Xiangxi | Jinqiu met the ancient city of Phoenix in September, looking for surprises hidden in time

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    Looking at Mr. Shen Congwen’s “Border Town” in high school, I was deeply impressed at first sight. I remember the description of the article: “When this official road approaches the Xiangxi border to a small mountain town called “Tea”, there is a small stream with a white tower on the side of the stream. A single person lives under the tower… …” At that time, there was a yearning for such a place, but it was only until now that there was a chance to go. The ancient city of Fenghuang stands on the banks of the Lijiang River for hundreds of years. The world has changed, and it has also experienced storms and changes. It seems that it has never changed.
    This time I went to the Phoenix to experience the time of the ancient city, feeling the quiet flow of the river, flowing through the ancient city, flowing through the white tower, flowing through the people living here, and the passengers who rushed through. When I went there, I was catching up with the rain. After a few days, it was drizzling, and the ancient city of Fenghuang appeared in front of me with a different kind of coldness.
     The first encounter with the phoenix, the charm of the live performance
    Phoenix, with its long history, rich culture, rich ethnic customs and unique natural scenery, is known as the most beautiful small town in China, shining in Xiangxi. It is famous, and part of the reason comes from the “Border Town” written by Mr. Shen Congwen.
    The beautiful scenery of Xiangxi has given birth to a unique, ingenious and innocent green, and this time, after watching the live performance of “Border Town”, I have more real experience of the touching and influence of this beautiful story.
    At eight o’clock, we arrived at 7:30. After buying the ticket, because the time was still early, we wandered around the folk shop and saw some interesting folk items, embroidered bags and bags.
    I personally like this ticket design, it looks good and has its own characteristics. There is also a very good phrase on it. “Reading you thousands of times is better than seeing it.”
    “Border Town” is the world’s first large-scale forest real-life performance adapted from a literary classic, just on the edge of the ancient city. The real performance is based on Mr. Shen Congwen’s famous book, which tells the story of the tears between Grandpa, Cuicui, Tianbao and Zhuo. The version we saw was adapted from the original, and the performance was divided into six aspects: life experience, early Meng, Dragon Boat Festival, Lingxiu, Soul, and Fuyuan.
    The scenes, lighting, and stage scheduling of each scene are different. The whole stage was designed and built according to the architectural style of Xiangxi. The scenes in the mountains and water pavilions and the tower waterwheels are all true restorations of the ancient city of Fenghuang. It is said that the costumes used the unique local Xiangxi batik, as well as the exquisite national costumes and the beautiful Miao people’s silver ornaments, but they could not be watched at a close distance because of the far-reaching performance.
    In the unique forest theater, the actors used the soft and lyrical national dance to interpret the mysterious Xiangxi of the genre. With the local music that sighs and sings, we sing the past of the past. In this performance, we can see the scenery of Xiangxi and hear the sound of Xiangxi.
    This scene is very shocking, but the fog is too big, so amazing without the eyes to see.
    He sent it away, leaving a red umbrella. Cui Cui looked at the red umbrella and thought of the departure of Daxie and Grandpa. He left and looked away from the time when he had never returned. The former laughter was gone.
    We all know this story, and we know the ending of the story, but I look at the emerald wearing the wedding dress, still waiting for that, maybe coming back tomorrow, maybe someone who will never come back, still feel a pity.
    Waiting for a city of smoke and rain only for you,
    I will only love you with I.
    Cuicui waits for you in the Phoenix Rain…
    “Border Town” was closed. The actors left and the audience left, and the story continues.
     Jiujing, not to be missed in Fenghuang Ancient City
    The ancient city of Fenghuang, which was built in the period of the Tang Dynasty, has survived more than 1,300 years of snow and rain, but it still has its appearance. Dongmen and Beimen Ancient City Building, Qingban Street in the city, wooden slings on the riverside, as well as Chaoyang Palace, Ancient City Museum, Yangjia Temple, Former Residence of Shen Congwen, Former Residence of Xiong Xiling, Tianwang Temple, Dacheng Hall, Wanshou Palace and other buildings constitute the ancient city. Characteristics. This is the ancient city of Fenghuang, which must be felt in the customs and culture.
    Of course, the first slogan is Shen Congwen’s former residence. For me, “Border Town” is like the soul of Xiangxi, and the person who created this soul must of course be known and remembered by us. On December 28, 1902, Mr. Shen Congwen was born here, and his childhood was also spent here. The former residence is located in Nanying Street, the ancient city. It is a typical quadrangle in the south.
    The ancient courtyard was built with a steep and sleepy collateral wall, and the horse head wall was decorated with a hoe. There was a small patio paved with square slabs in the middle, and a large water tank was set in the middle. The wooden roof structure is surrounded by an ancient house. All the wooden buildings of the former residence, without carved dragons, are small and exquisite, antique. In particular, the carved wooden windows with the flavor of Xiangxi are well-built and extraordinarily eye-catching.
    Now the former residence displays Mr. Shen Congwen’s ink, manuscripts, relics and portraits. The furniture tables and chairs are old, old and simple. They also returned to their hometowns with the world’s literary giants.
    The former residence of Xiong Xiling is located in an alley in Wenxing Street, North Fenghuang Ancient City.The environment is quiet and quiet, the building is ancient and simple, and there is a patio in the square layout. The 200 meters to the east is the beautiful Lijiang River. The former residence of Xiong Xiling is the ancient ancient shingle structure of the courtyard of the courtyard. It is relatively short but very delicate. The existing houses are basically kept in the original appearance, which is very rich in the Miao nationality.
    The three-storey two-storey wooden structure displays the things that Mr. Xiong Xiling lived and worked in before his life. A clear picture, a vivid and touching text recorded the footsteps of his life and the trajectory of his life. Family affairs, state affairs, and world affairs are all in the middle of his writings.
    He has a chest and a beggar, and he has learned five cars. When the Chinese nation is in dire straits, he devoted his life to the country and the nation. Comrade Mao Zedong once commented on Xiong Xiling: “A man does good things for the people, the people will not forget him. Xiong Xiling has done many good things.”
    The Minjiang River is the mother river of the ancient city phoenix. She flows slowly along the wall and has nurtured the children of the ancient city for generations.
    The water of this river in the Lancang River flows out of the territory of Guizhou, which is far away. It flows naturally here to the bottom. She has a lot of stories. The rock jumping on the river is a typical Xiangxi scenery. She is primitive and simple. How many old people and stories have passed over the rock.
    Sitting on the Wu Peng boat, listening to the singer’s slogan, a feeling of staying away from the world. Here the river is clear, the water is easy to swim, you can see the water grass that is swaying in the soft wave, hold a long stalk, and go down the river, you can feel the “Never returning scenery” by Huang Yongyu… …
    Dongmen City Tower is located in the east of the city, close to the Lijiang River, formerly known as “Chengheng Gate”, one of the four major city gates of Fenghuang Ancient City. The Dongmen City Tower was built in the 54th year of Qingkang Hee, the lower part of the city gate is made of purple sandstone, and the upper tower is made of ancient brick. Although the tower is not high, the blue brick red lanterns have unique features.
    In the chilly and rainy weather, it is seen from the East Gate Tower. The ancient city buildings are covered with stone roads and twisted and twisted. You can see people’s daily life and experience the unique tranquility of a small town.
    Many of the alleys in the ancient city have such red umbrellas hanging in the air. It is just a few days of rain that has just gone, adding a Jiangnan style, reminding me of Dai Wangshu’s “Rain Lane”.
    Fenghuang Ancient City Museum is located at the entrance of Fenghuang Ancient City Road, the original century-old house of Chen Baozhen family. The museum displays the family history and cultural heritage, relics, photos, pictures, materials, works, and literature donated by Chen Baozhen’s descendants to the museum. It shows people the indissoluble bond between the sages and the phoenix and their brilliant life.
    Visited insideAfter a while, I suddenly heard a small performance. The girls wore characteristic clothes, accompanied by drizzle, and danced gracefully.
    After entering, I saw a lot of pigeons, not afraid of people, and leisurely, walking around on the ground, tired of flying to the heights, standing on the eaves, so uncomfortable.
    I saw Hongqiao far away. Hongqiao is the only place where the water flow of the Lancang River flows. Also known as the Hongqiao, was built in the early years of Ming Hongwu. In the Daoguang version of “Phoenix Hall”, there is such a description: “The bridge spans the water, and it is more than 50 feet long. The Sichuan Ping dynasty is quiet, the sky is empty, the light is clear, and the smokers on both sides are near, and the mountains and the clouds are far away. Into the glass world, the bridge is awkward, and it seems to be in Pengdao.”, named “Xiqiao Night Moon”, is listed as one of the nine scenic spots of the ancient city.
    The scale of the building of the Longevity Palace is exquisitely designed and exquisitely carved. Close to the main entrance and the tall gate building, there is a Yanglou in the north and a Changchang Pavilion in the west. The main hall of the Longevity Palace is a row of rigorous buildings. Formerly the main hall, a pair of finely crafted stone lions are divided into two sides; the back is the main hall, the front of the hall is marked with a high hanging, the book “iron column Gong Chong”; four powerful and powerful characters. The cinnabar gate is accompanied by a dense tree, and there is a summer illusion.
    There are too many attractions, not listed one by one. Interested friends must personally explore what scenery they have and experience the time of the ancient city.
     Night tour of Lijiang River, different canoe Panjiang experience
    Come to Fenghuang Ancient City, of course, you can’t miss its night view. If Hongyadong in Chongqing is a realistic version of “Spirited Away”, then in my eyes, the night scene of the ancient city of Fenghuang is like a fairy tale world that has not been discovered. It is huge and complex, hiding a new world that we need to discover and explore.
    At night, I went to the river lanterns and fished on the water. The sound of the river lanterns, the dragonfly, and the bamboo rafts added a bit of poetry to the night on the water.
    Standing on the edge of the Lijiang River, you can see the night view of the ancient city. It is a fascinating picture of a dreamlike dream. The illusion of light and the hustle and bustle of the two sides of the straits. The water of the mother river is slowly flowing, or it is slow or slow. The ancient bridge, flowing through the rock, along the ancient city wall, along the colorful straits on both sides, went to the distance.
    The bridge is connected to the water, the water is reflected in the bridge, and the slings are in the sparklingThe building is integrated into one. The ancient Hongqiao and Wanming Tower seem to tell the story of the ancient and modern Phoenix. Looking at the crowds, the shops, the songs from the folk bar, it seems to bring a story, and it seems that nothing happened.
    Walking through one bridge after another and crossing the river, we came to the place where we traveled to Lijiang in the night. At this time, the night of the ancient city has just arrived. It is very bright blue, clean and beautiful. With the drizzle and the breeze, the ancient city of landscapes gradually merges into one.
    Here we met the emerald’s actor, wearing a beautiful national costume, standing on the riverside has a sense of independence.
    One side of the water and soil raises one person, and the youth on their faces is also full of agility. They are taking pictures of themselves, which is just like a young person.
    Reflecting the red lanterns of the boat, the beauty of Tsui Chui is more and more splendid.
    The surface of the river is slightly uplifted. Our experience in the Panjiang River is quite special. The boat is the boat that used to paddle. It was swaying as soon as it was stepped on. It was very close to the water, so we wore life jackets before we boarded the ship. Some friends are not used to this kind of shaking, always feel scared, but I feel that sitting is quite interesting, so I greeted the breeze, looked at the scenery on both sides of the strait, and slowly moved forward.
    Lazy, romantic, free, graceful, literary, traditional, elegant, ancient, like all these wordsCan be used to describe here. The phoenix at night is so thoroughly spread in front of us that we are intoxicated. After swimming in the river, I strolled around the ancient city in the night, listening to the songs from the folk bar, passing through the winding alleys and returning to the hotel where I lived.
     Stalactites, Qiliang Cave
    After lunch, I took a rest at the hotel. In the afternoon, I went to the Qiliang Cave. It was still raining when I arrived. According to the commentator, Qiliang Cave is developed in the Triassic carbonate rock stratum and belongs to the typical karst topography. It has been formed for 600 million years ago and has been developed for 100 million years. It is strange, quiet and stern. The five characteristics of the show, the show and the danger are well known.
    The Qiliang Cave is more than 6,000 meters in length and consists of underground rivers and high-level dry caves. It is divided into three layers, the first layer of Yinyang River, the second layer of the Soul Valley, and the third layer of heaven and gallery.
    As soon as you walk into the cave, you will feel a cool feeling and walk along the stone road. The stalactites with different shapes and the stalagmites that rise from the ground are extraordinarily enchanting under the colorful lights. The caves generally give a mysterious, dreamy feeling, and the water in the caves is also exceptionally clear, reflecting the true beauty of the stalactites.
    After entering, the mobile phone had no signal at all. In the middle, I met an uncle who was fishing in the cave. Everyone asked him if there was any fish in the water. He laughed and said that he was fishing for “lonely.”
     Simple style on both sides of the Lancang River
    After I came out from Qiliang Cave, I found that it was still early, and I went shopping in the ancient city. It was really big here, and there was a feeling that I couldn’t finish it. This time there is no destination, it is a completely free stroll, but it gives me enough time to understand the customs of the ancient city.
    The ancient city of Fenghuang is divided into two old and new urban areas. The old city is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The winding river passes through the city. The red sandstone wall stands on the shore. The Nanhua Mountain is lined with the ancient city tower, which is still the Qing Dynasty. During the years, the rusty iron gates all showed traces of the years, but they still faintly saw the mighty appearance of the year.
    Everywhere I want to know their daily life, people’s lives are not disrupted by the rain, but as always, or fishing to relieve the time, or work as usual, or wash the laundry by the river. There is a faint smog of the ancient city, which is left in the time, as if you smell the wind, you can dream.
    Looking at them, some small tenderness and emotions sneak into my heart, forgetting that I am only a passer in the ancient city. Where do you come from, and where to go.
    There was a little boy on the road, there was a crack on the ground, and he refused to go. His mother told him that there was nothing. He still stopped in the same place. When I passed him, I held the pillar and looked at me with a pair of innocent eyes. ,very cute.
    The light rain never stopped, and the enthusiasm we played was still high, and it will not be affected. Instead, it will go towards this rain. The white and the twilight dyed the river water into the ink painting of the clothes. The bridge of the ancient city appeared in front of the eyes, across the river, across the time, less than a minute, more quiet.
    It was like a long, lonely and lonely rain lane. Time has passed since the beginning, people come and go, the phoenix has never changed.
    The long lanes of the bluestone slabs were relatively narrow. At first glance, there was no surprise. We also passed through here when we passed, and then came in and looked at it. I did not expect it to be an unexpected harvest.
    In the past few days in the ancient city, I forgot the time and left the years.
     Phoenix Travel Guide
    When we go to play, it is autumn, and the feelings of coming to each season are different. Walking through the rain, I met a cold and cool phoenix, but its market atmosphere and fireworks still left a deep impression on me.
    The next Mid-Autumn Festival has a series of activities, we just missed it, and interested friends can pay attention.
    Activity one:
    “Cui Cui will accompany you to see the moon”
    Venue: “Border Town” Forest Reality Theater
    Time: September 22-September 24 Every night 19:00–19:40
    Contents: 1. Starring Cui Cui to teach guests to sing “Yan Yu Phoenix” or folk songs;
    2. On-site purchase of “Biancheng” novels, which can be stamped with medals;
    Activity 2:
    “Pack the Great Wall to show you the moon”
    Venue: “Biancheng” Forest Reality Theater, Southern Great Wall Scenic Area
    Time: September 22nd, September 23rd, 21:20–23:30 per night
    Content: 1, Miao Ge welcomes guests
    2, “whispering under the whispers” on the spot to sit and listen to music, drink bottles of wine;
    3, guess the riddle to win the Phoenix national cultural and creative discounts;
    4. On-site swinging and dancing interaction;
    Event ticket price:
    1, “Border Town” forest live performance + Southern Great Wall Twin Cities Tour Package Package 320 yuan / person
    (Package coupons include: “Border Town”, Southern Great Wall attractions tickets, round-trip fares, guide fees)
    2, the South Great Wall Twin Cities Moon Appreciation Package 100 yuan / person
    (Package includes: South Great Wall attractions tickets, round-trip fare, guide fee)
    Activity notes:
    1. Package time to go to the South Great Wall. Time and address: 21:20 every night, take a ride at the “Border Town” Forest Reality Theater;
    2, due to weather reasons, please prepare the jacket in advance;
    3. The event site will provide the right amount of food, and the tourists and friends can prepare the food in advance according to individual needs;
    Activity three:
    “Let’s watch the moon on wine”
    Location: Lijiang River boating and disembarking dock
    Time: September 22 – September 24 Every night from 18:00 – 22:30
    Contents: 1. Night cruises in the Lijiang River, interacting with the songs of the river singer singer;
    2. During the event, guests who purchase tickets can get a free drink from the boat dock, café, (a free cup of coffee or a bottle of beer)
    3. During the event, the Cuijiang boating and boarding docks have Cuicui carrying lanterns and taking photos with tourists.
    Event ticket price:
    1, nightYoujiang River fare: 83 yuan / person (including boating tickets + insurance)
    Attached to the list of ticket prices for Phoenix Ancient City attractions, it is very convenient for travel.
     Written in the last words
    All the passages about the trip to the ancient city of Fenghuang are introduced here. I don’t know how you feel after reading my travels. Any good suggestions about travel can be left to me at the end of the text. I will definitely consider each suggestion and I look forward to your participation.
    Regarding the related issues concerning the tourism, food, housing and transportation of the ancient city of Fenghuang, you can leave a message after the travel notes, or add me a WeChat (specify the fans) consultation, as long as I know, I will try my best to answer.
    I am a volume of South Star, resident in Chongqing, traveler, freelance photographer, Weibo: @卷卷南星, WeChat: N76543217, you can see that it must be true love~

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