlooking the beautiful Xiamen, it is really exciting and fascinating. The feeling of flying is very exciting. It is a pity because the rain is temporarily closed.
    Iconic attractions, you must take a photo and go to lunch…
     [Third stop of the trip: eat the castle]
    Out of the Shimao Twin Towers, along the Shapowei all the way to the legendary place, you can eat the Weinan specialty food city in the three places of Xiaquan Spring.
    Shapowei eats a fort, a collection of ancient early-style snacks in Xiamen and the surrounding areas of southern Anhui. Here is an old factory building transformed into the first new landmark in China to gather the famous snacks of Xiaquan Spring. It brings together the most authentic Minnan snacks. People can taste all the tastes of Minnan in one stop.
    Before coming to Xiamen, I had already listed a long list of foods, but found that it was impossible to implement the itinerary for only a few days. The organizer decisively brought us here, Shapowei’s [eat the castle].
    A full five-story building, all kinds of snacks with local characteristics of Fujian, sand tea noodles, ginger duck, sea bream, rice moss, earth bamboo shoots, stone cream, meat chop, pancake, four fruit soup… really I want to eat it all!
    When I came, I happened to catch up with the traditional performances in the southern part of Fujian Province – the puppet show. I heard that there is a performance of about 10 minutes every day at 11:30. It’s really interesting to watch a movie while eating.
    The organizers are afraid that our tastes are different. We will send each of us a stored value card with a fixed amount and what to order. In the end, we 6-7 people put the cards together and bought a large table, which is enough to eat.
    The uncle on the first floor is too warm! I heard that we are travel experience experts, take the initiative to send two drinks models for us to take pictures, yes, you are not mistaken, is the drink? Model! When the uncle introduced his own brand, he said how delicious and delicious his own things are, but why not give us a few cups to taste?
    Finally, the uncle was a little embarrassed, gave us a drink, and we also promoted it to him… Hahahaha, this uncle is still very business-minded.
    Recommended food: soy sauce ice cream, pizza, ginger duck, frozen bamboo shoots.
     [The fourth stop of the trip: Shapo tail]
    From eating the castle to the full, the original road back to Shapowei, came to a sheltered dock, listening to the tour guide said that Shapowei is the sheltered dock of the old Xiamen port, is the epitome of the old Xiamen fishermen’s life, not only has a rich historical heritage, It is now a new destination for Xiamen tourism. In this seemingly run-down marina, it contains the truest and purest taste of the city. Feel the birthplace of Xiamen and the cultural and creative port of today.
    The history of Shapowei typhoon dock can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. The early Xiamen Port is a bay-shaped bay. The bay is crescent-shaped and the golden beaches are connected together. Therefore, it has the reputation of “Yushapo”. Historically, it has divided the two sections of “Shapotou” and “Shapowei”. The dividing line is a stream that is gathered by Bishanyan. The estuary of the stream is the location of the current Shahewei Haven dock.
    Shapowei is the sheltered dock of the old Xiamen Port. Although it is now deserted, it still retains the original appearance of the old Xiamen Port and has the epitome of the life of the old Xiamen fishermen. Not only has a rich historical heritage, but it is also a new place for Xiamen tourism. Mottled old stone road, rusty iron ring on the shore, the broken door edge is still attached to the new Spring Festival couplets, and many fishing boats are rowed on the beach. Occasionally, a few egrets flew over.
    The ship to the king of Fujian and Taiwan is an ancient Han folklore in Xiamen, Fujian Province. It can be traced back to the beginning of the Ming Dynasty.
    Xiamen’s “Send the King Ship” is a large scale in the three places of Lu’an Village, Tong’an Keke Town, Zhongshan Village of Haitang, and Zhongzhai Village of Huli. In Haitang, the largest size of Shitang is said.
    The custom is usually held once every three to four years and is determined by the roll to be held on a certain day of the fixed lunar month. The custom of sending the king ship entrusted the working people of the Han nationality with a good wish to ward off evil, avoid disasters, and pray.
    There is a lot of commercial atmosphere here, more salty sea breeze and quaint buildings and fishing boats, and this has become a hall of wedding photography, because it rained today, did not encounter.
    A quiet part of the downtown, old but not decaying. It is one of the must-see attractions for tourists to Xiamen and a great place to relax. Xiamen’s high-speed development has changed rapidly, and the original architecture and atmosphere of the old Xiamen still remains here. The appearance of the old street, the south of the street, seems to be able to cross through to Xiamenlive.
     [The fifth stop of the trip: Shapowei Art West District]
    I just said that Shapowei was once one of the oldest ports in Xiamen, but because it is rarely found in tourism introductions and guides, it has only been a secret base for photographers for a long time.
    Since 2015, it has been closed and rehabilitated, no longer used as a ship mooring point, but also opened the renovation project of the old city. So it gradually became a fashion art district, a little close to the feeling of Beijing 798, Shanghai old venue.
    The West End of Art is a young cultural and art district rising on the edge of the sheltered sand dune in Xiamen, located at No. 60 Shapowei, Xiamen. It is not far from the roundabout and the Twin Towers. There are several stalls selling small ornaments at the door. It may be because of the rain, and some small shops are closing the door.
    It includes art elements such as sculpture, pottery, prints, costume design, hand-made wood art, anime, music, paper art, video, etc. It is open to the public free of charge in the form of a studio, and is taught by artists in various fields. – Everyone can take home the artwork they created.
    The West End of the Arts is full of creativity and leisure. It is very appetizing for young people.
    There are a lot of big names in the corners, including many small shops.
    This rainy day is perfect for couples to stroll.
    It is very suitable for young people, the artistic atmosphere is very strong, super like this place, it is also very film.
    After visiting here, take the bus to the next stop, and pass the Xiamen University along the way, and grab a few shots.
     [The sixth leg of the trip: Hulishan Fort]
    Hulishan Fort is located in the southeastern Haishu, Xiamen City, Xiamen City, adjacent to the Xiamen University Park, surrounded by the sea on three sides, the scenic area is a national level cultural relics protection unit, the national 4A level tourist attractions.
    There may be a few paid attractions on the road around the island. The ticket for 25 yuan is really not expensive. The child is half price and it is worth the money.
    I would like to thank the tour guide for the detailed explanation before the visit. If you don’t understand history, you will be confused.
    It is recommended to take the Hulishan Fort, Xiamen University and Nanputuo Temple for a day of sightseeing. Because the three are very close, the Xiamen University Baicheng School Gate is the roundabout, and you can walk to the fort.
    The transportation is convenient here, and the lush trees on the mountain feel a lot cool, along the steps, next to the introduction of the Krupp cannon and the fort.
    Hulishan Fort, you can learn more about the history of the city of Xiamen and his importance.
    The Hulishan Fortress Scenic Spot in Xiamen was built in the 20th year of Qing Guangxu, with a total area of ​​over 70,000 square meters and a castle area of ​​13,000 square meters. It is divided into the warping area, the barracks area and the Houshan area. The structure of the fort is half-bunk and half-city. Form, form a scientific and reasonable defense system, with European architectural style, and the architectural charm of China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    The fort is constructed of granite strips and is made of black eucalyptus sap and charcoal and glutinous rice mixed with sand.
    The turrets are all relatively high, and the beach can be seen at the turret.
    In the distant land, the Twin Towers, if you can enjoy the sunset, it must be particularly beautiful. Then I also took a face and took a picture, the old face must be dermabrasion to send out…
    The scenic spot is not particularly large, but the greening is very good. A lot of guns left in the past, here also saw a big banyan tree that is a single tree, and you can see the island of Kinmen County across the sea from the fort. You can see Taiwan from a sea.
    The Hulishan Fort is a product of the Chinese Westernization Movement. It has historically been called the “Gossip Portal, Tiannan Lock Key”.
    The Krupp cannon, known as the “Cannon King”, is “the ancient 19th-century coastal cannon that is still preserved on the original site in the world” and is listed in the “Great World Guinness Book of Records 2000”.
    On September 3, 1937, the Krupp cannon of the Hulishan Fortress sank the Japanese ship “Zhuzhu” type 13 ship, the first to open the Chinese theater to sink the brilliant record of the Japanese ship.
    Feeling the fire of the year, how many lives have been smeared, and now it is hard to cherish the happy life. Years are quiet, single wood into forest, Baicheng Beach, Shuangfan’s World Trade Center, the mighty Yanwu Bridge, picturesque.
    There are two original things in the Hulishan Fort. Unfortunately, the Western Cannon was dismantled in 1958 (the Great Leap Forward), which is said to be sold at 1.66 yuan/kg.Steel mill steelmaking, think about it is a pity…
    The Hulishan Fort is held at 8:30 (9:00 in the winter) at the “Welcome Ceremony” performance, each performance time is 12 minutes. Because it was in the afternoon, I didn’t catch up.
    The project showed that when the Hulishan Fort was completed, the Fujian Navy Admiral led the crowds to open the door and the flag dance to welcome the guests. While accepting the tourists’ review, they promoted the mighty power of the Fortress’s “Gossip Portal and Tiannan Lock Key”.
    The Hulishan Fort also had a more shocking performance at 10 and 16 o’clock every day.
    Two performances a day, each performance time is 16 minutes. After the performance, the performers take a group photo with the tourists.
    The historical prototype of the Red Army Artillery Corps Qing Dynasty is the demonstration of the Zhongqihongqi, Zhenghuangqiyi, and the guns of the Qing Dynasty Eight Banners Army.
    Throughout the performance, the background music, the Eight Banners costume, the armor, the Sabre, the War Drum and the Qinglong Banner were used to reproduce the process of the Qing Dynasty Red Yi Cannon Artillery and the launch (an antique demonstration bomb).
    The only regret is that it will close at 5:30 in the afternoon. It is not possible to stay until later. I guess it is also for the safety of tourists.
    The scenic area receives millions of Chinese and foreign tourists every year, and has become the business card and window of the Xiamen tourist city. It is an important tourist attraction and patriotic education base in Xiamen.
     [The seventh stop of the itinerary: Hongzhuang Puppet Art Museum]
    The puppet show, also known as the “Picture in the Palm”, is one of the representative local traditional dramas in southern Anhui and is also the intangible cultural heritage of southern Fujian. It has a long history, exquisite style, unique style and superb performance. It is known as “the ten fingers can be a heavenly person, and the palm can be an ancient thing.” These lively and lifelike puppet shows will marvel at the oriental charm and immortal charm of traditional art.
    The Hongzhuang Puppet Art Museum is located in the A5 Building of the Zengyi Wenchuang Exhibition Center in the Chinese Literature and Fishery Village. The Zengyi Wenchuang Exhibition Center is an innovative landmark of Zeng Yiwen, which was carefully built by the Siming District Government.
    The Hongzhuang Puppet Art Museum was founded by the national non-genetic inheritor puppet show master Zhuang Chenhua and his daughter Zhuang Yuhong. As a business card of Xiamen Minnan culture, he has visited more than 20 countries and regions. During the 2017 Xiamen BRIC meeting, CCTV’s multiple channels were broadcast live and interviewed.
    “Millennium Puppets refer to the legend” – Hongzhuang Puppet Art Museum gathers the handicraft puppets of the Minnan Puppets to showcase the puppet’s meticulous carving techniques and production techniques, which makes people pay more attention to the cultural origin and development background of the Puppet Puppets.
    Visitors can visit the intangible culture in the museum.The heritage, the finely carved, fine-clothed puppet boutique. Watch the puppet show with exquisite and lively style and experience the charm of traditional art. Learn about the history and types of puppet art, and watch the process of carving, painting, and embroidery of puppets.
    There are not many staff in the art gallery. Several staff members are from the class, and they will be enthusiastic when they enter the first floor. The art gallery is mainly composed of stage performances, with exhibits exhibition area, derivative sales area, traditional puppet crafts production and experience area. The four areas fully show the essence of the puppet art.
    The Art Gallery has two floors. The first floor is the exhibition center. It shows the Hongzhuang Puppet and Shadow Play as the most representative local traditional dramas in southern Anhui and the national intangible cultural heritage of Weinan. Many heads of state, cultural celebrities and The history of the important guests, precise and meticulous carving techniques, craftsmanship, cultural origins and development background and many dolls and stage models
    On the second floor of the Art Gallery is the Performing Arts Hall, which has a stage and a grandstand chair. You need to buy a show ticket on the first floor to watch a 30-minute puppet show. The staff members made their own serious reports and performed two plays in 30 minutes.
    At the time of the curtain call, there was a serious explanation of the principle of the lively and lifelike bag puppet show on the ten fingers. After reading it, I felt more about the words of “Ten fingers can be heavenly people, and palms can make an ancient event”.
    Compared with the strong commercial atmosphere and noisyness of Zeng Yiwen Chuangcun, the traditional Chinese art culture display is obviously backward, and there is a feeling of possession after entering. Especially the young people who are now hard to sink to appreciate art are very low-spirited.
    Finally, the puppet show on the second floor is really good! Suitable for all ages, worthy of your visit!
     [The eighth stop of the trip: Zeng Wei]
    It’s getting dark from the puppet art gallery, and the sky is still drizzling, but this does not affect everyone’s enthusiasm for visiting Zeng.
    I have already visited it a few days ago, but this main entrance is really the first time… It was once so big!
    Followed by people into Zeng, and went inside to be big, there are many roads and alleys, from head to tail, full of snacks, the price is very reasonable, the variety is also very complete, this is also a must go in Xiamen One of the locations.
    It’s a very happy and happy thing for me to go around and eat around and eat and feel the different Xiamen nightlife. There will be a lot of young artists here. If you are also a young artist, you must not miss it.
    Known as “the most literary village in the country”, Zeng Yi has slowly transformed from a rustic Linhai fishing village into a hot cultural and creative village. Behind the bustling, it is still sticking to the charm of the bones.
    Even today, when it is bombarded by art and literature, its bones are still buried in the most quaint perseverance of the fishing village. Its history, its charm, its posture are hidden in the invisible deep alleys, hidden in the red brick ancient proverb.
    There are very few indigenous villages in the world that can accommodate so many customs and beliefs. Zeng Yi not only has the four major religions of Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, but also the folk Mazu with unique Xiamen characteristics. Each one has its own history and charm, which deserves to be studied and tasted.
    Food is another label besides literature and art. In every lane of Zengyi, there are almost all kinds of snacks and fruitful fruits that make people drink.
    Zeng Yi is very suitable for walking down the street to experience slowly. The modernity of the alley blends with the old alleys, and a turn can meet different shops, surprises and comfort. Every holiday, all kinds of small stalls make the alleys that are not big enough to be more crowded, and all kinds of cute objects are more dazzling, and it is a good place to hang out.
    A bowl of rich ginger tea, ginger and brown sugar or brown sugar, tastes spicy, drink a bowl on this rainy night to prevent colds.
    There are also a variety of beautifully packaged specialties that can be shared with more people. This is a small village full of snacks. If you have time, try to travel by mistake, otherwise there are many people.
    Although Zeng’s B&B does not have the wind and snow of Dali, Gulangyu’s retro chic, but full of petty bourgeoisie, comfortable and fresh.
    In the small village, there are a variety of special homestays, such as the traditional courtyard with a deep courtyard and a baroque style, a quaint and chic fishing village, and a lively and not alone. Youth hostel. For example, this leisurely mountain villa, the price is not expensive. The combination of tradition and modernity, the collision of inspiration and ideas, can be seen in Zeng’s homestay.
    Next to Zengyi is the roundabout road, walk to the roundabout road, walk along the beach, even if you don’t do it, just blowing the sea breeze is also very pleasant. Walking and walking to the last stop tonight: Jiali Seafood Restaurant, you have to eat a big meal after eating snacks!
     [The ninth stop of the trip: Jiali Seafood Restaurant]
    The well-respected Jiali Seafood Restaurant in the local area is mainly made up of Cantonese style, and it is also an old name in Xiamen. This roundabout road shop is opposite Zengcuo, close to the beach, the environment is not bad, go to the window to watch the sunset over the sea, the scenery is beautiful. Looking at the scenery, eating tea, I feel very comfortable when I think about it. The amount is much more. Today’s focus is on the leaders of the Xiamen Tourism and Development Committee and the Xiamen Asia-Pacific Tourism Development Center. The 20 travel experts from around the country gathered in Xiamen. I would like to thank the organizers for their special thanks. This opportunity! I came to Xiamen to experience the tour, and I also learned a lot of things, lamenting that the difference between the north and the south is still very big.
    In a blink of an eye, it has been 5 days since Xiamen, and the organizer has arranged a three-day, three-night trip for only one day, and there are many wonderful routes and attractions. Gulangyu, Xiamen University, Xiamen Eight City, Lujiang Night Tour, Jimei School Village, Liyuan Garden, Laoyuanzi Folk Customs Garden, etc., which have been memorized for a long time, can only be said to be regrettable. Because of the temporary notice, I will return to Qingdao tomorrow morning and leave for Japan in the afternoon…
     [Sixth day: don’t want to say goodbye]
    At 5 o’clock in the morning, I left the hotel in the lake, and there was still light rain outside. There was no car on the road. A drip of a taxi was quickly sent to the airport.
    At 6:50, the plane took off on time in the light rain.
    Flying over the thick typhoon clouds, returning to Qingdao in the clear sky at 9 o’clock.
    Group photo of other travel experts
    Later, the organizer sent a certificate of honor for the “2018 Xiamen Quality Tourism Line Experiencer”.
    Thanks again to the Xiamen Tourism Commission, Xiamen Asia-Pacific Tourism Development Center and Xiamen Xiamen Travel International Travel Service Co., Ltd.!

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