[Xiamen] Behind AMOY, except the sky, it is a past event.

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    Xiamen’s English name, AMOY, is very good to read, but it originated in the colonial era. The sad history has unexpectedly brought a friendly name to Xiamen.
    “The city is at sea, the sea is in the city.” Xiamen This sea garden is known as a must-see for literary youth and student dogs. Unfortunately, I have not been able to experience in the student days.
    In fact, I don’t know what attracted me. Xiamen was listed on the travel list very early. Eight years ago, during the summer vacation of the university, all kinds of preparations had been made. It should have been done, but for various reasons, I had to give up.
    Perhaps it is the beach of Gulangyu Island, perhaps the warm wind of the southern country, maybe just a tempting snack. Xiamen is always in my heart, and I am leaving. Xiamen, which is 1,200 kilometers away from me, said that it is not close, and that it is not far away. Perhaps it is the distance that makes me feel at ease, but it has been delayed and has not been able to make it.
    Now eight years have passed, the end will come, and the story will finally end. The people and things around me are fickle, and I am no longer the ignorant student. The style of Xiamen alone remains the same, and I still care about it. I can’t forget it.
    Time is a good friend of memories, and time is also a deadly enemy of memories.
    Behind Xiamen, except the sky, it is a thing of the past.
    It was early in the morning on the third day of the year. The city circled and took the travel companion and went to the Tongxiang high-speed railway station to take the train. When I arrived at the station, I was shocked by a sweat. I didn’t expect the empty high-speed rail station parking lot. I have already stopped at full day. It seems that high-speed rail travel is also a choice for many people. The high-speed rail changes life!
    It’s hard to find a parking space. It’s not too long to check in the ticket after the pit stop. It’s really good, and it’s sweating in winter.
    We are sitting in the D-head train, less than 7 hours to the Xiamen North Railway Station, and a few episodes of TV dramas will be similar. Along the way, you can also look at the scenery along the way. During the Chinese New Year, the weather in Zhejiang is really good. The sky is rare and clear, but I checked it. Xiamen is rainy these days. It’s unfortunate. God bless us when we arrive. Have a good weather.
    Arrive at the Xiamen North Station on time and take the bus that was checked in advance. It takes about 50 minutes to get to the hotel. During the Chinese New Year, house prices have risen all the way. The hot hotels have no room to book. I picked a fast-moving hotel in the ferry area. The Zhongshan Road and the cruise center of the Xiamen-Drums are all two or three bus stops. It is convenient and the price is close. Three times the usual, very potholes.
    It was nearly 6 o’clock in the hotel. Everyone was hungry and went out to prepare for dinner on Zhongshan Road.
     Zhongshan Road
    The hotel where I stayed went to Zhongshan Road about 1.5 kilometers away and decided to go. Crossing the street and entering the alley, because during the Chinese New Year, many shops did not open the door, and it seemed a little depressed. As we approached Zhongshan Road, we began to feel the prosperous atmosphere, and the flow of people increased.
    On the way, I met an alley, with several shops selling snacks. Seafood set, conch meat, sausage powder, sea bream fried, golden tofu bag, first arrived in Xiamen. I feel very fresh about these foods. Later I learned that the streets are full of such snacks. Xiamen is really a blessing for friends. .
    ▼ Zhongshan Road In the alley near the road, I saw such a large conch for the first time. It is equipped with good snail meat and fans. According to the price of 50 yuan-80 yuan, I ordered a taste. So high.
    ▼ The sea bream on the next door is also doing the heat, and come together for a lively one. Haitang frying originated from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and is a classic Han snack in southern Fujian, Taiwan, and Chaoshan. With a homemade sauce, sweet and sour taste, do not have a flavor.
    ▼ With the food, look at what is the staple food, the business is very good in the intestines shop, delicious and adequate. I feel that these families can work together. I asked the boss that the food stalls in this alley were quite large. Later, some of them moved to Taiwan Food Street, and there was no excitement here.
    ▼ Business is good, waited a long time to start doing ours, only knowing how to eat, how to make the intestine powder is still the first time to see.
    ▼Soiled bamboo shoots Although this thing looks like horror, but it is very curious, come to try it, taste crisp.
    After simply filling in my stomach and moving on, I walked out of the alley and really took the Zhongshan Road. The music is shaking, the people are flowing, so it seems to change the world in an instant.
    Zhongshan Road is an east-west road in Zhonghua Street in Siming District. It is connected to the hotel building of Xiazhou Wuzhouke, and it is connected to the blue sea of ​​the doorway. In the era of Japanese occupation, it is called Dahan Road, which is about 1.2 kilometers long. It starts from the Lujiang Road in the west, the boundary point between the Middle Road and the Siming North Road, and the East Daxin Road is connected to the South Park Road. The street is a southern-style arcade building, the most prosperous shopping street in Xiamen.
    The specialty shops, snack bars, shopping malls, gold shops, and one family, the crowds of people, push the atmosphere of the commercial street to the point of explosion. Strolling through Zhongshan Road, feeling the business pulse of Xiamen, fighting the stars, the old-time mood has never faded.
    ▼ Zhongshan There are all kinds of shops on the road, and some shops look very interesting. For example, this home, Fan Bingbing? A closer look at Fan Bing is very interesting. A look at the brand that has been passed down for centuries, okay, it seems to be a coincidence, and the first one is taken by Fan, who gives him free advertising.
    ▼ Zhongshan Road is a veritable commercial street. There are countless people walking through the intersection and stopping.
    ▼ Zhongshan Road Puppet show on the street, artists broadcast daily. Three days in a row are different repertoires.
    ▼ Zhongshan There are many famous snack shops on the road. Most famous brands have opened branches here. Of course, the famous Zhang San crazy milk tea has spread all over Xiamen.
    ▼Chen can Western tea shop is also a famous Gulangyu store, specializing in Fujian traditional tea and push the tea style of Guangxi style tea. In addition to traditional tea, the Western-style tea shop also has Western-style flower and fruit tea, tea-flavored fruit, baked cakes, fine tea and other peripheral products.
    When it comes to the specialties of Xiamen, it is really diverse. Pies, dried pork, and ginger ducks are representative products of Xiamen. Secondly, pineapple cakes and nougat from Taiwan are quite popular.
    There are quite a few local specialty shops in Zhongshan Road and Gulangyu Island, where you can try to eat in the past. But if you want to buy, it is recommended to start with the gift net to compare prices. After all, Zhongshan Road and Gulangyu are tourist areas, and the price may not be the most affordable. There is a lot of information on the hand-painted map that I got at the airport, to compare the price and brand. Moreover, I checked the company’s business at the airport, and can pick up the goods at the airport or express delivery. Save a lot of trouble.
    ▼Street shops, the exquisite details of the decoration, and strive to be different, can stand out.
    ▼ Street grocery store, come to Xiamen must buy small pendants, gadgets.
    ▼ Fan Bingbing yoghurt, there are many people at the entrance of the store, not to join in the fun.
    ▼The street is the window of the mall, and the beautifully carved Buddha is squinting and watching the bustling and bustling.
     Huang Zehe’s peanut soup
    Walk along the Zhongshan Road to the beach. You can see this traditional shop when you get to the head: Huang Ze and Peanut Soup Shop.
    The founder was Huang Zehe, a native of Quanzhou. After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Xiamen was often sold at the Lujiang Road and Zhongshan Road junctions to sell peanut soup to dock workers and past travelers. Because the peanut soup made by it is not paste, sweet but not greasy, quality assurance, Huang Ze and peanut soup are therefore famous. In addition to peanut soup, it also operates more than 30 varieties of local flavored dates such as fried dates, leeks, bean cakes, twisted fried dough, fried dough sticks, cakes, bread, and moon cakes.
    ▼ At 9 o’clock in the evening, Huang Zehe is still in business and is overcrowded. Into the store to consume the first purchase card recharge, the end of the end of the flower, and the same food court. I queued up to buy a peanut soup and tasted it fresh, sweet, and the peanuts have been cooked very badly. It is especially fresh and interesting for us who have not eaten. So we thought about it, come here tomorrow morning to have breakfast.
    In fact, the next two days are the breakfast that comes here. Basically, there are special foods in Xiamen that can be eaten here. Peanut soup, sand tea noodles, frozen bamboo shoots, meat clams and the like, the taste is not particularly delicious. But the winner is complete, and friends who don’t have time can taste it here instead of running the famous stores scattered around.
    ▼ Peanut kernels are not broken, the mouth is instant, the soup is milky white, sweet and refreshing, sweet and refreshing, nourishing lungs, adding eggs to have more flavor, go to the store must be ordered.
    ▼ 沙茶面. The beauty lies in the production of sand tea sauce, and the soup head is made with sand tea sauce. The main ingredients of the sand tea sauce are dried shrimp, dried fish, onion, garlic, ginger and other ingredients, which are fried and crispy. Grind fine, made into sand tea sauce for use. When you eat, pair with fresh shrimp, duck blood, tofu, squid, red meat, sausage and other ingredients, taste sweet and refreshing, oil but not greasy.
    ▼Huang Zehe’s snacks in the store are very complete. For those who don’t have time to find various small shops, it is a shortcut to taste the food in Xiamen. The taste may not be the most authentic, but it is also inseparable.
    ▼ The frozen bamboo shoots originated from the traditional Han Chinese traditional snacks in Quanzhou and Fujian. According to legend, the inventor is the national hero Zheng Chenggong. It contains colloids, the main raw material is a worm, belonging to the worm animal door, which is two or three inches long. After being boiled, the gum contained in the insect body is dissolved in water, and after cooling, it is condensed into a lump, and the meat is clear and delicious. With good soy sauce, Yongchun vinegar, garlic.
    After we walked to the beach, we went back to the hotel. In the first day of Xiamen, we rushed to eat and drink. The spirit was empty, but the stomach was still full. Good night, Xiamen!
    The next day’s itinerary was relatively simple. I decided to go to Xiamen University and Nanputuo Temple. These two places are in one place. If there is time left, consider other items.
    Woke up in the morning, Tiangong is not beautiful, it is raining, but it is not big. Huang Zehe, who went to Zhongshan Road earlier, solved the breakfast and then went straight to Xiamen University by bus.
     Xiamen University
    The shuttle bus we are basically going to go to Xiamen University, so don’t worry about going over the head. The driver will remind you when you arrive. After getting off the bus, I followed the crowd and walked over the bridge. It was already outside the wall of Xiamen University.
    Xiamen University was founded in 1921 by the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader and Mr. Chen Jiageng, who was praised by Comrade Mao Zedong as “the banner of overseas Chinese and the glory of the nation”. It was the first university established in the history of modern Chinese education. Famous alumni include Yu Guangzhong, Lin Feng, Yi Zhongtian, Lu Xun and others. Due to its proximity to Nanputuo Temple, the learning and living scenes of students and monks constitute a unique landscape on the campus of Xiamen University and its surrounding areas. Xiamen University is hailed as “one of the most beautiful campuses in China”, and the unique architectural style of the combination of Chinese and Western is the biggest attraction.
    ▼The entrance of Xiamen University Group must take a group photo, the photographer will never show up! Today we have to return to college! The words “Xiamen University” on the school gate are from Lu Xun’s hand, but it is not Lu Xun’s inscription for Xiamen University, but the school to take it out of his article to commemorate him.
    Going into Xiamen University, not enteringIt is only the most beautiful campus in China, and it has also entered her 90-year history and entered the last decade of her first hundred years.
    In the past 90 years, it has been called “the best university in the east of Calcutta”. It is said that it is “the strong of the South”, and some people call it “the most beautiful university in the sea.” What is called is not important. What is important is that here you will feel the pulse different from other places. In the past 90 years, Qunxian Jiannan, Fenghuang Kapok, Furong Shijing, Baicheng Beach…The bricks, tiles and grasses here are witnessing the changes of the years.
    Strolling on the central avenue, there are tall palm trees on both sides, Mingpei Gymnasium, Yanwuchang, Yingying, Qunxian, Jimei, Yingxue… A building with its own name and history appears in turn, Chinese roof and elegant The brick wall constitutes the unique architectural art of Xiamen University.
    Walked through the first group of buildings at the beginning of Xiamen University, the earliest and oldest building group, Qunxian Building. The statue of Mr. Jia Geng stood there. When his company was on the verge of bankruptcy and the reality was ruthlessly chosen between his office and the rescue company, he resolutely made the feat of demolishing the building. It was with his persistent belief that he exchanged the glorious history of Xiamen University for nearly a hundred years.
    ▼ “Our Master”, this is the most intimate name of the University of Xiamen to Chen Jiageng, in honor of the table, before the group of Xianxian, still stands his bronze statue.
    ▼In the bookstore under Gunxian’s downstairs, the exquisite tablecloths focus on the works with strong literary and artistic atmosphere. The young artists should be able to stay for a while and spend time.
    The story about Xiamen University can’t be said. In the short days of Xiamen University, Mr. Lu Xun left a story for the legends of later generations.
    Today, Xiamen University has also set up memorial halls and statues to commemorate the great writer who is known as the national backbone.
    On September 4, 1926, Lu Xun was invited by Lin Yutang from Beijing to the south to serve as a professor of the Department of Chinese Language and a professor of research at the National Studies Institute of Xiamen University. On the first night of his trip to Xiamen, he wrote a letter to Guangzhou saying: This place is back to the sea and the scenery is perfect.
    He helped the Xiamen University students to create two publications, Gu Lang and Bo Boat. In the 80 years of history, in addition to the war and the Cultural Revolution, “Gulang” has never been interrupted and has been writing legends. Lu Xun went to Guangzhou after only 130 days in Xiamen University. This 130 days left many stories and speculations. Even many of them are still controversial, but these days are the most relaxed and enjoyable time in his life.
    The love letter about Lu Xun is also a paragraph that has to be mentioned. It can be said that Xiamen University has achieved Lu Xun’s love. From 1925 to 1932, from Xu Guangping’s first letter to Lu Xun as a student, the two communicated 164 letters. These letters were completely included in the “Two Books. The Original Letter”, while Lu Xun was in Xiamen University. There are 84 letters, accounting for the majority. Some of the original works are kept in the special exhibition room of Lu Xun and Xu Guangping at the Lu Xun Memorial Hall of Xiamen University. If you read it carefully, you can also find the signature that Lu Xun often uses in Xu Guangping’s communication, but is rarely known. .
    He is called Lu Xun, he is a large building. In the sea breeze of the southern country, he wrote the memories of his predecessors – “Chao Hua Xi Xi”; he missed the lover of his heart in the beautiful scenery of Xiamen University – “Two Books.”
    ▼ Lu Xun is in a secluded position, surrounded by pines and cypresses, and the gentleness of the body of the gentleman.
    After passing through the image of Lu Xun, let us climb up the stairs and pass through the path on the edge of the Nan’an Building. The upper string is in sight.
    On the winding field, sitting on the blue sea, swallowing thousands of miles. It is the most beautiful stadium in Xiamen University, and it has this poetic name because of its shape. The poetry giants and the masters of the altar, Mr. Yu Yu, are the ones in the top of the string – “The self-raising wave is a thousand hectares, and the Qinghui is winding up”, which is still kept on the rostrum.
    On the side of the winding court, there is also the iconic building south of the building. Jiannan Building Group was donated by Mr. Li Guangqian, the son-in-law of Mr. Chen Jiageng, and was supervised by Mr. Chen Jiageng in the early 1950s, including Jiannan Town Hall, Chengyi Building, Chengzhi Building and South.Five buildings of Anlou and Nanguang Building. The appearance of the Jiannan City Hall is a combination of Chinese and Western architecture. It is a landmark building complex of Xiamen University.
    ▼The grand grandstand of the upper yard is curved like a crescent, which complements the surrounding buildings. It is said that when Gao Xiaosong lived in Xiamen, he sat in the winding field and saw a famous girl from Xiamen University who wrote a famous song “You at the same table.”
    Strolling in Xiamen University, full of historical architecture, the blending of Chinese and Western cultures, and lush green trees, it is easy to get lost, but this loss is not scary, but more expectant, who knows the trail The corner, what kind of surprise will be waiting for you.
    No, in the confusion, we walked through an old-fashioned school building, passing through a row of old-style student apartments, and everything was so enjoyable. In the architectural complex called Furong, well-known landmarks that have long been familiar are also appearing one by one.
    The Hibiscus Tunnel is probably the most literary tunnel in China. It is believed to be a rare sight in domestic universities and one of the main attractions of Xiamen University, attracting countless young artists and tourists. The tunnel starts from the student dining hall of Furong Garden in Xiamen University campus, passing through Shishan along the way, and reaching the entrance of Xiamen University Apartment in the east, with a total length of 1.10 kilometers. An incomparably beautiful mistake contributed to the longest graffiti tunnel in China. The walls of the tunnel are full of beautiful graffiti, and a group of students leave their graffiti on the tunnel walls, or professional, or immature, or think for a long time, or improvise.
    ▼ Look at the youthfulness of Xiamen University students, the passion of collision, rationality and sensibility, thoughts and emotions, all exposed here.
    ▼The two walls of this graffiti tunnel are covered with graffiti, some are unconstrained, some are realistic and sentimental, but in any case, the students express their feelings for Xiamen University. Looking from afar, it is like a time-space tunnel, passing through time and space, taking us into the various periods of Xiamen University.
    It’s noon to visit the Furong Tunnel, and the lunch is solved in the Furong dining hall on the side. During the holiday season, the canteen was full of people, but the food was quite distinctive in the university cafeteria.
    The snack city on the third floor operates with great care, bringing together the characteristics of Weinan, Yubei, Chaoshan, Hakka and Hong Kong to meet the needs of different tastes. “Zhao Hejiang” hot and sour powder, “good porridge” all kinds of porridge, “Boge River powder” casserole and fried noodles, “North Korean flavor” shredded chicken, “Hangzhou Xiaolongbao” buns and Fried dumplings are extremely popular.
    After the meal, go up the mountain road all the way up, after a few cafes, you can reach the highest point of Xiamen University – Lovers Valley. However, the principal is not so called, the official name is “Siyuan Valley.” This is the reservoir of Xiamen University. Because of the excellent environment, it is very suitable for couples to meet, so they are kindly called “Valentine Valley” by the students.
    The love of Xiamen University is fresh, just like the kapok of Gulangyu. It is almost the highest point of Xiamen University, quiet and leisurely. There are fish in the water, ducks on the waves, there are egrets in the air, occasional idlers fishing, but also leisurely content. Here you can see the winds of the clear waters and the meditation of the universe.
    ▼Lover Valley, unlike Furong Lake has an outgoing personality and mature quality, and only the love of the student era echoes it, quiet and beautiful, pure and pure. The weather is not good, but the fog of the distant mountains has faint grief for the lover’s valley.
    There is an old man selling maps on the edge of the Valentine’s Valley. However, his marketing model can be much more sophisticated. He uses a wonderful eloquence to tell the tourists about all aspects of Xiamen University. It is a living dictionary of Xiamen University. Stop and listen to the old man’s story.
    I really like his description: It is the most beautiful time in Xiamen University, but it is also much better than Beijing University and Tsinghua University. You are full of green eyes. If the phoenix is ​​blooming, make sure you have been there and you don’t want to leave.
    The people of Xiamen University are indeed very happy. They have sea and beaches, mountains and lakes, phoenix flowers, bougainvillea, kapok, and everything that others want, are occupied by them.
    ▼The beautifully hand-painted maps are also the souvenirs that must be bought by Xiamen University. When entering the school gate, there will be hawkers coming to sell.Buying more can kill a good price. Of course, you can also come to Love Valley, listen to the old man telling a story and buy him a map. There are a lot of texts about Xiamen University behind the map. It is very helpful for understanding the past and present of Xiamen University. Many anecdotes and anecdotes make this university full of human feelings and legends.
    After strolling through the beautiful valley of lovers, we turned down the mountain, we lost our way, walked through the strange and diligent restaurant, and walked to the Jiageng group not far away, and walked away and suddenly became clear. Furong Lake in front of the Art Center.
    Xiamen University has a lake, its name is Furong. Furong, out of the mud and not dyed. This Furong Lake is the source of the Daxiu Xiu Xiu, so it is a word.
    Furong Lake is the most well-known place in Xiamen University. It is located in the center of the old campus of Xiamen University and is the crowning touch in the planning of the entire campus. The name of Furong Lake is the same as that of the Furong Building in the surrounding area, which originated from Li Guangqian’s hometown, Nan’an Furong Township.
    Furong Lake is like a bright pearl, embedded in the campus of Xiamen University. In the early summer and the warm sunshine, it shines beautifully. The trees around the lake are lush, and the bridges are flowing, which is different. The sound of the wind, the sound of rain, and the sound of reading are the voices of Hibiscus. I can imagine such a beautiful view, but it is not the time to come.
    ▼ If the lover valley is a high-sex reclusive mountain, then Furong Lake is a Shizi step into the road. On the morning of the lake every morning, there are students who are working hard here, working hard towards the bright future, and eager to fly from here.
     Nanputuo Temple
    From the Da Nan School Gate of Xiamen University, the South Putuo Temple is separated from the Xiamen University Street.
    Nanputuo Temple is located under the Wu Laofeng and faces the Bichenghai Port. In the early years of the Ming Dynasty, the temple was ridiculous and was not rebuilt until the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. Because it is dedicated to Guanyin Bodhisattva, it is similar to the Guanyin Taoist Temple in Putuo Mountain, Zhejiang Province. It is also known as “South Putuo Temple” south of Putuo Mountain and is one of the Buddhist resorts in southern Fujian.
    ▼The main buildings on the central axis of Nanpu with the temple include Tianwang Hall, Daxiong Hall, Dashen Hall, and Tibetan Classical Pavilion. On both sides are the Bell and Drum Tower, the Zen Hall, the Guest Hall, the Treasury, and the Minnan Buddhist College, the Buddhism Yangzhengyuan, and the release pool in front of the temple. In the recent years, the temple built a new “Taiwan Master Memorial Tower”. The entire temple is magnificent and orderly.
    Because I didn’t have a cold on the temple, I strolled around the temple for a while. Everyone thought that there was not enough physical strength to climb the Wu Laofeng. After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to go home and then spent another night at Zhongshan Road.
    Looking back today, it seems that there is only memory about Xiamen University. However, I didn’t see the phoenix flower that blossomed for two seasons. I didn’t see the kapok, which was like a flame, and I didn’t see the Bauhinia, which was covered with petal rain. For the Xiamen University, I still regret it. Just like the flower language of the phoenix flower – parting and missing, there seems to be no better vocabulary to describe my feelings about Xiamen University.
    On the third day of Xiamen, the rain was still pattering, and the next one kept going. Looking at this gloomy weather, our mood is not clear.
    Don’t be too boring for our breakfast, it is still solved in Huang Zehe. After breakfast, the original plan was to go to Baicheng Beach, Zengyi line, but helplesslyThe bus that never comes, the taxi that is always full, let us only turn the direction and take the bus to the botanical garden.
    ▼ On the trail leading to the Botanical Garden, I once again gave you the wrong direction, but it was quite interesting on the way. For example, this military club, a naval station in Xiamen, can often see similar institutions.
     Xiamen Garden Botanical Garden
    Originally, I felt that I was not sorry to be able to become Zeng, but I thought that the Botanical Garden might be more suitable for us than Zeng Wei, who is similar to Gulangyu.
    Xiamen Garden Botanical Garden, commonly known as “Wanshi Botanical Garden”, is located in Wanshi Mountain, southeast of Xiamen Island, Fujian Province, and is backed by Wu Laofeng Nanputuo.
    So far, Xiamen Botanical Garden has introduced and collected more than 7,000 kinds of plants, and built pine cedar garden, rose garden, bamboo trail, palm island, sandy plant area, Araucaria sylvestris, rainforest plant world, vine plant area, flower 15 special parks such as garden, medicinal plant area, colorful leaf shrub area, Baihua Hall, cycad garden, introduction and domestication area, and city garden.
    Among the various plant resources owned by Xiamen Garden Botanical Garden, palm plant resources are the most distinctive. More than 500 species of palm plants have been introduced and domesticated, which is one of the most abundant institutions for planting and growing palm plants in China, including Canada. Lihai date, Dawang coconut, sugar coconut and so on.
    More than just palm plants, Xiamen Garden Botanical Garden has more than 2,000 species of cacti and succulents, about 200 species of vines, more than 200 species of bamboo plants, more than 100 species of cycads, 11 species of Araucaria, more than 100 species of city flower bougainvillea. Varieties, forming plant features dominated by tropical and subtropical plants. It is worth mentioning that there are more than 200 kinds of rare and protected plants such as golden tea, medlar, pen tree, ginkgo, metasequoia, yew and cycad.
    Ticket information: full ticket 40 yuan / person, 60 years old and old, students can hold half price.
    ▼When I arrived at the Botanical Garden, the sky that had already cleared up began to rain again, which made people unable to catch up, but the rain wet the plants, washed away their dust, and made the green of the whole green more beautiful.
    There are twenty-four scenes in Xiamen. There are six scenes in the botanical garden, namely “Wanxi Chaotian”, “Zhongyan Yuxi”, “Tianjie Xiaozhong”, “Taiping Shixiao”, “Ziyun De Road” “High reading piano hole” covers mountains, caves, rocks, temples, and many stone cliffs in the past. It is a place of scenic beauty. New Xiamen 20 scenic spots, there are also three scenes in the park: Wanshi Hancui, Tianjie Xiaozhong, Taiping Shixiao.
    So if you are tired of the hot spots of those popular attractions, you may wish to take a walk in the botanical garden. Even the flow of people at the entrance is great, but fortunately the botanical garden is big enough to walk away and enjoy it.
    Stroll into the park with more than 7,000 plants, where you can dance with the flowers, live with the grass, and the tree carnival, as if into the tribute of life, the cradle of everything.
    It is not long before entering the park, it is the vast Wanshi Lake. Wanshi Lake was originally a Wanshiyan Reservoir. It was built in 1952 and was a war preparation reservoir. The two major water systems in the park, Shuimokeng Creek and Tunxi, flow in the lake. The north side of the pine cedar garden, the bamboo trail, the south side is the Araucaria turf, the east side is the Palm Island, the Baihua Hall, and the west side of the dam is lined with rows of Washington brown native to the Americas.
    ▼ This emerald lake, the calm lake is like a mirror, reflecting the lake and mountains, reflecting a parallel world. Whether it is beautiful emotions or deep sorrows, you can sway here,
    Walked through Wanshi Lake, the various plants in front of you, born in the peaks of the rolling peaks, above the cliffs, at the bottom of the valley.
    They have come from the depths of a long history, and have always been polite to the sun, to share the rain, to live in harmony, to cross the leaves, to keep alive, to be sturdy, vigorous, and to hear a variety of plants in silence. “The sound of germination, spit, bloom or jointing.”
    It also has thousands of birds, beasts and fish worms, and lives in the reservoirs, pools, valleys, cliffs, forests, and temples in front of the mountains. The flowers and grasses are all happy. The sound of the bells and the mountain waterfalls The stream is in harmony, and the monks sing and resonate with the birds and locusts.
    ▼ Walking on the path on the mountain, I always wanted to find a four-leaf clover, but it was not so lucky. I only found three grasses.
    ▼ Rain-watered plants, clean, revealing bright light, like a dark green oil painting, although the species are different, but they are so green and sexy, so stunning and translucent.
    ▼ Occasionally, the red flowers fall on the leaves by the rain, the red flowers are green, and the other side is more beautiful.
    ▼ Little development park, my wife is happy to play like a child. Come to the botanical garden, both adults and children can be immersed in this piece of green, temporarily forgetting the troubles and feeling comfortable.
    The botanical garden is very large, and it is obviously impossible to travel around every corner in just one day. Try to pick some interesting park tours. We are just as people flow to the sand plant area.
    Along the winding road to the mountainside, you can see a large cactus. The Shasheng plant area consists of two parts: the outdoor exhibition area and the exhibition greenhouse. The large succulents and cacti in the outdoor exhibition area are majestic, while the outdoor is a large-scale cactus plant landscaping, which is rare in China.
    In addition to the common cactus and flesh, there are also bottle-dried trees from Australia that are shaped like giant bottles, tall elephant-legged trees, wine bottle orchids, pandanus trees and various cacti; Competing with succulents, there is the largest self-cultivation in China, the award-winning King Jinhu in China’s first flower fair, Hong Kong Flower Show and Kunming World Horticultural Exposition. There are rare ghosts, fairy jade and turtle kapok in China. , C. chinensis, Wulunzhu, and small potted plants of succulents such as raw stone flowers and flower beds and leaves introduced from South Africa. Guarantee is a feast for the eyes, but also a good place to raise knowledge.
    ▼ Did not look at the introduction carefully, not the name of the flower, but they are so bright on the sand dunes, so ghostly.
    ▼ The size of succulents is also very large, here you can see everything you can imagine.
    ▼ Bottle dry tree, also known as Buddha belly tree, is a dry area of ​​Australia’s Queensland and South Wales. The fat body is considered to be suitable for arid climate.
    ▼ Outside the greenhouse area is a large group of cactus, high and low cactus clusters, so dense or very rare.
    ▼ The plants cultivated in the greenhouse are also very interesting. Cacti and succulents of different shapes compete for each other.
    ▼The sun comes out of the clouds, the sunlight passes through the glass of the greenhouse, and the plants are illuminated with crystal clear.
    ▼From the sand plant area, the sky has cleared, the clouds are scattered, the blue sky of Xiamen is so thorough, the blue is refreshing.
    We continue to go up. The Wanshi Mountain area is very large. There are famous scenic spots such as Nanputuo Temple and Xiamen University at the foot of the mountain. Our goal is to turn over the hills and return to the Xiamen University that we have visited yesterday to experience the campus under the sun.
    ▼Along the way, the green trees and safflowers, as if all the plants are awakened by the sunlight, emit a brilliant radiance, and the warm sunshine casts a warm-colored filter on the surrounding. Take a deep breath of warm, humid air, um, this is the breath of the South.
    ▼ Orange bright cannon flower is very common in Xiamen, like a bunch of blooming fireworks, enthusiasm and vitality.
    ▼ Small wild flowers bloom along the way, if you are a small daisies, you are happy, and in my eyes, you are the only scenery.
    Back to the campus of Xiamen University, along the path that yesterday passed, the sun shines through the clouds, through the dense shade of Xiamen University, the light and shadow of the entire campus are mottled, the air after the rain is so fresh and pleasant, this is completely with the gloomy yesterday. Different landscapes.
    ▼The color of this bicycle outside the dormitory area is really beautiful. It matches the surrounding environment and perfectly reflects the campus art atmosphere of Xiamen University. People can sigh the fascination of youth, people can not help but miss their campus years, every boy should have had a handsome bicycle, and she was in the back seat, where is now.
     Baicheng Beach
    The distinctive beauty of Xiamen University is alsoAdjacent to a sea of ​​blue, and between the blue sea and the campus, is a beautiful white sand beach.
    From the white city gate of Xiamen University near the sea, it is Baicheng Beach.
    Baicheng Beach, how many years have ebb and flow? It seems that there has never been a big storm, only the waves are gently on the beach, the sun is shining, and the pace is like a temper in Xiamen.
    The sea and the beach are always pleasant. The children piled up sand castles, and the adults were happy on the beach like children. After the rain, the sun is getting warmer, and the beach is steaming with steam. The people who come to the holiday are crowded with beaches, take off their shoes, step on the sand, and have a lively scene.
    The coastal roads in Baicheng are also very beautiful. When you are young, you rent a tandem bicycle and ride slowly to enjoy the scenery on the sea.
    ▼The folk singer on the beach, playing an old guitar, in the sun, the sweat is on his forehead, and the hustle and bustle around him seems to have nothing to do with him. He just sang one after another, singing about Xiamen University and about Baicheng. Singing, tireless.
    Walking along the Baicheng beach to the Hulishan Fort not far away, looking at the sea in front of this piece, a hundred years ago, there was a fierce war here. The tides and tides ushered in the scenery and the desolateness of the rushing, standing here, as if to see the dust of history floating in front of the eyes, it is a very poetic thing to carefully taste each of these characters through these pictures. .
    ▼The clouds are still thick, the sun tears open a hole, shines on the sea, the wind blows the sea, the general starting point is sparkling, and the building standing in the distance is the new landmark of Xiamen.
    ▼The seascape in the afternoon is very beautiful. It is said that the dormitory of the Xiamen University girl in Shijing stands in the foothills of Shijing, facing Wu Laofeng and backing against Baicheng Bay. More than four floors, it is the blue sea and the winding road around the island. The girl of Ishii, washing the sea in the morning in the morning, watching the giant fishing boat sailed into the distance; leaning against the window in the evening, watching the sunset slowly fall into the sea, the unspeakable comfort.
     Small glasses stall
    Say goodbye to Baicheng Beach, we rushed early to go to Xiamen to find the famous small glasses food stalls to eat seafood, this “big meal” but looked forward to us for two days.
    How can I miss the seafood banquet along the city of Haicheng? It is best for first-time visitors not to go to the restaurant to eat seafood. If you want to eat different shrimp and crab flavors that belong to Xiamen, it is recommended to try the small glasses.
    Small glasses food stalls are seafood stalls that must be eaten in Xiamen. They are also frequented by locals. The taste is authentic, the price is close to the people, and the goods are fresh! We went to a sea view shop close to Zhongshan Road, and there was also a nearby botanical garden in the morning.
    Said to be gear, but definitely different from the roadside stalls, is a very formal restaurant, the decoration is also very clean atmosphere. Every time I eat, I am always full, so if I want to taste, I still have to come early. When we arrived, we had not yet arrived at the meal. We didn’t have to wait and went straight to the table.
    In fact, the practice of seafood is not complicated. Seafood like shellfish is generally the practice of boiled and soy sauce. Fresh seafood does not require too many complicated cooking methods. It is simple to handle, and the fresh fragrance of seafood is stimulated and you’re done.
    ▼ Opening the first seafood porridge, padded belly, fresh fragrance, instantly stimulated our appetite.
    Then the seafood is served in turn, in the spirit of poor travel, we basically point to shellfish, soy sauce or boiled, choose a simple seasoning, it is delicious enough.
    ▼ A cut soy sauce water squid, slick and taste, chewy and not too laborious, just right.
    ▼ Seafood, the most beautiful, the premise is that it must be fresh and fresh. This kind of seafood does not require superb cooking skills, and does not require much complicated seasonings.
    ▼ Soy sauce water seems to be simple, but relying only on the thick soy sauce flavor, the water released from the seafood is completely stimulated, very delicious. This quick and easy cooking method is completely integrated with the directness of Xiamen people and Minnan people.
    ▼Boiled, simple and fast, original, eat it is the original flavor, and then with a taste of a bowl of small ingredients.
    Travel needs planning, but it doesn’t have to be the same when it’s implemented. When you look around, you can change your itinerary during the trip, experience different scenes, and be part of the trip.
    Today’s accidental journey, in the taste of this delicious seafood, painted a perfect ending.
    On the fourth day, also on the last day of Xiamen, I am going to Gulangyu today.
    Although I bought the ticket early and studied the route well, in the morning, the strong fog outside the window gave us a heavy blow.
    Subsequently, it received a bad news from the WeChat public account. Due to the heavy fog, the route to Gulangyu was suspended and the recovery time was uncertain. Just because this sudden fog completely disrupted our plan, it was not until 10 o’clock that the fog was dispersed, and the route was resumed. At this time, our ticket was automatically refunded because it was out of date.
    So I could only turn into a warrior, squeezed into the long queue of the ticketing hall of the ferry center, and queued for nearly an hour before I got a ticket for two o’clock in the afternoon. It is really hard to think about it, but after all, I can still board Gulangyu on the last day. It is also unfortunate that I am fortunate.
    At two o’clock in the afternoon, we were exhausted by the ticket, and almost fell asleep because of the nap, and went from the residence to take a breath, finally boarded the ferry to Gulangyu.
    At this point we can finally take a sigh of relief.
    Gulangyu Island, alias “Yuanzhouzi. Because of the rising tide, the waves hit the reef, and it sounded like a drum.”
    There have been countless times of imagination on the scenes of Gulangyu, beachside bungalows, literary alleys, sunsets on the flowers and trees in front of the house, sketching the colorful colors, exudes a warm and charming mist… The original mind is full of these romances I am still looking forward to these things, but I have no intention of being tossed by the fog.
    However, as the ferry sailed and slowly sailed to the other side, the contour of the originally blurred Gulangyu gradually became clear. I seemed to hear the cry of my heart. “Hurry up, hurry, I have missed you for a long time, I want to hurry with you. Meet, “The ferry is not slow, my heart is more and more anxious, I am afraid I have already flown to the small island in the sea.
    ▼Go to Gulangyu’s ferry and slowly sail into the sea. My heart has already flown to Gulangyu.
    ▼The opposite side of the fog, the modern high-rise buildings, like a mirage.
    ▼The fog did not go far. In the distant sea, there was a thick cloud wall, floating in it and refused to disperse.
    ▼ Ferry, like a walking time machine, takes us through the reality and the hustle and bustle.
    ▼The bright buoy in the center of the sea indicates the road ahead. Can you not rely on it to guide the direction in the fog? Should it delay us for so long?
    ▼The old fishing boat slowly passed by, like the story of the old time passed by.
    ▼The sun is getting stronger and stronger, and the eyes don’t seem to get used to it. After a white light, when the eyes slowly open, it is so close to Gulangyu.
    ▼ The busy Sanqiutian Wharf is also the nearest pier to Xiamen’s main island. It is ushered in to countless tourists every day, arriving and departing here.
    Immediately after disembarking, I lost my way, and the four or five intersections seemed to extend in all directions. The choice syndrome will break out here.
    There are no cars on the island, no bicycles, only a few battery cars, and occasionally pass by the tourists.
    Of course, here, you can completely give up the direction, let yourself be lost in every strange alley, street, forget the destination you want to go, and indulge in the loss is the correct way to open Gulangyu. Moreover, even if you hold the map, you may not be able to find the direction accurately.
    ▼ Green is a very important theme. Behind the house, at the corner of the roadway, there are tropical plants everywhere, or slender, or straight into the sky. The scenery under the backlight, people are intoxicated and do not want to wake up.
    ▼ The sun is not as strong as noon, and the oblique illuminates, turning every corner and every wall into a beautiful view.
    ▼ In Gulangyu, every wall has hidden fun, hidden ingenuity, whether it can be discovered, depending on how romantic your heart is, how slow the pace is. Give up the idea of ​​going all over the island, you just have to enjoy all of it here in every step.
    Gulangyu seems to have everything beautiful. Every time I walked through a road, a beautiful villa and small building filled with historical accumulation. No matter the style of Chinese or Western, they are just right, there is no artificial creation. The sea breeze passes through the alleys, passes through the tourists, passes through the banyan trees, and falls into every corner of the place. I am in God and enjoy!
    ▼ Even a small hotel with well-designed signboards adds to the mood of the environment.
    ▼ Gulangyu’s street sign is like this, covered with lush green shades and colorful flowers, clearly not wanting you to find a way out, leaving you here.
    ▼ Nostalgic popsicles, mulberry taste, very good.
    I think every visitor who walks outside the Windsor Mansion will be attracted to the scene in front of him. The wall covered with cannons will climb the walls of the building, and the orange bloom will be so warm. It gives the building a unique atmosphere. The story that once happened in the building, a carved window, a flower wall, and a layer of steps are all imaginative.
    ▼ Everyone who sees it with his own eyes will not resist this beautiful view in front of him. It is a little fairy, a bit unreal.
    ▼When she walked through the sea of ​​flowers, she suddenly burst into a breeze. The light orange petals floated down and fell on her hair and shoulders, just like a flower rain for her.
    ▼ Gulangyu The lazy puppies, they all like to kneel on the side of the road, not afraid of people, just quietly enjoying their own world.
    Passing through an ordinary dwelling, the grandmother’s food stall is there, unpretentious, without exquisite slogans, her smile is the best sign.
    A fish ball, the muscles are real; a burning grass, white sugar brings a touch of sweetness, nourishing the throat. This is the taste in memory, belongs to each of us, like many things that we can’t forget in memory, many people.
    ▼Sunshine adds a little seasoning to the snacks. The food is here, only the tip of the tongue, and the heart.
    I tasted the ancient snacks and unwittingly entered a lively area. It turned out to be the leading road. Longtou Road is a shopping food street on the island. There are many small shops. There are many foods here, among which the snacks are especially outstanding. The most famous ones are Ye’s Mochi, Dragon Fish Soup, Huang Shengji Gold Fragrant Pine, Wang Ji Pie, Haitang. Fried, noodle paste, etc.; a variety of refreshing and delicious juices, tea shops throughout Gulangyu; you can also spend a good time in a variety of architectural style cafes.
    ▼The fun shop here is very thoughtful, and you have prepared the seal of the store’s signature logo, which is convenient for collecting and stamping visitors. Departing Gulangyu Before preparing a delicate little book, looking for a hidden but exquisite shop in a leisurely way, collecting a stamp is also a sense of accomplishment.
    ▼Only relying on two kinds of handmade sausages will be the only way to lead the way, the grilled sausages exude a strong aroma, no need for advertising, no need to sip, naturally attracts people passing by.
    ▼ Rich seafood, pickled, dried, choose a lot, bring some, wait to eat when you return home, you can remember the distinctive salty taste of Gulangyu.
    ▼ If the time can be separated into a picture like a movie lens, then what flashed in my mind now is that she looked up at the flowering branch at the side of the room, the sun was shining, her face sparkling.
    Come to Gulangyu, Sunlight Rock can not help. Sunlight Rock, also known as Huangyan Rock, is the highest point of Gulangyu Island, with a top elevation of 96 meters.
    The boulder in the mountains is stacked into a hole. The trees are lush and the pavilions are covered. Picking up the level, the sea breeze blows. On the summit, Xiamen, Gulangyu, Dadan and Erdan Islands have a panoramic view.
    Bathe in the drizzle, listen to the sea, look out into the distance, the water and the sky. Immersed in it, forgotten the world’s common customs, and both mind and body are integrated into this world of sea and sky.
    ▼To go to Sunlight Rock, go to the heights and go to the Sunlight Rock Temple, indicating that you are not far from the top of the mountain.
    ▼ A beautiful Guanyin statue in the temple, dignified and quietly facing the sea.
    Standing at the Sun Hill Gate, you can see a huge rock more than 40 meters high, standing on the volcanic cliff. On the huge rock cliff, there is a four-character cross-word written by Xu Shiying. There are two lines of characters under it. On the right side, the right side is “Gulangdongtian”, which is the first inscription of Sun Yat-sen in the first year of Ming Wanli. On the left is “Lujiang First”, which was written by Lin Chang, a native of Changle, in the Qing dynasty. The two are close, and the writing is quite similar. Lin Biao’s signature is particularly large, and the tourists often mistakenly both of them are Lin Biao’s questions. They are more than two hundred years later than the former.
    ▼Three big cliff carvings can be said to be a visual summary of the scenery of Sunlight Rock, which left a deep impression on the first scene of Sunlight Rock.
    ▼ On the huge stone, there is a two-character “Yangyan” in the book, which is written by Zhu Zhaoyu in 1916.
    ▼ Huang Zhongxun’s straight book “Nine Summers” is the four characters. On the lower left side, the “small book” is issued. The ancients said that ninety days in the summer is nine summers. This rock is high in ancient trees, and the sea breeze bursts into the air. “Iron” is the name of Huang Zhongxun. In 1918, he built a green villa in Sunlight Rock. The inscription was written in the same year.
    ▼ Located in the half-mountain of Sunlight Rock, there is a natural stone cave with several megaliths stacked on it. On the cave day, there is Shi Shijie’s book titled “Ancient Summer Cave”. Four Daewoo Left-hand Books: “Shi Shijie.” Haohao has always been a good place for people to take a summer break. After the Japanese imperialists invaded Taiwan in 1895, Shi Shijie was indignant and moved to Quanzhou, Xiamen and other places. This inscription is the book at this time.
    ▼Along the steep steps, stand on Sunlight Rock. Gulangyu has a panoramic view from all directions. The orange-yellow buildings are intertwined with green trees and face the high-rise buildings on the other side.
    ▼ Since the opening of Xiamen, foreign colonists have come to Gulangyu for settlement or temporary residence. Gulangyu has a superior geographical location, comfortable climate and pleasant scenery, which has become their preferred place of residence. Therefore, 90% of Gulangyu is a residential area.
    ▼Continue to the top, stand on the highest point and leave a message to your companions.
    ▼The location is higher, the scenery is better, 360 degrees without dead ends, all the scenery is at a glance.
    ▼The distant wheel, the fishing boat, the stars, the busy port to build a beautiful picture.
    Under the sun rock, came to the wide beach after the Hong Kong, where the sand is soft, the water is white and the slope is slow. Because the weather is still cold, there are no people swimming in the sea. Tourists are playing on the beach. People living in towns are full of yearning for the sea. Looking at the waves and the waves of the sea, they can’t help but take off their shoes and walk on the beach.
    ▼ 夕 阳西下, the distant wheel slowly sailed through the harbor, a beautiful sunset scene.
    ▼You in the sunset, the beautiful side of the backlight, makes me feel excited.
    ▼Sea breeze, sunset, beach, let us enjoy the last time in Xiamen.
     Practical information
    Xiamen, the English name Amoy, not to be called Ludao, is located in the southeastern tip of Fujian Province, bordering Nan’an in the north and facing the Golden Gate and Dadan Island across the sea in the southeast. In 1650, Zheng Chenggong was stationed in Xiamen, becoming an important base for the recovery of Taiwan’s main island in the future. In the late Qing Dynasty, due to the implementation of the “Wangxia Treaty”, the Xiamen area was forced to become a semi-feudal and semi-colonial public concession, after a hundred years of vicissitudes.
    Xiamen consists of Xiamen Island on the island, Gulangyu Island on the outlying island, Haitang Peninsula on the West Bank, Jimei Peninsula on the North Shore, Xiang’an Peninsula on the East Coast, Xiaolong Island in the Inland, Tongan in the Inland, and Jiulong River. Xiamen has the bustling metropolis and the quietness of ordinary small towns. The climate of the four seasons is even more icing on the cake.
    If you are a literary youth, then it is right to go to Xiamen. The sea, the island, the university, the bicycles, the specialty shops, the cafes…the one thing is not to live up to the word “literary art”, let you taste the literary talents. Romantic place Gulangyu, one of the most beautiful university campuses in China Xiamen University, like Zeng Wei in the world of Miyazaki’s paintings, and the detached secular Nanputuo Temple, are all places that must not be missed in Xiamen.
    ▼ Xiamen can be divided into Xiamen Island and Gulangyu. Xiamen Island can be roughly divided into five tourist areas, among which Nanputuo Tourist Area and Jimei Tourism Area are must-see places for tourists to travel. If time is tight, Tongan Tourist Area, Wanshi Mountain Tourist Area and Haishu Tourist Area can be next time. Play again.
    (1) Gulangyu Tourist Area: It is most appropriate to describe Gulangyu by “sea garden”. Standing on the island of Xiamen, looking at Gulangyu across the Lujiang River, it is like an elegant bonsai; if you walk through the green trees on the island, it is like entering a beautiful garden; if you are sitting on a rock near the Qinyuan Garden On, then you can listen to the waves in the rhyme. Gulangyu Island surrounded by the blue sea, the island of Shanghai, the reefs, the shoreline, the mountains and the mountains, the peaks and rocks are falling, the nature is awesome, and the islands of Gulangyu are bright and beautiful.
    Gulangyu Scenic spot ticket information: Sunlight Rock: 60 yuan / person; Xinzhuang Garden (including piano museum): 30 yuan / person; Haoyueyuan: 15 yuan / person; organ museum: 20 yuan / person; International Lettering Museum: 10 Yuan / person. Gulangyu Core Attractions Package (above five scenic spots): 100 yuan / person.
    ▼ Strolling on Gulangyu Island and feeling the literary and artistic atmosphere is the most beautiful first encounter with Xiamen.
    (2) Nanputuo Tourist Area: Nanputuo Tourist Area is the most prosperous city center in Xiamen, and it is also a tourist area with humanistic tourism resources as its main feature. In this area, you can experience the religious atmosphere at the famous Nanputuo Temple, then take a stroll along the nearby Xiamen University to experience the unique tranquility and romance of Xiamen University. You can also touch the large stone of the Hulishan Fort.
    Both Xiamen University and Nanputuo Temple are free to open. Tickets for Hulishan Fort are 25 yuan/person.
    ▼Into Xiamen University, as if the lost youth, suddenly returned to the eyes, let you fondly recall the student era.
    (3) Jimei Tourist Area: Jimei Scenic Area, beautiful scenery, charming and colorful. On the banks of the Li River, there is a national-style building in Minnan, nestled among the green trees and flowers, and the pavilions stand on the banks of the dragon boat. Chen Jiageng’s mausoleum, Chinese and foreign tourists will admire, the relief of the garden, it is amazing.
    (4) Tong’an Tourist Area: The famous hometown of overseas Chinese and Taiwanese ancestral homes are known as the “land of Zoulu on the seashore and the state of the famous cultural relics”. The historic Brahma Temple is surrounded by the sound of the Sanskrit, and the original golden lake scenery is full of mystery. The story of the hero Mishima is so cute that you can see the scenery on the other side of the strait.
    (5) Wanshi Mountain Tourist Area: Wanshi Mountain Scenic Area is located in the northern part of Shishan Mountain in the eastern part of the city. The mountains are green and lush. The Wanshiyan Reservoir has a glimpse of clear water, the strange flowers and trees in the mountains and the mountains, and the temples and pavilions are dotted with water.
    ▼ You can walk between the mountains of Wanshi Mountain. It is said that there is a beautiful trail with two flowers and grasses on both sides. Few tourists can find it. I hope that you are the lucky one.
    (6) Haishu Tourist Area: There are not only the picturesque Tianzhu Mountain Park in the lake and the first bridge museum in China, but also the Qinggong Tzu Chi Palace, which was built to commemorate the famous Wuzhen of the Northern Song Dynasty. Tired, you can also go to the sun and the valley to make a hot spring, a solution to the pain of travel.
    Some people say that it is only for eating in Xiamen.
    Amaranth, represented by Xiamen cuisine, ranks among the eight major cuisines in China. Since the Central Plains people moved to Xiamen in the Tang Dynasty, the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties have all of them “foreigners” to settle in Xiamen. When they came to Xiamen, they also brought the Central Plains food culture. For example, Zheng successfully expanded foreign trade, the Opium War, the “five trades” and even the fall of Xiamen. The diets of the West and neighboring countries entered Xiamen and combined with the crabs, shrimps, fish and shellfish produced by the island to form a unique diversification in Xiamen. Gourmet.
    Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, Quanzhou and Xiamen have successively traded with each other, and the cooking techniques of various places have also been introduced. This has enabled Xiamen to absorb the essence of local cuisines, and gradually formed a Xiamen-style and Chaoshan-style flavor. The dish creates a unique flavor that is clear, fresh, light, crisp, and slightly spicy. In addition, you can eat a lot of exotic snacks in Xiamen, such as oyster omelet, sand tea noodles, frozen bamboo shoots, rice noodle paste, burnt meat, peanut soup, fried spiced, etc., abound.
    XiamenDoors Such a leisurely holiday city is not only to win in stunning scenery, but also to be more interesting in food. Visitors to Xiamen can learn more about Xiamen’s life and local folk culture by tasting the local flavors of Xiamen. Here are five recommended foods for you!
    ▼NO.1, sand tea noodles. The sand tea noodles in Xiamen are inextricably linked to Nanyang. Many overseas Chinese in southern Fujian, the ancestors of southern Fujian drifted across the sea and settled in Nanyang, but they always maintained the blood connection with their homeland. Overseas traffic, boat and car exchanges have not been cut off. Many overseas foods have been passed down to Weinan, and Shacha was introduced to Xiamen by Malay overseas Chinese. Nanyang has “sand tea cake”, “shacha shrimp” and so on. This “sand tea” was passed to Xiamen, but it jumped into the soup pot and made a strong noodle soup – sand tea noodles. It tastes delicious and mellow, sweet and delicious. Most people who tasted it will be red and yellow. The savory and spicy taste is dumped.
    Sand tea is made from the finest shrimp head. It is marinated for more than two months with salt. After grinding, the shrimp paste and garlic sauce are added to the boiling sauce in order. After cooling, add the spice powder, curry powder and chili. Made from powder, sesame, etc. The sand tea noodles are made by putting the noodles into the boiling pot under the hedges and boil them in a bowl. Add the pig liver, pig’s waist, duck gizzard, large intestine, fresh squid, tofu and other accessories with your own taste. Add the boiling soup of the sand tea sauce to the pot and serve it in a bowl within a minute.
    ▼NO.2, sea bream fried. In Taiwan, the earliest name of the clams was called “Fried Food Chase”. Folklore, in 1661, when the Dutch army occupied Tainan, Zheng Chenggong rushed from Luermen and attempted to regain lost ground. Zheng Jun was in a hurry when he was short of food. He simply mixed the clams and sweet potato powder with water and one and fried into a cake. I couldn’t think of it and passed it on to the past.
    The sea bream is selected from the top grade “beads” (also known as sea bream) in the sea bream. The oysters produced in Xiamen are oyster oysters, which are small in size and have a shell shape or a triangle shape. The meat was taken out, the meat was black and white, each 1 – 2 cm, and the meat was even. Mix the eggs, sweet potato powder and chopped garlic, then fry in a pan with a proper amount of lard until both sides are crispy. When eating, use garlic, glutinous rice, sand tea sauce, etc. as a raw material to achieve the crisp, beautiful and delicious effect.
    ▼NO.3, frozen bamboo shoots. According to legend, when Zheng successfully attacked Taiwan, there was a period of shortage of food and grass, and he ruled the army strictly and insisted on not accepting any subsidies from the people. At that time, the location of the garrison was very close to the beach. The soldiers went to the beach to dig a large number of soil bamboo shoots to serve as food. Zheng Chenggong only ate the soup cooked with bamboo shoots every day. Zheng Chenggong In order to recover Taiwan as soon as possible, he often forgot to eat. One day, he did not want his men to warm up for him. He directly ate the frozen bamboo shoots soup. He did not expect the taste to be more delicious than the bamboo shoot soup. After the continuous improvement of the production methods and condiments, the well-known Anhai dried bamboo shoots were formed.
    The name of the bamboo shoot is called “Starworm” and is an annelid. It is boiled, and the gel contained therein is dissolved in water, and after cooling, it is condensed into a jelly. Crystallized bamboo shoots are frozen, served with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sweet sauce, chili sauce, mustard, garlic, sea bream, etc.; there are also glutinous rice, white radish, capsicum, and tomato slices, which are excellent in color and aroma. It has become one of the most characteristic snacks in Xiamen.
    ▼NO.4, peanut soup. The materials used are simple, but the cooking method is elegant. Peanuts are first removed from the glutinous grains. After soaking in boiling water, remove the film. Add water to the casserole and boil in a simmer. When the peanuts are cooked, you can put the sugar and continue until the peanuts are rotten. Then, when eating, you can match sweet and salty snacks, such as fritters, fried dates, leeks, meat, sweets, and glutinous rice.
    ▼NO.5, all kinds of seafood. Xiamen is rich in seafood all year round, so it is especially good for seafood dishes, such as lobster, abalone, crab, shrimp, snail, shellfish, etc., all delicious and delicious. Therefore, of course, Xiamen has to eat seafood, and the seafood stalls on the street make the population watery. Sea crabs, abalone, flower buds, squid, shrimps, etc., the original seafood is accompanied by Xiamen’s unique soy sauce cooking process, which is really memorable.
    Last year’s Spring Festival went to Nanjing. There were a lot of people. At that time, I swear that I would never go out again during the long vacation. I can see that the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, or I am not willing to spend time at home, so the trip to Xiamen is put on the agenda. I wanted to go to Xiamen for a long time, but I have been unable to make it. I took the opportunity of the Spring Festival to meet my cousin and my little cousin. The five people came to a hasty trip to Xiamen.
    When it comes to rush, it is because of the third grade, only five days of travel. Moreover, we are traveling by car, spending nearly 7 hours in a single trip, and the return journey is still an early bus, so most of the two days are spent on the road, the actual walk is only three complete days. However, Xiamen is not big. It is enough for a three-day tour to take a scenic spot. It is compact and can be done in two days. But I still want to say that if you have time, avoid the long vacation, slow down the rhythm of life, and explore everywhere to taste the style and temperament of Xiamen.
    ▼On the last day, I only bought the early bus. I was almost on the road for two days.
    Xiamen is a sub-provincial city. The national social and economic development plan is a separate city, a special economic zone, an important central city, a port and a scenic tourist city on the southeast coast. The development time is relatively early, so the traffic is very convenient and all kinds of methods are available. .
    ▼ Xiamen There is an airport and three train stations, as well as a bus station. The airport in Xiamen has the T3 terminal and the T4 terminal. It is located in the northern part of Xiamen Island. It has direct access to the city or the ferry terminal. There are free hand-painted maps of Xiamen in the airport terminal: Xiamen Island on the front and Gulangyu on the back. I didn’t get the hand-painted map because I was riding a car. I used the friend who came back when I went there. There is also a public number on the map, “Xiamen Tourism I Help You”. There are a lot of practical information, including the airport. Express information, everyone can pay attention to it, take it for free. The Airport Express Line is 10 yuan per person. There are direct trains to Dongdu Cruise Center, Ferry and Zengcuo. Xiamen North Railway Station is the site for motor trains and high-speed trains to reach Xiamen. It is not on the island of Xiamen, but in Jimei, which is far away from the northwest. However, there are BRT express buses that can be used, and it takes 40-50 minutes to reach the downtown area.
    The way we choose is to take the train. The arrival station is Xiamen North Station. Relatively speaking, it is far from Xiamen Island. Take the BRT Express Line and take 40-50 minutes to reach the ferry area where the hotel is located. Like most tourist cities, Xiamen’s public transport system is developed, and it is very convenient to use buses to connect all corners of the city. It is also the main choice for transportation within our city. The subway is not available for the time being, and it is being repaired. The increase in the construction site has affected the integrity of the city.
    Most tourists will definitely go to Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, and they will not be able to escape the ferry and the pier when they go to Gulangyu. Xiamen As an island with many docks, the functions and routes of each terminal are different. The friends who come to Xiamen for the first time will feel dizzy about taking the ferry. I collect and sort out the information about the terminal and ferry here and share it with you.
    ▼In addition to the site, official website to buy tickets, but alsoTickets can be booked through the WeChat public account for more information and bookings can be found on the Xiamen Ferry Company website: www.xmferry.com
    (1) Things to pay attention to when purchasing tickets online: Purchase real-name certification for purchase tickets, you can purchase tickets for yourself, or you can purchase tickets for others, but you must fill in the ID card information accurately. Tickets can be purchased in advance for 15 days, and tickets for the day of sailing cannot be purchased. A valid ID card can only have one valid round-trip ticket order for the same boat date. If the ID card has a valid round-trip ticket, it cannot be purchased again.
    Adult passengers who carry children less than 1.2 meters tall must check the “Carry Children” option when purchasing tickets, otherwise adults and children will not be able to take the boat. For each valid ID card, you can choose to bring 1 free child. When there is more than one, you should purchase half of the child’s ticket for the number of people.
    (2) Refund items: If the unused ticket is not later than one hour before the start of the flight, you can apply for a refund at the website and check the refund fee. The refund fee is 10% per person. If the flight is cancelled due to the weather, the refund will be automatically processed in the background and no refund will be charged.
    (3) Need to know by boat: When you take the boat, you can fill in the second-generation ID card when you purchase the ticket. After verifying the identity information, you can directly check the station through the automatic ticket checking machine at the site. If you use the documents other than the second-generation ID card to purchase tickets, or the second-generation ID card loses the passengers need to print the boarding certificate, and use the original valid documents used in the ticket purchase to check the ticket. The free ticketing voucher service is provided at the manual ticketing window or the ticket gate, but I need to present the original valid ticket purchase certificate.
    (4) Special reminder: During the long vacation, there are a lot of tourists going to Gulangyu Island. The tickets are also very tight. It is best to buy online before the trip, and you must understand the pier that meets your needs, the province’s white running road.
    ▼ Cruise Center The Xiamen Drum Pier is the choice for visitors to Gulangyu during the day. There are two routes to the Sanqiutian Pier and the Neiyuao Ferry Terminal in Gulangyu. Ordinary cruises round trip 35 yuan / person, luxury cruise ship round-trip 50 yuan / person, currently only the route to the inner Luang Wharf has luxury passenger ships.
    ▼ The route from Xiamen First Terminal to Gulangyu is a public line. Don’t go wrong. The route to Haitang Drum Pier is a public transportation line with a one-way per person/person.
    ▼ Xiamen Ferry Terminal, currently Terminal 1 of the terminal is a residential lane, and Pier 2 is a ring-drum route during the day and a tourist passenger route at night. Tourists heading to Gulangyu in the evening can take the route to Gulangyu Sanqiutian Wharf. The operation time is 17:50—the next day is 6:30, and the round-trip is 35 yuan/person.
    ▼Sanqiutian Wharf is located in the northeast of Gulangyu Island and is an important terminal for tourists to enter and leave Gulangyu. You can go to the Xiamen Ferry Terminal and the Xiamen Ferry Terminal. The fare is included in the round-trip price.
    ▼ 内厝澳码头 is located at No. 159, Kangtai Road, Gulangyu Island. It is a tourist passenger route. The existing routes are the cruise terminal to the terminal, the route to the Haitang Drum Terminal and the public line to the first terminal.
    ▼The Drum Dock is located in Haishu District of Xiamen. The operated routes are the tourist passenger route to the Gulangyu Ferry Terminal in Gulangyu Island and the sea bus route to the first pier in Xiamen Island. In case you have not been able to buy a ticket to Gulangyu Island at the cruise terminal in Xiamen Ferry Terminal during the holidays, you can consider spending 2 yuan on the first terminal to take the bus route to the Perm Dock and then buy the ticket to Gulangyu Neiyu Ferry Terminal. More twists and turns, but at least to ensure that you arrive at Gulangyu on the same day. From Haitangu Dock to Gulangyu Neiyuao Ferry Terminal is 30 yuan/person.
    To sum up, at present, foreign tourists come to Gulangyu Island. There are two kinds of boating plans during the day: (1) From the Xiamen Ferry Terminal, Xiamen Drum Ferry, take a boat to Gulangyu Sanqiutian Wharf or Neiyuao Wharf (2) at the ferry company’s first terminal. Tickets for the Haitang Drum Terminal (Fuyu) will be purchased (2 yuan/one way). After arriving at the Drum Tower (嵩岛), take the passenger ship to Gulangyu Inner Ring.
    At night, take the boat from Xiamen Ferry Terminal opposite Zhongshan Road to Gulangyu Island, Xiamen Ferry Terminal 2 Hall 17:50 to 06:30 the next day (Summer June-September 18:50 to 06:30) Open, the fare is 35 yuan / person.
    Accommodation options in Xiamen are very extensive, with popular areas concentrated near the railway station, Zhongshan Road, Gulangyu Island and Xiamen University.
    Local tyrants can stay directly on Gulangyu accommodation, hotels and inns have a lot of choices, and they are very romantic and comfortable. Economic conditions generally want to live in Gulangyu. Consider a trip or a newly opened hotel.
    In addition to Gulangyu, the closest to Gulangyu is Zhongshan Road. There are many high-end star-rated hotels and hotels in Zhongshan Road. The young artists can choose the nearby inn, the price is moderate, the transportation is convenient, the popularity is high, shopping and shopping are convenient.
    An inn near the seaside, suitable for tourists staying in the Pearl Bay area, as well as near the Xiamen University Apartment. The advantage of living near the school is that there are many places in the students, there are many good things and the price is generally very affordable, more importantly, close to the sea.
    The price of Zeng’s inn is getting more and more expensive, and the commercialization is more serious. It is similar to the Gulangyu style, and the young artists can consider staying.
    We booked an express hotel near the Xiamen Drum Dock in the cruise center. The price of accommodation during the Spring Festival is almost three times the usual price, and the accommodation is very general. It is definitely not recommended on weekdays. The only advantage is that going to the pier and Zhongshan Road are still quite close.
    Five people traveled and stayed at the express hotel in the ferry area. Due to the long vacation, the room has nearly tripled, and it is more potent. The rest are in the normal range. If it is usually, the same hotel can live better.
    ▼ 5 people’s expenses are summarized as follows: traffic 3248.5 yuan, diet 3405.6 yuan, accommodation 3952 yuan, tickets 520 yuan, a total of 11126.1 yuan, per capita 2225 yuan.
    Body: NIKON D800, SONY NEX5R
    Lens: NIKON 24-70MM 2.8G
    Late: lightroom, photoshop
    Finally, give the foodies Amway to Taiwan’s snack street.
    Snack Street is located in Renhe Road, Xiamen City, very close to Zhongshan Road. In the small streets, Taiwan’s most famous Taipei Shilin Tourist Night Market, Taichung Fengjia Night Market, Kaohsiung Liuhe Night Market and other three major night markets are delicious snacks and authentic Taiwanese flavors.
    Big fish ball soup, beef ball soup, Duxiaoyue noodles, moon shrimp cake, Changhua meatball, there is a small story behind each snack. Oyster fried, raw fried squid, seafood porridge, squid, squid soup, etc., delicious taste, often makes people eat and enjoy.
    However, friends who eat seafood stalls here should also pay attention to it. Please choose the food stalls. Don’t be blind and cheap. Some seafood stores are not fresh. You should also beware of the black-hearted merchants’ chaotic price. When we left, the tourists were pitted. event.
    ▼ big lobster, lined up, the price is also from high to low, all segments areHave.
    ▼Jumbo crab, when picking, it is also a luck, fresh and delicious, if it is not fresh, then who can taste who is crying.
    ▼ 蚝 蚝 one yuan, but the taste is to tell the truth, really worth one dollar.
    Xiamen Taiwan Snack Street
    ▼ 大屌烧, look at me like this small fresh “face red ear”.
    ▼ End with your favorite squid! A few more dishes can also be eaten.
    In just three days of travel, you can only appreciate the beauty of Xiamen, which is a city that needs you to slow down and taste.
    Drunk in Xiamen, this is a city that you don’t want to leave when you come.
    Full text END, thank you for watching, welcome to collect, like!

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