Xiamen, a day trip, around the Xiamen University, eat and drink!

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    Xiamen, very small, so small that I don’t even know where to introduce friends from other places to Xiamen. So, taking advantage of the weekend, I decided to bring my own camera, bring my own feet, and take a day trip to Xiamen. I will use my personal experience to tell me those friends from other places, the most authentic and simple Xiamen day trip. . Everyone followed my lens and traveled to Xiamen with me for a day. Today, I chose the location that is almost certain for all visitors to Xiamen, that is, Xiamen University and its surrounding areas!
    The beginning of the national road
    After many tourists come to Xiamen, they want to go to Xiamen University directly to take all kinds of transportation directly to Xiamen University, usually near Xia Village in Xiamen University. It should be noted that visitors need to swipe their ID card when entering Xiamen University. They are limited to travel from Monday to Friday. There is no limit on weekends. To enter Xiamen University, you must bring your ID card! A bit of a problem, in fact, what I want to say is that I don’t recommend that you go directly to Xiamen University at the beginning. Xiamen University will be enough for half a day in the afternoon. I would recommend the starting point near Xiamen Port in Xiamen, and take the bus to Xiamen Port. The station is best! Moreover, the bus to the Xiamen Port Bus Station is generally a viaduct, and you can see the scenery that you don’t necessarily see!
    Starting from the Xiamen-Hong Kong bus station, this road is called the National Road and is an old street with a very old Xiamen atmosphere. People who don’t mind more detours can learn from me. They walk along the viaduct to the beach. They will pass through a small park and then wander back to the National Road. They can also encounter more scenery!
    The construction of the National Road is actually the style of the old Xiamen, because the Xiamen meeting last year, the facade has been refurbished, so now it looks more neat and beautiful! The arcade corridor on the first floor, the red brick wall on the second floor of Minnan, is a beautiful sight, it is a natural scenery!
    The sight of Shapowei
    Along the corner of the National Road, it is the entrance of Shapowei, which is now famous in Xiamen. Shapowei was originally a small sheltered dock for Xiamen fishing boats, and has now become a large cultural and creative center in Xiamen. Shapowei is one of the seven communities under the jurisdiction of Xiagang Subdistrict. Its name comes from the fact that this is the end of a large section of the beach, and the sand everywhere will flow here. The early Xiamen Port is a curved bay with a crescent-shaped bay, goldenThe beach is connected in one piece, so it has the reputation of “Yushapo”.
    Passing through the small iron gate, it entered the Shapowei port area. Today, Shapowei has not been defeated in the past. It is completely new and new, not only various businesses are stationed, but also more and more tourists. More and more lively!
    Standing on the side of the sheltered dock, you can see the opposite side of the Xiamen “Twin Towers” Shimao Channel Building, and the blue “eat the fortress” on the right, is the original Xiamen Star Shark Liver Oil Plant.
    The view of Shapo’s tail is wide, you can see the buildings around here, and you can see the tourists and local residents coming and going. From time to time, there is a cool breeze blowing, blowing away the heat of this summer, making people feel comfortable.
    Coincidentally, on the tail of Shapo, I met a group of friends who learned to draw. Under the leadership of the teacher, they are holding a small drawing board and carrying out a serious sketching at the end of Shapo! A group of little cute, immediately attracted the passers-by to stop watching, of course, including me.
    Some of the children are painted fishing boats, and some of them are buildings. It is really a model, too powerful, anyway, I am not as good as it is! What will I paint when I am so young? It’s hard to look back.
    As I slowly moved forward, I secretly observed the paintings they painted, while blowing the sea breeze to enjoy the scenery of Shapowei.
    The children first painted the black and white lines, and then began to learn to color, one by one very seriously, in order not to disturb them, I had to leave and move on.
    When entering the Shapowei business district on one side, the tourists suddenly became more and the atmosphere became more lively.
    The mystery of eating the fort
    Time flies very quickly. When I stroll around, it is close to noon. Where can I eat? Of course, it is recommended for everyone to taste authentic Fujian snacks! The other side of Shapowei’s “Eat Fort” is a new landmark of Xiamen’s food. It was originally the address of Xiamen’s old star shark liver oil factory. It was first transformed into a professional Fujian snack castle! Here we can have a one-stop shop to eat all the delicious food snacks in Fujian, instead of running around, it is a one-stop service.
    At lunch time, eating in the fort is also a crowd of people! There is also a puppet show on the first floor of the small square. It has already attracted many tourists to wait until it has started.
    The puppet show, also known as the puppet show, the handicraft, the handbag, the palm, the small cage, the flower play, is a kind of origin in the 17th century Fujian Quanzhou or Zhangzhou, Fujian; mainly in Quanzhou, Zhangzhou (South Fujian), Guangdong, Guangdong Traditional local dramas performed by Chaoshan and Taiwanese and other puppets.
    The head of the puppet is carved into a hollow head by wood. Except for the doll, the palm of the hand and the foot of the doll, the torso and limbs of the puppet show are made of cloth; Perform a puppet show in the costumes of the troupe. It is precisely because the early stage of this type of performance is like a “bag made of cloth”, so it is known as a puppet show. In many of the early days of the temple, the puppet show was one of the most commonly seen folk opera performances.
    After watching the wonderful puppet show, we began to eat and drink in this bargain! There are five floors in the fort, and each floor has its own theme. The first floor is the comprehensive hall I, the second floor is the Xiamen Pavilion, the third floor is the Zhangzhou Pavilion, the fourth floor is the Quanzhou Pavilion, and the fifth floor is the Comprehensive Pavilion II. There are a lot of authentic snacks on every floor, but it’s really a bit difficult to find what you like. Eat Fortune to support Alipay payment, which kind of snacks you can buy, you can eat it directly by brushing your phone!
    The most prominent position on the first floor is the “Net Red” shop in Fort Worth. The soy sauce ice cream of Gulong, in a short while, lined up with a team of delicious soy sauce ice cream, which is a life-changing thing in the summer! You are not coming yet! I am drooling when I look at it. If I don’t say it, I will go to the queue first!
    Of course, don’t miss the soy sauce mango in dark dishes! In fact, it is especially delicious~ it is worth a try!
    The Gulongsha tea noodle and peanut soup on the first floor can be regarded as the authentic snacks in Xiamen. If you don’t drink a bowl of peanut soup in Xiamen, don’t eat a bowl of sand tea noodles. Where is it to Xiamen? No matter what, eat and eat first!
    Leaving the first floor and coming to the Xiamen Pavilion on the second floor, there are also many diners walking around and the smell of food is slowly floating. The shops on the second floor are basically familiar to me. The first recommendation is naturally Xinwangwang soup bag!
    A thin layer of steamed buns filled the soup, and it was already drunk before it was eaten. Carefully use a chopstick to pick up a soup bag. Be careful not to break the bun, so put the whole soup in a spicy dish, simmer the hot sauce and let the steamed bun, then put the whole into the mouth. , bite open, the soup is splashed, the fragrance is overflowing, beautiful!
    The frozen bamboo shoots in Xiamen can be regarded as a dish of “dark cuisine” in the eyes of many foreigners. However, the frozen bamboo shoots are really delicious. The nutrition and health are rich in gum, and the beauty of the skin is highly recommended. German soil is frozen, delicious and fresh!
    There is also a second floor of Yanling pineapple fried rice is also a delicious staple food not to be missed, you can choose not enough! Putting a heart-shaped fried rice seems to make me more appetizing!
    Then we went on and went to the Zhangzhou Pavilion on the third floor. The first thing that catches your eye is the famous four-fruit soup in Zhangzhou. This is another summer’s life-changing artifact! Needless to say, naturally come and come to a bowl first!
    Ten kinds of fruit materials are all added together, then add shaved ice and honey, a bowl of cold and thirsty summer drink four fruit soup is so baked!
    The Zhangzhou Pavilion on the third floor is really my love, there is almost no slot, and each store is very cost-effective. Light and fresh sweet lotus leaf soup is healthy and warm stomach, Nanjing salt water duck is salty and fragrant, pomegranate filling duck liver is thick and salty, Haicheng rice moss is soft and delicious.
    Yiyi left the third floor of the heart of love, we came to the Quanzhou Pavilion on the fourth floor, the first thing that caught the eye was the white duck soup, nourishing it! A bowl of simple ribs rice with a bowl full of white duck soup is enough for me to meet!
    White duck, also known as white duck, white feather, black mouth, black feet, rich in nutrition, unique flavor. Its origin is in Liancheng County, Fujian Province. During the Qing Dynasty, it became a “tribute” and has been regarded as a treasure for hundreds of years. Baiji duck is known as the only medicinal duck in China. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing yang and reducing fire, sputum opening, sputum, soothing and spleen, and the duck is not greasy, the soup is unique, the meat is delicious, and the fragrance is fragrant. efficacy.
    Quanzhou Bell Tower meat is also full of sincerity, a weight that is a big drop! It also contains authentic mushrooms and lean meat, topped with spicy sauce, which is an authentic food!
    There is also Quanzhou’s fried vegetables, the appearance is golden and crisp, the inside is soft and delicious, and the spicy sauce is delicious.
    There is also a seemingly ordinary flat noodles, which is actually a delicious meat swallow and boneless bean sprouts noodles, very sincerely wood! The peanut noodles are added to the noodles. After the mixing, the aroma of the peanut butter is scattered, which is great!
    Finally came to the fifth floor of the top floor, the fifth floor is also a comprehensive hall, the first recommended here is the basic must-have Baofeng salt chicken! Baofeng salt chicken is unique in its method, rich in flavor and smooth in flesh. It is served with sand ginger oil and has excellent flavor. The color is yellowish, the skin is crisp and tender, the flesh is delicious, and the flavor is attractive. It is a common dish at the banquet.
    The Baofeng salt chicken is golden in appearance, but it is the kind of golden that is roasted rather than fried. When the whole chicken is torn open, the fragrance is overflowing. The salty and fragrant chicken is just right, soft and smooth, with a bit of skin is more delicious!
    After eating it all, I supported the wall and left the magical gourmet castle “to eat the fortress.” See the four seas of tourists gather in an old castle and eat the culture of the Eight Diagrams Beauty Food Party! This is my summary of eating the fort. What do you think?
    Quest on Cat Street
    I left the fort, and walked through the Hive Mountain Road to the next stop, Ao Tsai Street. In fact, this street has a more literary name, namely Cat Street. Top Australia Cat Street is a cat-themed street about 100 meters long, in the middle of Xiamen University and Xiamen University of Technology.
    On the two sides of the street are many Q sculptures of cats, as well as a variety of mural graffiti related to cats. Go down about 10 meters from the entrance, go to the right, and meet a cat museum. The cat museum is actually just a shop. It is not a real museum. It sells a variety of cat-related souvenirs and trinkets, and there are dozens of cats in the store for cat lovers (for a fee). If you don’t advertise here, you won’t say more. If you are interested, you can go and see for yourself.
    Continue to go forward, there are a variety of food and beverage outlets, personally recommended is the chicken chops of the helper house, as well as the auntie spicy home spicy! I have eaten less in other homes, just wait for everyone to explore!
    Along the way, there are various tourists and sisters taking pictures on the street, saying that Cat Street has become a must-see street for tourists. It is not too much!
    Going to the end of Cat Street, there is a three-way intersection near the store of Auntie Mala Tang. Going left, we left this short top Aussie Cat Street and went to the last stop of today, Xiamen University.
    Xiamen University Scholars Tour
    Crossing the street, you can enter the beautiful Xiamen University from the flyover of Xia Village in Xiamen University. (As mentioned above, you need to swipe your ID card when you enter Xiamen University. For information on travel restrictions, see below.)
    After entering Xiamen University, the first thing that caught my eye was the Chinese-style buildings on the left. It is the group of buildings in Xiamen University. These buildings are arranged in five characters. They are built on the performance field in front of the Wudiao Peak in Xiamen and in front of the Nanputuo Temple. The Qunxian Building Group is the earliest and oldest building complex in Xiamen University and the first group building at the beginning of the school.
    Qunxianlou group is compared to the image as “wearing a suit and wearing a hat”, which implies that the East overwhelm the West. The Qunxian Building Group consists of the main building of Qunxian. The two sides of the symmetry of the Tongan Building are taken from the place names. The Powell House and the Yingxue House are taken from the allusions of the Yingying Snow, and they have the meaning of persuasion. Opposite the Qun Xian Building is the statue of Mr. Chen Jiageng. The first party branch of Xiamen University was established in the Baoying Building.
    During the graduation season, many students are taking group photos in school, or bachelor’s clothes, so they are not busy.
    Walk past Qunxianlou Group, turn left and go straight to the largest and most beautiful campus lake in Xiamen University. This lake is called Furong Lake. Located in the center of the old campus of Xiamen University, Furong Lake is the crowning touch of the entire campus planning. The name of Furong Lake is the same as that of the Furong Building in the surrounding area. The hometown of Li Guangqian is Nan’an Furong Township. Li Guangqian has made significant contributions to the campus construction of Xiamen University. The Xiamen University has a lake, a dense tree, and buildings hidden in the green leaves. Xiamen University has a lake, its name is Furong. Hibiscus, outSilt is not stained. This Furong Lake is the source of the Daxiu Xiu Xiu, so it is a word.
    There are a lot of black swans in the Furong Lake, but they are a bit far from the shore and they have not been photographed.
    From the road on the south side of Furong Lake, you can walk all the way to the Nanguang area of ​​Xiamen University. On the side of the road, I also encountered a black and white comet, very cute. I sneaked forward and touched it, and did not escape.
    On the side of the Nanguang Student Dormitory, I saw the memorial site of the “Morante” super typhoon in Xiamen University in 2016. There are also several trees on the ground that were glory and sacrificed by the strong typhoon. Although the trees have already dried up, But that memory has remained in the minds of all Xiamen people that year.
    This area of ​​Xiamen University Nanguang is regarded as a transportation hub of Xiamen University. Going to the east direction, you will go to the famous graffiti tunnel of Xiamen University, the Furong Tunnel, and head southwest to the most beautiful playground in Xiamen University – the winding field. And I decided to go to the upper yard first and then back to the tunnel. The upper yard is the main stadium of Xiamen University. It is a semi-elliptical large sports field. It uses the gap between the building and the sports field to build a large grandstand that can accommodate 20,000 people. Because the sports field and the grandstand are curved, it is like It is called the “winding field”.
    The upper yard is one of the most beautiful stadiums in Xiamen University, because the shape is called the winding, the poetic name. It is the sea from the coconut grove and the road. Some students have said this: For four years in college, in addition to classrooms and bedrooms, the winding field is the place that comes the most.
    The upper yard is a former naval training ground, and it has been shrouded in history.Counting ordinary steps like the playground seems to have endless words to say. The words “winding field” seem to have to take people to the tunnel of time, returning to the Jiawu period, thousands of sailors here to make the final mobilization before the battlefield, the inspiring speech of the generals led all the officers and men to fight high spirits, put Buddhas can still hear the belief that the sailors who reverberate in the air will win. From the phrase “Eternal like a moon, changing like a starry sky”, I fell in love with the winding field. This semester is even more, many stories happen there. The University of Xiamen has a great love for this land and the sea.
    From the happy stage of the love, I returned to the original place, another famous place in Xiamen University, Furong Tunnel! Furong Tunnel is located inside Xiamen University. Next to Furong Restaurant, it is the most literary tunnel in China. It is the longest graffiti tunnel in China. It is one of the main attractions of Xiamen University. It is a very beautiful mistake, attracting countless young artists and tourists. The tunnel started construction in 2005. The project took one and a half years. The tunnel starts from the student dining hall of Furong Garden in Xiamen University, passing through Shishan along the way. It is 1.10 km long and 8 meters wide. 4.5 meters, mainly for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. After the completion of the tunnel, there was a lot of graffiti in the tunnel. These beautiful graffiti were drawn by the University of Xiamen.
    The Furong Tunnel is truly a tourist. There are everyone everywhere, and the tunnel is warm in winter and cool in summer. At this moment, there is a big sun outside, and there are more tourists hiding in the tunnel.
    It is really unbearable to add to the Furong Tunnel. After taking the photo near the most famous “I love you, goodbye” near the tunnel entrance, I quit the tunnel. As for the beautiful graffiti in the tunnel, I will enjoy it when I personally go to Xiamen University! In addition, here, do your own little meager strength, and appeal to all tourists who come to Xiamen University to travel. The Furong Tunnel is a common asset for all of us. Please don’t scribble in the tunnel! I thank you everyone at Xiamen University!
    I love you, goodbye, the most beautiful Hibiscus tunnel! Going back, passing a beautiful red-walled green tile student dormitory, you are so beautiful, so envious of the students living here, in such a beautiful campus, still live in such a beautiful building.
    Through the dormitory area, I came to the opposite side of Furong Lake. From the small square of Furong Lake, you can see the opposite building of the Xiamen University. Yan En House, the third building of Jiageng Building Group, is also the main building of Jiageng Building. It was donated by famous Thai alumni Ding Zhengzeng and Cai Yueshi, and named “颂恩”, which is intended to praise the alma mater’s award. 21-storey building with a building area of ​​21,000The square meter was started in June 1998 and completed in April 2001. It is now a school office, some research institutes and teaching rooms. The tower stands out, is the landmark building of the school across the century, and is an important place for administrative services and teaching and research.
    Just as the sun sets and the sky is full of clouds, there are many tourists and students who are photographed in the small square. It is really lively. How can I not take pictures of this beautiful scenery?
    With the advent of the night, my Xiamen one-day tour also sue a paragraph, let this most beautiful sunset stay in Xiamen University, and stay in my memories!
    Travel TIPS
    Tourist Route: Xiamen Port Bus Station–National Road–Shapowei–Eat Fort–Cat Street–Xiaoda West Village–Furong Lake–Upper String Field–Furong Tunnel–Furong Lake
    About Xiamen University’s restrictions on travel:
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