Xiamen’s light luxury time|Seaview Hotel, Gulangyu and luxury yacht

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This city of Xiamen always has a special charm. She does not have four distinct seasons, but she has a relatively comfortable temperature all the year round. She does not have the prosperous prosperity of Beishangguang. In recent years, she has also organized major meetings such as BRIC; she has no heavy history. The foundation, but there are small and fresh literature and Gulangyu and Zeng Yi.
    You can have a romantic time, you can also play very luxurious, poor travel or luxury, there is always a way to travel for you.
     Some of the Rory bars in Xiamen
    1. How to arrive in Xiamen: Aircraft, Xiamen Airport can be said to be a rare airport in the city, connecting to an airport bus, BRT, or you can choose the business pick-up service of Xiangrui Shengan Automobile Service Co., Ltd. under the Pazhou Group. . There are two railway stations, Xiamen Station on the island and Xiamen North Station in Jimei. There are also connecting tools such as subway and BRT. Even if you go from Xiamen North Station outside the island to the core business district of the island, it takes about 1 hour. If you choose a professional pick-up service, it will be faster.
    2. About the weather: The temperature in Xiamen is still high. Even if it enters November, it is still around 25°. It will be a little cooler at night, and a thin coat can be prepared. However, Xiamen is also often 25° the day before, 15° the day after, and the seasons are randomly switched, so the jacket is still to be carried.
    3. For the items that need to be reserved: Gulangyu’s ticket can be booked 15 days in advance, especially for the holiday weekend. It is recommended to book in advance; Xiamen University Siming Campus is scheduled to visit 3 days in advance.
    4. About hotel choice: If you want to experience Xiamen life in depth, you can choose short-term rental apartment and you can cook for yourself. If you want to experience small fresh, Zengyi, Gulangyu and Huangqi have a large number of homestays to choose from; Experience luxury and high-end leisure methods. There are also many high-star hotels in Xiamen. For example, the Xiamen Intercontinental Hotel in Xiamen is a good choice. Young people can choose brighter and brighter boutique hotels, such as the Pai Tu Hotel under the Pazhou Group. .
     About the itinerary
    Xiamen is not big. If you drive around the island for 2 hours, it is enough to arrange a 2-3 day trip to get a general view of Xiamen. Of course, everyone has different ways of playing, niche, luxuriant, romantic and so on. This time, it is the light luxury route of the niche.
    D1 (11.17) arrives at the hotel at 14:00, check-in, enjoy the afternoon tea on the executive floor, and enjoy dinner at the full-day restaurant of Feng Coffee.
    D2 (11.18) Hotel breakfast, go to the sea garden Gulangyu, go to Wuyuan Bay Yacht Harbor at 16:00, board the “Runfeng”, enjoy the most beautiful bay exquisite, dinner in Runxiang Chinese Restaurant
    D3 (11.19) used after breakfast check out
     Art hotel, luxury enjoyment
    Let me talk about it first. This time I chose the Intercontinental Hotel in Xiamen, which is located in the CBD business district of the Convention and Exhibition Center.
    The hotel is not a simple place to live, but more often a pleasure. Pazhou Intercontinental, starting from the lobby, is an art visual journey.
    The blue whale shape of up to 12 meters is undoubtedly the highlight of C. The stainless steel material makes it possible to reflect the gloss in any direction, which is also in line with the location advantage of Xiamen coastal cities.
    On the side of the lobby, the wooden sailboat has the meaning of sailing.
    One of the big factors to choose here is because of her invincible seascape. After the electric curtains are opened, it is a vast sea area, which makes people feel refreshed!
    Simple business modern style, the carpet is also blue and white striped ocean shape, with the outside of the sea against it, very comfortable feeling. The bed is 2 meters 2, chic shower and separate bathtub design, BOSCH sound system, a luxury trip in the beautiful music.
    Very intimate is the hand-written welcome greeting card and welcome dots.
    Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy the infinity pool and gym on the 3rd floor, and it is so beautiful to take photos in this pool in the summer.
    If you stay on the executive floor, you can enjoy the all-day Executive Lounge service, cocktails, snacks, guzheng playing, high-altitude views on the 26th floor, and unobstructed views of the sea. There are also healing teddy bears and Kumamoto, so it’s good to be in this afternoon.
    Staying at Pazhou Intercontinental is a luxurious experience full of relaxation.
     Luxury crab banquet buffet and Chinese food experience with new tricks
    The autumn wind is the best time to eat crabs. In the full-day restaurant of Feng Coffee, the recent theme of the buffet dinner is to feel that “crab” has you, “crab” and delicious food, starting from here. Breaded crabs, shell crabs, hairy crabs, Alaska king crabs… steaming, stir-fried, braised, raw foods can always satisfy your stomach.
    Looking at this dazzling crab, is there any drooling?
    In the winter warm heart small hot pot, two kinds of pot bottom can be selected, shrimp, meatballs, vegetables and other hot materials, a variety of, can not eat.
    There are also a wide variety of fish, most like the fat salmon steak, and the extra large oysters.
    The foreign chefs fly cake show, feel the exotic food culture, and enjoy the food while watching the show.
    After a meal, Haagen-Dazs is of course indispensable.
    The breakfast buffet on the second day is also here, as well as the Xiamen specialty sand tea noodles and peanut soup.
    If you have a large number of people, you can choose to eat at the Runxiang Chinese Restaurant on the second floor. There are 2-4 small tables and a large private dining room for 16 people.
    The main dishes are amaranth and Cantonese cuisine.
    The flame Hakka salt, the Hetian chicken, the Hetian chicken after the coarse salt roast, is tender and juicy, full of momentum
    Matsutake stewed hydrangea, knife work, that a hydrangea is actually made of tofu
    Tang cut Hongyun truffle suckling pig, actually wrapped in glutinous rice, truffles, etc. in the crispy suckling pig
    Little yellow duck fights the net red rabbit, so cute and unbearable
    Xiamen snacks, such as sea bream and sand tea noodles, are also quite authentic.
    In the intercontinental of Pazhou, eating and drinking is the true meaning of vacation.
     Roaming Gulangyu, the old time in the alley
    Gulangyu, known as the Museum of Architecture of the World and the Island of Piano, although the commercial atmosphere has grown stronger in these years, the reputation of Qindao has gradually drifted away, but it must be said that Gulangyu is still the place where people who come to Xiamen for the first time must punch in.
    Book your ticket online and brush your ID card. Nowadays, tourists must board the ship from Dongdu Cruise Terminal during the day, and they can choose to go to Sanqiutian Wharf or Neiwan Wharf.
    There are ordinary cruise ships and luxury cruise ships. Luxury cruise ships have explanations for piano performances and everyone has seats.
    Neiwowo Pier is the newest pier in Gulangyu and is also open only to tourists.
    In fact, the most delicious of Gulangyu is these deep alleys, old banyan trees, and various old villas. For tourists who don’t have much time, it is not recommended to board the popular attractions such as Sunlight Rock and Xinzhuang Garden.
    One of the favorite roads is the one above the pen-shan cave. There are few tourists. Most people like to walk the caves of the Ping Road. They don’t know that there is such a stone road that is suitable for making large and large blocks.
    This dilapidated house is not open as a child. After twenty or thirty years, her wall has been surrounded by the air of the old man, very mysterious. Always thought she might have buried a mysterious story.
    This Gulangyu Public Auditorium on the hillside is also a good spot for taking pictures. The symmetrical position can create a sense of time and space. If you have time, you can also visit and experience the public hall of the concession period of the next hundred years.
    The old villas on Quanzhou Road are also the most concentrated villa area on Gulangyu Island. Gourd House, Pumpkin House, Ningyuan Building are all here. This is also the “hardest hit” for newcomers to take pictures of, and basically take a few steps to meet a couple of new people.
    Crossing Quanzhou Road is the earliest developed commercial district leading road area. It can be said that it is full of people and the business atmosphere is extremely rich. To be honest, I don’t like this area. Of course, there are also some really old-fashioned foods here. Ye’s numbness and Huang Shengji are all around the corner of Jiexin Park.
    With the more and more formal tourism, nowadays, the seafood stalls of Gulangyu are relatively standardized, and the price is clearly marked. You can choose one of them at random, and the phenomenon of slaughtering customers will hardly exist.
    This drink is Hong Kong seafood, it is a Gulangyu network red restaurant, 2017 Gulangyu top ten red restaurant on the list, public comment 2018 black pearl short-listed restaurant, many honors to add, can be said to come to Gulangyu must punch a shop. The environment is a small and fresh style, which is consistent with the overall literary fan of Gulangyu. There are also several net red card walls in the store. This walkway outside is also very suitable for taking pictures.
    Tonganfeng meat, Xiamen specialties, fat but not greasy
    Xiamen fried crab, cream crab plump and fat, fried fragrant
    Pork soup, vintage enamel cup broth, tastes very delicious
    Iced Taiwan’s Dajin Mang, added 4 dishes to eat, the mango is very sweet, the taste of the ice is awesome
    Steaming big oysters, local big fat, fresh is the most important
    Going down the Longtou Road will take you to the most iconic piano pier in Gulangyu. In fact, many tourists may not know that the symbol of this pier is “piano”. Now the pier is for the public.
    It’s good to walk along the beach. The pier for tourists to go out to Gulangyu Island is also available for Sanqiutian and Neiwuwo (only at Sanqiutian Pier at night)
     Enjoy the luxury of the yacht party in the sunset
    Today’s travel methods, the variety of aircraft high-speed rail cruises, to meet the travel needs of different groups of people. In recent years, another luxury way of leisure is quietly emerging, that is, taking a yacht out to sea for afternoon tea and watching the sunset. A short trip of 1-2 hours will make you forget your troubles.
    Xiamen also has a natural harbor, and the Wuyuan Bay Yacht Harbor is a port with hundreds of yacht berths. Not only tourists who come to Xiamen, but also local citizens like to take a short trip like a yacht. It takes only half a day to enjoy different journeys.
    This time, I experienced the super-customized yacht “Runfeng” under the Weizhou Group’s Yuntinghai Yacht Co., Ltd. This big guy is 30.6 meters long and is one of the largest luxury yachts in China.
    Enjoy a luxurious afternoon tea on the yacht, or customize a private dinner, team dinner and more.
    Pure hand-customized Poltrona Frau furniture, luxurious and restrained noble temperament.
    The four rooms are fully equipped with ensuite and large windows with sea views.
    The most enjoyable thing is to board the second floor and the stern of the bow and stern, blowing the sea breeze to see the scenery, taking a big shot in minutes.
    The scenery is invincible, and if the weather is good, you can enjoy the sunset. But even if the weather is gloomy and the sea breeze is blowing over the wide sea, there is still a feeling of optimism.
    It is also a very pleasant thing to board this super-custom yacht from Italy and enjoy the luxury of the yacht party in the sunset.
    Exploring the trip to Xiamen, you can enjoy a lazy time to sleep in nature at the Seaview Hotel, a slow pace of Gulangyu, and a luxurious yacht afternoon tea. Life always needs some adjustments, and Xiamen’s light luxury journey is the recipe.

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