Xilin Gol, my dream of the prairie

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First, [travel broken]
    Go through the wilderness and see the grass swaying gently.
    The river bends through my heart to the distance, don’t ask where and where I am going, the eagle is in the sky to the hometown, always in the dream, I go back to the reed, the wind gently blows your songs more sad, Don’t ask where the heart is and what the heart desires, the moon shines in the sky,
    Grassland, the grassland in my dreams,
    Who has seen the river in the dream of the grassland dream,
    That long-term slipping down the hill,
    It’s so smooth,
    Sliding down to the fragrance of the grasslands,
    Who has seen the river in the dream of the grassland dream,
    That milk tea is mellow and the matouqin is melodious.
    The dark face of the chama,
    Leaning on the wooden wheel of Lele,
    I am in love with the grasslands,
    Thinking of the grassland between heaven and earth,
    I kiss the grassland,
    Kiss the source of the mother tongue river.
    I am from the South of the motherland. It can be said that I have never seen grasslands or grasslands since I was a child. Before I graduated from college, I have always dreamed of my heart. Since I went to the Hulunbuir Prairie last winter, I fell in love with the grasslands. I have seen the winter in the grasslands, snow-capped and endless. With hope, take a look at the fall of the Xilin Gol Prairie.
    [About the author]
    I am a young man who struggles soon after graduation, loves to travel, loves life, loves photography, and is unwilling to be shackled by life and work. So I am still unemployed and wandering on the road. If you don’t see me studying, then I am On the road, I hope to use my feet to step through the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and measure every corner of the world with my footsteps.
    I want to live, either to study, or to travel, the body and the soul must have one on the road, I think my soul will always be on the road, dreaming of traveling around the world! If you like my pictures, you can pay attention to the following accounts. Sharing is also a pleasure. I am willing to share my journey story with you.
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    Preview map
    The sunset over Lake Doron.
    Lake Doron.
    Lake Doron
    Lake Doron
    Gongbao Lago Sumu.
    Gongbao Lago Sumu.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Gongbao Lago Sumu.
    Girl Lake.
    Shangdu Lake.
    Shijo Mountain.
    Shijo Mountain.
    Tochigi River Forest Park.
    Yuan Shangdu site.
    Second, [travel tips] (pre-departure preparation, transportation, accommodation, food, shopping)
    [Preparation before the trip]
    1, photographic equipment: Canon 6D 24-105 This head is basically covered, so it is more convenient to use, do not have to change the lens all the time, 50 f1.8 basically never used, because I am too lazy.
    2. The Xilinguole grassland in October has started to heat up. The indoors will be very dry. The children in the south will definitely not get used to it. In the middle of the night, they will find water to drink. The purple hair of the lips is normal. Be sure to prepare for the hydration. Before going to bed at night, you can soak the towel and put it on the bed. It will be much better. This is the little friend of Inner Mongolia.
    3, the temperature of Xilin Gol is close to zero, the wind on the grassland is particularly large, the love of the autumn pants should be worn, and remember to bring a warm hat, or it will really be fooled, I am a living example.
    4. Most of the grassland diet is mainly beef and mutton, and there are few vegetables. It is necessary to be mentally prepared.
    Xilin Gol League Airport is located in Xilinhot, in the west of Xilinhot City. It is a 4C-class airport and can take off and land Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Flights to Beijing, Tianjin, Hohhot, Xi’an, Shenyang, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places. It plans to open temporary international routes from Xilinhot to Ulaanbaatar, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
    The main railway lines in Xilin Gol League are Jining to Erlianhaote Line, Jining to Tongliao Line, Xilinhot to Sangenda, Guoerben to Chaganmuer Line, and Xilinhot have direct train to Hohhot, starting at 8:00 pm More than 7 o’clock the next day to Hohhot.
    The transportation of Xilin Gol League is developed. There are 207, 208, 303 national highways passing through the territory, and 101, 204, 304 provincial highways running through the whole territory.
    There are not many star-rated hotels in Xilin Gol League. The accommodation conditions in Xilinhot are relatively good. The hotel conditions of other flags are generally good. It is recommended that several hotels have lived in better hotels.
    DAY2—DAY3 Yue Shu Tai Hotel
    Address: Opposite to the New Power Bureau of Guangming Street, Baochang Town, Taipusi Banner.
    DAY3—DAY4 Prairie Pearl Hotel
    Address: Shangdu Street, Shangdu Street, Shangdu StreetOpposite (near Wendur Göller Community Health Service Station)
    DAY4-DAY5 Yuzeyuan Hotel
    There are three main types of food in Ximeng, namely meat, milk and food. In the morning and at noon, you usually drink milk tea, eat milk, meat, fried rice, and eat hand-clam meat, noodles, dumplings, etc. at night. Milk food is divided into two categories: food, beverage, butter, white oil, milk skin, milk tofu, yogurt and so on. Among them, butter, white oil and milk skin are the best in milk, and the taste is pure and nutritious. Made with the fine blue flag of the dairy food, it is quite famous. Zhenglanqi used to be the place where the Qing royal family made milk. There are three main types of beverages: milk tea, sour milk and milk wine. Milk tea is the main drink, and it has three meals a day. Milk wine is not high in alcohol and mellow. Sour milk is a hot drink that quenches thirst and is rich in nutrients. Meat is mainly eaten cattle, lamb, but also camel meat, horse meat, yellow mutton, hare meat, dried margar. There are dozens of ways to eat, among which are the famous hand-clam meat, sheep back, and whole sheep. The handcuffs are tender and delicious, and are the most common way to eat in pastoral areas. Sheep back and whole sheep are the best foods, and the practices and eating methods are more stressful. Camels, bear paws, deer tails, and dragons are treasures of the Mongolian nation and can only be eaten at a grand banquet. In the past, Mongolian herders were influenced by Lamaism and did not eat fish. Now this custom has gradually changed.
    Introduce several kinds of special diets. If you go to Ximeng, you must try it.
    Roasted Lamb
    Mongolian called “roasted whole sheep” as “Zhaomu”, “Hao Ni, Xi Ri Na”, which is one of the most elegant dishes in the Mongolian banquet, with good color, fragrance, taste and shape, and a strong nationality. The flavor and local flavor are the honors of the Mongolian people, and are often used in grand banquets or ceremonies. “Da’er Mongolian test” also wrote, “The respect of the meal, there is not too Ucha (that is, roast whole sheep).” This custom, the Mongolian still maintains.
    This is a roast whole lamb that entertains us and has a very heavy-duty roasted whole sheep ceremony.
    Hand chop meat
    Among the traditional foods of the Mongolian people, hand-clam meat is the most distinctive and representative. The practice of hand rubbing meat is: “掏心” will cut off the artery in the thoracic cavity of the sheep, then peel the skin, remove the internal organs, and cut the whole sheep into several sections and put it in the pot. After the water is boiled, put a little salt and green onion. Add other seasonings and boil the blood. When eating, grab the meat with one hand, and hold the meat with a hand. It is characterized by the beauty of the meat and the freshness and tenderness.
    Blood sausage
    Ingredients: sheep small intestine, salt, diced green onion, a small amount of water and flour into the sheep blood, adjusted to plasma. Wash the sheep’s lungs from the sheep’s intestines three to four times. After washing, pour the plasma into the sheep’s intestines, mix them with your hands, cook them on the pot, mix with onions, chives and so on.
    Sheep back
    It is a traditional and expensive dish. It is usually seen at the banquets of rituals, marriages, old people’s lives or welcome friends and relatives. The practice is: unload the whole sheep into seven large pieces (remove the chest fork), bring the tail into the pot, and add salt to cook. Use the big plate to put the limbs first, the sheep’s back neck, and the sheep’s head on the back of the sheep, like the sheep’s lying posture. When eating, each person can use the Mongolian knife to cut one from the tail of the sheep and then take it.
    Lamb mutton
    The Xilin Gol grassland is rich in high-quality mutton. Among them, Sunit and Ujum mutton are the best, so the famous mutton is famous for its main ingredients. It is said that it is related to Genghis Khan. According to legend, Tiemuzhen came to the Xilin Gol grassland and the Tata Children’s Ministry. On the way to a slaughter of live sheep, a force was preparing to cook meat. When the enemy suddenly came to attack, it was too late to cook the meat. The head of the army looked at the mutton who was going to lay the pot and the hungry soldiers standing on the side. It was really embarrassing and anxious. At the crucial moment, the calm and irony of the ironwood real machine immediately called the gang head to cut the mutton into thin slices and put it into the boiling water pot. When the meat color changed, it was taken into the bowl and mixed with the green salt and wild. Seasonings such as leeks and wild onions are quickly eaten. After the meal of the mutton, the soldiers were full of morale and launched a counterattack against the enemy troops who had fought long distances and won the victory. Tiemu really commemorates the prairie of the prairie, so he often eats this dish and gives it the name of mutton, and then it becomes a court dish. Nowadays, the mutton has become a household food based on the original ingredients and scientifically formulated.
    The natural resources of the Xilinguole grassland are extremely rich. The local Chinese herbal medicines such as white mushrooms and almonds are derived from the natural pasture milk series and the handicraft products rich in Mongolian characteristics. They are all good choices for tourism shopping in Xilin Gol League. In addition, there are many small shop stalls next to the Beizi Temple Square selling Mongolian goods, such as crafts, souvenirs, daily necessities, Mongolian knives and so on.
    Third, [trip planning]
    DAY1 Fuzhou-Beijing-Lidu Hotel
    DAY2 Beijing – Taipusi Banner – Gongbao Lago Sumu – Yueshutai Hotel
    DAY3 Gongbao Lago Sumu – Shitiao Mountain – Shangdu Lake – Yuanshangdu Site – Prairie Mingzhu Hotel
    DAY4 Yuan Shangdu Site – Hunshandake Sandy Land – Girl Lake – Duolun Lake – Zhangzeyuan Hotel
    DAY5 Dadukou Yumuchuan Forest Park – Huizong Temple – Beijing – Fuzhou
    4. [About Xilin Gol Grassland]
    Xilin Gol is Mongolian, meaning the river in the hilly area; Xilin Gol League is located in the north of the motherland capital of Beijing, the central part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, bordering Mongolia with the north, the border line is 1098 kilometers long, and the neighboring Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Chifeng City, Tongliao City, Xing’an League It is connected to Wulanchabu League in the west and adjacent to Chengde and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province in the south. It has a total area of ​​203,000 square kilometers and is the closest border minority area to Beijing.
    There is an endless, open and beautiful beauty, as well as the dynamic beauty of the wind and the grass, and the harmony between the people and nature of the blue sky and white clouds, the green grass and the shepherd. Flowers and flowers, low wind and grass, cattle and sheep in groups… Xilin River Jiuqu 18 Bay, like the white Hada falling on the grassland, enough to make people forget to return.
    V. [Follow the “Wolf Totem” and explore the true grassland culture]
    DAY2 Beijing – Taipusi Banner – Gongbao Lago Sumu – Yueshutai Hotel
    When it comes to the grasslands, everyone will think of the Hulun Buir Prairie. I prefer the Xilin Gol Prairie to Hulunbeier. Remember the Wolf Totem that was released in 2015? The film was filmed in the Xilin Gol Prairie. This time, I participated in the parade of the Xilin Gol Qianli Prairie Road 2016 Marco Polo Challenge and walked into the Xilin Gol Prairie to take you to explore the grassland culture.
    The small partners from the north and the south gathered in Beijing, drove the star’s car from Beijing, and drove all the way to the first stop, Taipusi Banner. As soon as I entered the grassland, I was so excited that such a vast grassland would open up a lot of my heart. This is the grassland I love and I finally saw you.
    This is the car that the star has done. You know who did it, Sun Honglei.
    After more than 4 hours’ drive, we finally came to the Hashatu herd family, while we tasted Chahar’s special Mongolian food, experienced Chaganid’s Mongolian culture, and experienced rich Mongolian production such as milk tea and grazing. Life style.
    When I came to Inner Mongolia, I would eat a lot of meat, eat meat, and grab the meat.
    Buns, not called dumplings in Inner Mongolia, mutton buns.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Miscellaneous, the internal organs of various sheep.
    I can still see the green vegetables, so I am so sad.
    Afterwards, we went deep into the hinterland of the Gongbao Lag grassland along the rolling grassland roads. The cattle and sheep were in groups, the blue sky was washed, the white clouds were weaving, the grassland was like Jin, and the muirs were intertwined, drawing a quiet and stunned Free, magnificent, lifelike 10,000 acres of grassland landscape paintings.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Blue sky, white clouds, green grass, flocks, yurts, smoke, mysterious prairie wolves, sacred Tengger, combining these words in their minds, will be associated with the oil painting-like beautiful picture of Wolf Totem. . In this golden autumn October, take you into the sea of ​​grass, swim the wolf to the grassland, and find the royal horse culture.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    How much do you know about the grassland totem? Many people read “Wolf Totem”, thinking that the wolf is the totem of the Mongolian nation. In fact, the wolf is not the true totem of the Mongolian people. The grassland herders regard the wolf as a beast, and they have a kind of awe in it. This kind of awe is mistaken by most people. It is a sacred faith.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    The Mongolian people are the nationals on horseback. Genghis Khan’s eastward crosses the Eurasian continent. Such a powerful nation can associate it with the wolf. There is a fierce, overbearing and wild nature of the wolf, but more people are Interpret it as a constructed story. In fact, Ma is the best partner of the Mongolian nation.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    In fact, the flock is a valuable property of the herdsmen. The original herders regard the wolf as a natural enemy. When they see the wolf, they will go to encircle it. If the wolf is treated as a god, how can it go to encirclement? Therefore, the herdsmen will not let the wolf eat the sheep, and the herders will be regarded as loyal friends with the dog. The “spirit of the wolf” and the “sacred belief” are actually two concepts.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    In the sacred beliefs of the Mongolians, like many other Eurasian peoples, they are rooted in the concept of “supreme”. The Mongolian people regard “Cangtian” as the eternal highest god, so it is called “Longevity” and Mongolian is pronounced “Tenggeri”. This is the eternal sacred belief.
    When I came to the first stop, Taipusi Banner, she was like a heavy historical masterpiece, showing her long-standing culture to the world. It is the closest ecological grassland to Beijing. It is the royal imperial court of the Qing Dynasty. It is a servant. The cultural history of the temple’s left wing for three hundred years, she is the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Xilin Gol League Taipu Temple flag.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Taipu Temple has a long history, and the servant is the official name. It was placed in the Spring and Autumn Period and was followed by the dynasty. Temple, the meaning of the door. Taipu Temple is the institution that rules the royal horse and the court. The cultural origin of the Taipu Temple flag horse is quite profound. It was once the royal imperial court of the Qing Dynasty. At that time, there were as many as 70,000 motors, which were specially used for royal military horses and royal meat and dairy food. The customs of the herdsmen who love horses and raise horses are very simple and exquisite. The horse culture resources such as horse training, horse breeding, horse racing, horse racing, and horse printing are very colorful. Today, Taipusi Street near Xidan in Beijing is also named. .
    To the sea and the map, a parade was held to cruise the Xilin Gol Qianli Prairie Road 2016 “Mako Polo Daren Challenge”. We respectively adopted our carefully selected Mongolian horses and enjoyed the local herders immediately picking up the Hada and the set horses. Traditional horse riding performances such as horse training, at the same time, the scene of nearly 300 Mongolian horses “Wan Ma Pentium” is really super spectacular.
    Hey, this is my BMW, I am going to try it out.
    Everyone has their own beloved BMW, a girl from Dalian who loves BMW.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    This time we went deep into the Gongbao Lag Grassland, which belongs to the world-famous natural grassland–Xilingolle Prairie. During the Jin Dynasty, it was the defense of the invasion of the Mongolian army, and it was built on the remnant wall of the Jinjieyu Great Wall stretching thousands of kilometers. The rubble and the ruins of the bonfire towers truly witnessed the generation of Tianjiao Genghis Khan conquering the grasslands and swept the strong sweats of Eurasia.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    The history and culture of Taipusi Banner has a long history. From the ancient Xiongnu, Wuhuan, Xianbei, Qidan to Mongolia, they have been here to compete. Here is the cradle of nomadic culture, the birthplace of Mongolian culture. From the nine years of Shunzhi in the Qing Dynasty to the thirty-two years of Guangxu, it took 262 years before and after, and it was specially used for royal military carriages and royal meat and dairy food.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    I still remember that “Marco Polo’s Travels” records that “the purple chrysanthemums are full of fragrant scented clothes, and the ground peppers are born in the sheep’s fat.” Attracted by the beautiful scenery, the place names and natural scenery are recorded in this Italian work.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    After several years of change, the Mongolian descendants who live here today, although more often trace the traces of ancestors in the legends and stories left over from generation to generation, it is very valuable that they have followed and inherited. Traditional customs such as horse breeding, horse training, horse racing and royal music, dance, etiquette and culture in the Royal Horse era of the Qing Dynasty.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    History witnessed the indissoluble bond between the Taipusi flag and the horse, and Ma participated in the entire process of the grassland and eventually became the most prominent symbol of the land. Taipusi Banner not only has a long history of horse culture, but also was the seat of the Chahar League Office. In the accumulation of history and culture, Taiqi has always been the inheritance of Chahar culture.
    The most like Mongolian man, wearing a Mongolian gown, protects the beloved woman.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    On the way we drove back, a lake that happened to meet, a quiet lake.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    The setting sun, the setting sun, the beautiful sunset, the green and yellow grassland, the golden sunset, the galloping horses seem to give us a feast of photography.
    The sun sets, holding hands and watching the sunset together, how romantic.
    With you, I am not afraid of anything.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    In the days of Inner Mongolia, I used an app called Polo Travel, which can record your entire itinerary, and share photos of beautiful scenery, videos, etc. where is it? How far is the distance? What is the deep history and culture behind the scenic spots? Before the trip, you can predict the pre-judgment and the navigation function of the automatic tour guide in the line. It is very convenient and practical, and can help others. If you want to travel with me to the Xilinguoli Qianli Prairie Road, you can go to my [email protected] style. I want to go to work in New Zealand to download a long Weibo Raiders.
    Six, [Zheng Lanqi, my prairie my home]
    DAY3 Gongbao Lago Sumu – Shitiao Mountain – Shangdu Lake – Yuanshangdu Site – Prairie Mingzhu Hotel
    The first time I heard the name of the blue flag, I thought it was the royal family of the Qing Dynasty. Walking into the prairie of Xilin Gol, it was discovered that Zhenglanqi is a place name. Zhenglan Banner is a flag of Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is located in the southern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the southern end of Xilin Gol League of Paradise Grassland. It is only 180 kilometers away from the capital Beijing. It is the typical grassland area nearest to Beijing.
    Driving the RV, we all arrived at the Shangdu Lake original eco-tourism pasture from the Taipu Banner.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Shangdu Lake is located at the southern end of the Xilin Gol Prairie in Paradise Grassland. The water and grass here are beautiful and beautiful, and each season has its own unique beauty.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    When the summer comes, the beautiful meadows and meadows will show a green ocean. The clouds of white clouds float in the endless blue sky, the shepherd’s horses, the cattle and sheep swimming, plus the smog of the yurts, make you feel happy and beautiful. In the autumn of Shangdu Lake, the water and grass have turned yellow, and the wind is blowing.
    Shangdu Lake has three lakes of different sizes, of which the central lake has an area of ​​about 4.4 square kilometers. The scenic spot is divided into five modules: ecological pasture, grassland ecological environment forum center, Mengyuan culture nomadic tribe visitor camp, self-driving camp, and holiday building, which can meet your different needs.
    When I came to the grassland, how can I not look at the tall and burly grassland man, and the gentle grassland woman.
    It’s a great match for a man.
    Look out this is the unique Mongolian costumes in the grasslands. It is said that this is the dress of the prince.
    Another pair of male and female prairie children, staged a touching love story, looking at the other side with deep affection.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Here, you can drive around the lake, prairie horse riding, camel riding, karting in the sand, boating on the lake, fishing in Muir, stargazing in the grassland, bird watching, grassland bonfire evening, etc. There are many entertainment projects.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Hold the hand, and the old man.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    [Yuan Shangdu Site]
    Yuanshangdu Site is located in the Zhenglanqi Grassland of Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It was once the capital of the largest imperial Yuan Dynasty in world history. It was built in 1256 AD; it is the birthplace of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty and Mongolian culture. Kublai Khan is at This ascension established the Yuan Dynasty.
    Aerial photography, come to a big photo.
    Yuanshang is on the south of Shangdu River, and north is on Longgang Mountain. It is surrounded by vast Jinlianchuan grassland. It forms a palace and ruins, centered on the palace ruins. The overall planning form of the nomadic traditional yurt-style architecture reflects the grandeur of a highly prosperous prairie capital, a product of the integration of farming civilization and nomadic civilization, and an outstanding example of the integration of grassland culture and Central Plains farming culture.
    There are only a few historical walls left in the Yuan today.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    The Yuanshangdu site was built in the sixth year of the Mongolian sect. The Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty led the important ministers to take a summer vacation and deal with government affairs. Therefore, the palace was built into a garden-style palace. The whole city is composed of Miyagi, Imperial City and the Three Cities of the Outer City. It was burned down in the peasant uprising in the late Yuan Dynasty. Today only these walls are left.
    It used to be the original site of Daange, located in the center of Miyagi. The upper level is the ruins of the Lama Temple in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The lower level is archaeologically presumed to be the building base of the Daan Pavilion in the Yuan Dynasty. Daange was built in the third year of the Yuan Dynasty. It was after Kublai Khan captured the Southern Song Dynasty and Beijing. “The reason for the Song Xichun Pavilion is that it is a bit of a loss, and it is for the sake of this pavilion. It is famous for Da’an.” On the other hand, the viewers have the sigh of “the gods are ghosts and the caves are eye-catching.” The Yuan people have the admiration of “Da’an Yuge Pavilion, and Huaying Zhongtian Zhuang Shangjing”, which shows its majestic and magnificent scene. .
    What are the witches doing?
    Daange was used as the “main hall” of Miyagi in the Yuan Dynasty. The emperors of the Yuan Dynasty often held major political ceremonies here, such as emperors ascending the throne and receiving foreign emissaries. In addition, daily activities including the emperor’s pilgrimage, deliberation, Buddhist affairs, and ministerial gatherings are also held here.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Miyagi Muqing Pavilion, the base of the building is located in the middle of the northern wall of Miyagi at the northern end of the central axis of the Imperial City and Miyagi. It is the largest building in Miyagi.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    This is the moat of the ruins, and now the water and grass are rich, but unfortunately, the glory of the year has not been seen.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Kublai Khan, who was in office for 34 years, made an indelible contribution to the Yuan Dynasty. Do you know the territory of the Yuan Dynasty?It is four times now.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Yuan Shangdu site.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Zhenglan Banner has convenient transportation. The 207 National Road passes through the north and south, and the S304 Provincial Road passes through the east-west direction. The northern part of the flag area passes through the Jining-Tongliao Railway. Zhenglan Banner has excellent location conditions. Shangdu Town, where the flag government is located, is 238 kilometers away from Xilinhot, 400 kilometers west of Hohhot, and only 191 kilometers away from Zhangjiakou City of Hebei Province. It is the typical grassland area near Beijing and Tianjin.
    20 kilometers west of Baochang County, where the government of Taipusi Banner is located, there is a geological landscape formed after the volcanic eruption – Shitiao Mountain. Standing at the foot of the mountain, the vertical stone strips stand up, almost straight, steep and straight, which reminds me of the columnar joint belt of Jeju Island.
    We drove all the way from Gongbao Lago Sumu and arrived at Shijiashan in about an hour.
    Shitiao Mountain stands far away, and the local herdsmen have long been a bunch of ordinary stones, and they are home to them.
    However, Shitiao Mountain is actually a secret that has been hidden hundreds of millions of years ago.
    On the top of the mountain, you will see more clearly the vastness of the grassland. It will really make you forget the troubles in front of you. It turns out that human beings are so small.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Millions of years ago, you can imagine that it used to be a vast ocean, but now it has become a columnar joint belt that stands on the grassland. These stone strips are columnar rock formations formed by the cooling of lava after the eruption of icy seawater. The sections of the rock pillars are neatly shaped, and a stone pillar stands up to form another natural wonder!
    It was once a vast ocean hundreds of millions of years ago, and there are volcanoes buried in the sea. Imagine the cold sea water hitting the hotLava, that is a kind of blending of water and fire. Since ancient times, it has been incompetent. What forces can make them blend together to form such a magical natural landscape, and can not help but feel the magic of nature.
    It is the Xilin Gol Taipu Temple flag, which is less than 300 kilometers away from Beijing. There are many volcanic remains and extensive volcanic remains of the Mesozoic (about 230 million to 67 million years ago)! These pillars are basalt pillars of volcanic erupted magma.
    I checked some data and found that according to the theory of plate tectonics and the theory of continental drift, volcanoes and earthquakes should mainly be distributed in the marginal zone where plates and plates contact, and volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are caused by collisions between plates. But the volcano on the plateau of Inner Mongolia is not at the edge of the plate, but inside the plate, it is the “volcano within the block”. The existence of such volcanoes inside the plate challenges the theory of plate tectonics. To explain this phenomenon, the theory of mantle plume was born. It is believed that the squeezing between the plates caused the volcano, but it was caused by the magma rising in the earth’s internal mantle.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    The fall of Inner Mongolia is already close to the temperature of zero, and the wind is blowing, which makes it difficult for us to go one step at a time. It’s that I didn’t have a hat and my ears were frozen. But in order to explore this buried in The secret of the underground, forcing the cold, step by step.
    In fact, the mountain is not high, probably more than 100 meters above sea level, but the elevation of more than 100 meters, has been frozen, can not be reached, climbed to the top of the mountain, looking into the distance, fortunately saw the light of Jesus.
    These stone pillars are tall and stout, and a stone pillar forms a mountain peak that emerges on the high ground. The locals call it “Stone Mountain”!
    The gentle hillside leads to Shitiao Mountain, and the faint brilliance is covered with grass. Looking back, Taipusi Banner is located in the middle of a shallow basin. We walked toward the Shishan Mountain like a pilgrimage.
    The hillside is covered with a fallen stone strip. It is thick and angular. When it falls, it is folded into a section and scattered on the slope. If you look carefully, it has a direction. The fallen stone is basically along the southwest. It seems to be a row of soldiers, lined up in the southwest-north direction, and then began to think like a domino.
    Going down the Shizhu Cliff, I saw that there are still stone pillars that have been suspended and crumbling. The stone pillars are generally hexagonal and pentagonal, and a plurality of stone pillars form a larger stone pillar. I think that this stone pillar will slowly fall and disappear, but there will be a new group of stone pillars exposed.
    I have been curious about the volcanic activity on the land in the past and the volcanic remains. In the geological time, the activities of the volcano are so intense. For example, Inner Mongolia and the Northeast have left a lot of volcanic remains today. Do you think that the whole earth is boiling!
    Volcanic activity is cyclical, and we may now be in a period of inactive volcanic activity.
    Should we be thankful for this, but the energy of volcanic activity is ejected once, which is a consumption. Where does the constant energy come from? I think this is also an unsolved mystery.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    On the way back, a group of sheep blocked our way, so I stopped to look at these lovely lambs.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Seven, [Duo Lun, the water source of the Seven Lakes]
    DAY4 Yuan Shangdu Site – Hunshandake Sandy Land – Girl Lake – Duolun Lake – Zhangzeyuan Hotel
    [Girl Lake]
    Girl Lake, Mongolian Dorondale, meaning “7 lakes.” In Duolundale County, there are many large and small lakes, among which the scenic view of the girl lake is 48 kilometers away from the county seat on the southern edge of Caimushan Nature Reserve. Whether it is the oil-green lakeshore or the deep lake, it is deeply attracted to me.
    The Duolun girl is a Mongolian language called Calligraphy Lake. It used to be called Moon Lake. It is a naturally formed moon-shaped lake. The area is not very large, but it is not developed and is very quiet.
    Looking at the whole girl lake from a distance, like a crescent moon machete, surrounded by a variety of grass trees, lying there quietly. The lake reflected the mountains and trees, like a girl who was combing her hair against the lake.
    The girl lake that has not been developed seems to be ashamed of the girl in the word, and the lake is blue and blue. If you come a few days earlier, you can see the most beautiful scenery of the girl lake autumn. Unfortunately, most of the leaves are now falling out.
    The lake is blue and blue, and the lake is clear and not silted. There are squid, squid, squid, squid, etc. in the lake, which is a good place for fishing. This place is also very suitable for camping, watching the stars, there are many people coming to camp here during the National Day.
    The natural secondary forest resources such as poplar, birch and alfalfa are very rich, and there are many wild animals such as crickets, crickets and foxes. It is a place where natural secondary forest resources and wild animal resources are concentrated in Duolun County. To the south of the lake is a vast meadow grassland, the east is the original secondary forest belt, and the southwest is a natural sand dune. The natural scenery of the entire scenic area is complex and diverse, and the ecological environment is very beautiful.
    There is a touching love story in the girl lake. Legend has it that after the opening of the business of Duolun, the Shaodongjia Hong Changshun of the Beijing-based company, Sheng Shengkui, came to the Moon Lake with two treasurers and several buddies, and encountered a heavy snow road when passing through Duolun. In desperation, Hong Changshun and the guys had to borrow a husband and wife.
    This herder has a beautiful daughter called Ulantoya. The beautiful Ulantoya and Hong Changshun fell in love at first sight, so the two young people were private. Hey, is this girl not a beautiful Ulantoya?
    This incident was quickly known by the inspection of the Dornair Hall at that time. He had long coveted the beauty of Ulantoya and wanted to take her for himself. He took Hong Changshun on the grounds that Menghan could not get married. And found a reason to sentence him to death. What is the girl looking forward to, waiting for your lover to return?
    After hearing the news, Ulantoya was heartbroken and finally committed suicide in the Moon Lake. After Ulantoya’s death, Hong Changshun’s family spent a lot of money to keep him out. Hong Changshun knew that his beloved girl had died, and he stayed at the lake where Ulantoya committed suicide day and night.
    One day, the spirit of Hong Changshun saw Ulantoya’s figure rise from the heart of the lake. He yelled at the name of his sweetheart and ran to the heart of the lake, eventually drowned. Since then, people renamed Moon Lake to Lake Girl.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    What a dedicated photographer.
    In order to shoot the delay, various postures came out.
    Girl Lake is located in the Cai Mushan Nature Reserve in Duolun County, 48 kilometers from the county seat. It is located on the edge of the Hunshandake Sands and is an eco-tourism area centered on the girl lake. There is no public transportation, all of which are more suitable for self-driving.
    [Dorun Lake]
    Dolenor is the Mongolian seven lakes. It is located in the southeastern part of the Chahar grassland and the northern edge of the Yanshan Mountains. There are fertile grasslands nearby. There are many small lakes on the grassland. Ulanbutong is less than 100 in its northeast. Kilometers.
    The Duolun Lake is one of the seven lakes. It is located in the southeast of Duolun County, close to the national road G510, and the main entrance is 16 kilometers away from Duolun County. It is located in Dahekou Township, in the hills, sands and grasslands. Both sides of the East and West are 17 kilometers long, and the two banks are mostly low hills, sand, and meadows.
    In the evening of Lake Duolun, quiet can only hear the sound of birds, the windmill in the distance reflected in the lake, it is more charming and moving.
    We drove all the way from Girl Lake to Duolun Lake, just for the intoxicating sunset, and finally lived up to expectations.
    The vast lake of Duolun is like a jade inlaid between the mountains and the grasslands. The mountains, lakes and grasslands are interesting.
    Dolten Lake consists of seven connected water pools, forming two lakes, two large peninsulas, a sand peninsula, sanding, fishing, farmhouses, picking tours, yachts, grassland camping, campfires, water parks, water Sightseeing, rafting, etc.
    When the sun sets, the heartbroken man is in the horizon, dyed the whole sky, like a shy girl.
    About an hour’s drive from Girl Lake to Duolun Lake, the sunset of the grassland is relatively early, about 5:30, so it is necessary to grasp the time to watch the sunset.
    There are many wild ducks, swan, etc. on the lake. The fishes of Duolun Lake are a wide variety. You must not miss all kinds of fish dishes.
    In the autumn, Lake Duolun is more serene, and there are several birds that fly occasionally. The natural landscape is rich and colorful, and the temperature changes in the four seasons is very suitable for leisure and holiday travel. It is no wonder that in 2011, Duolun Lake was named one of the two most beautiful autumn scenes in China by the Leisure Magazine.
    Duolun Lake has also built a ring road along the foot of the mountain lake. As long as you drive around the lake for a week, all the beauty of Lake Duolun will be in sight. In the summer of July, the annual Tour of the Duolun Lake Cycling Tournament was held here. Cyclists from all over the country gathered in Duolun to compete in the game.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Most like this sunset, a person sitting quietly by the lake, listening to the sound of the lake beat the shore, as if the whole world is quiet, tired of the city’s steel and concrete, why not come here to find the joy of life.
    Since ancient times, Dolenor has the reputation of “Kawagawa Pingyan, Shuiquan Qingyi”. It is a royal summer resort. It used to be rich in water and grass, and the birds and beasts were rich, so that Emperor Kanggan stayed in the green and watched the hunting several times.
    Enjoy the spectacular “water and day” in the Duolun Lake tour and feel the joy of “green hills reflecting, green water, fisherman singing, bamboo boating”. Dolly Lake is rich in more than ten kinds of fish such as squid and squid. You can taste the delicacies of the grassland and waters of the river, the whole fish, and the taste of the river.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    There is also a beautiful legend in Duolun Lake. According to legend, there was no squid in the lake of Dornoir. After the Emperor Kangxi fished fish in Darinol Lake, he came to Lake Doronno, and saw no fish in the lake. In vain, the man came to the lake with dozens of squid from the Yellow River and stocked the lake. So far, people still call Dorenaler a squid bubble. The descendants of dozens of squid that were picked up in cowhide pockets in the past have continued to prosper, becoming an inexhaustible asset for the people here.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    In the evening, I received a warm reception in the scenic area of ​​Duolun Lake. The scenic spot specially arranged for us to perform special performances of the Mongolian people.
    In order to welcome guests from afar, we have specially treated the whole lamb to receive us, and the grand roasting ceremony of the whole sheep. It is the first time we have seen it and it has grown a lot of knowledge.
    Beautiful Mongolian girl, singing a song.
    The first piece of roasted whole lamb is respected, and the second piece is the great Genghis Khan.
    Ready to start, has been drooling DC.
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Photography / Xiamen Airlines style
    Duolun County is located in the central part of Inner Mongolia and southeast of Xilin Gol League. It is backed by the prairie and faces Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. It is the closest flag county to Inner Mongolia from the capital of Beijing. The traffic is very convenient, so it is the best to drive. Duolun is the most typical agro-pastoral zone in northern China. Its special geographical location, long history and culture, and abundant water resources have created a unique tourism resource for Dolenor. In the north of China, due to lack of water, sand and trees are a contradiction. Here, you can see the harmony and balance between the two.
    Eight, [恬静的榆木川, 邂逅 a romantic morning]
    DAY5 Dadukou Yumuchuan Forest Park – Huizong Temple – Beijing – Fuzhou
    Luheyuan National Forest Park is located on the west bank of the Weihe River, within the territory of Sandaogou Forest Farm, which is more than 30 kilometers away from the county. It is a rare natural eucalyptus forest in Asia, also known as Wanmu Yumuchuan.
    We stayed at the hotel in Duolun County, 30 kilometers away from Yumuchuan. In order to see the sunrise, we set off at 4:30 in the morning and drove from the hotel to Yumuchuan. Although we climbed up early and photographed the sunrise, it was very early. For Xilin Gol’s subzero temperature, it still needs a lot of perseverance. I set the alarm clock at 4 o’clock and 4:30, for fear that I can’t get up, and the result is still climbing up with tenacious willpower.
    When I arrived at the first sight of Tochigi, I fell in love with the tranquility here. In the morning, the Maki River is really quiet. You can hear the sound of birds, the sound of running water, and even hear your heart. The voice, living in the city of reinforced concrete for a long time, I am eager to live this quiet life, do what I like, and I am doing what I like now.
    I used to be an IT man. I was a computer major. I went to work in a medical software company after graduation. I repeated my work nine to five hours a day. I really couldn’t stand it, so I resigned and worked full-time on the media. .
    Seeing that Mikikawa is so beautiful, it has brought a lot of memories. The swarms of wild geese are flying in the sky. The fish in the water swim freely and freely. Why can’t we do what we like?
    On the sparsely populated Xilin Gol prairie, abundant water nourishes the dense forests, and the terrain in the forest is relatively flat, which is the transition zone from low hills to grasslands. The quiet and beautiful banyan tree stands silently. Due to the dense trees, the water source is full, and the altitude is above 1400 meters, the unique microclimate is formed in the scenic area of ​​Zhangmuchuan.
    In the summer, even if the weather is hot again, the natural eucalyptus canopy is connected to the sun. The canopy that the sun can cover through the layers can only be shot in, which makes the climate in the forest cool and pleasant. In the shaded ditch, there is no perennial Ice. The autumn of the Miki River has been reduced. When we first arrived, we saw that the grass was covered with a thin layer of snow.
    About Yukikawa, there is also a historical legend, history records, Ming Chengzu Zhu Xi in the 22nd year of Yongle (1424) conquest of the North Aru Taibu (after the demise of the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongols retreated to the north of the Great Wall to establish political power, Historically known as the North Dollar, it was victorious on the way back to the DPRK. In order to find a beautiful place with a cool climate, I chose the Miki River in the Sandaogou Forest Farm, and I died in Yumuchuan because of illness. In the midsummer July season, Zhu Xi’s body was preserved and transported to the capital. The reason is that the body of Ming Chengzu’s body was preserved by the ice in the back of the Muchuan River. The coffin was in front and followed by transportation. The ice team of the fast ice team, the continuous flow of ice is transported like this, to ensure that Zhu Xi’s bones are not transported to the capital.
    Did you see the snow on the grass? In the autumn, the Miki River has rarely seen green plants. There are many eucalyptus trees. Most of the eucalyptus trees are over 100 years old. Due to the natural formation, the shape of the trees is also unique. “Tree”, there are “mother and child trees” that are nestled next to the big tree, in various forms and diverse.
    In the forest, dense vegetation, growing fern, yellow flowers, peony, mushrooms and other edible and medicinal plants, butterflies flying, birds and flowers. The natural eucalyptus forest is in harmony with the meadows, sands, rivers and rivers on the banks of the Weihe River.
    In the late autumn, golden leaves hang from the branches, crumbling, and have a unique view.
    Huizong Temple is located at the intersection of Dongcang Road and Noor Street in Duolun County. The Mongolian language is “Hohhe Sumer”, meaning the Qing Temple. It is named after the roof is covered with blue-blue glazed tiles. The temple was built early and is located in the east, also known as the old temple and the east temple. It was built in the Kangxi period, expanded in the Yongzheng period, and flourished during the Jiaqing period of Qianlong.
    Huizong Temple was founded in 1691 (30 years of Kangxi). Under the instigation of Tsarist Russia, the head of the Junggar army of Moxi Erut, invaded the desert. In 1690, the Kangxi Royal Motors deported and defeated Kardan. This picture is the scene of Kangxi and the Mongolian Kings League. Why did the alliance determine the territory of the Qing Dynasty in the northern Xinjiang?
    In the following year, Kangxi went to Dolenor to meet with the three deserts of Khalkha and the Mongolian Wanggongtaiji of the South of the Muni, and the history of the “Duolun League”, also known as the “Kangxi Association”. Northern Xinjiang territory.
    In order to stabilize the northern frontier, safeguard national unity, and strengthen national unity, and to commemorate this alliance, Kangxi agreed to the request of the Mongolian ministry “willing to build a temple to celebrate the ceremony” and decided to build a political and religious union by the state treasury. A Tibetan Buddhist monastery.
    The temple was completed in March 1712 (Kangxi fifty-one year) on March 21st. In 1714 (Kangxi May 1st, May 1st), Emperor Kangxi’s Qinci Temple was named “Hui Zong Temple”, and the title of the book, the inscription on the immigration of the Imperial Book and the white marble monument. The four passages of Manchu, Mongolian and Tibetan are used to record the passage of the temple.
    Huizong Temple has a large scale and compact layout. The main building layout is on a central axis. It inherits the essence of Chinese architectural art. It is unique from the overall layout to the appearance. It is the largest lama temple outside the mouth. It stands tall and magnificent. . Huizong Temple has a dance hall, Dashanmen, Tianwang Hall, Zhonggulou Zhengda Hall, East and West Hall, Guancang, Jiacang, and the apse.
    After the construction of Huizong Temple, in 1697 (Kangxi thirty-six years), the fifth disciple of the Dalai Lama, Zhang Jiahu Tututu, living Buddha, Awangluo Sangdan, was dedicated from Qinghai to Beijing, 1701 (Kangxi Forty Year) began to host Huizong Temple.
    In 1705 (Kangxi forty-four years), Zhang Jiahu Tututu, a living Buddha, Awangluo Sancaodan was named as “the top of the generals of Pushan Guangci”, in charge of Inner Mongolia, Jingshi, Rehe, Shengjing, Gansu, Wutaishan and other places. Lama teaches monasteries, and the golden seal of the sacred “Pu Shan Guang Shan Ci Da Guo Shi” has become one of the four religious leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, which is known as the Dalai Lama, Panchen and Zhebzun Damba.
    Since then, the reincarnation of the Buddha in the history of Zhangjiahu Tututu has supported the Huizong Temple and Shanyin Temple in Duolunor, and the Huizong Temple and Shanyin Temple have also become the center of Tibetan Buddhism in the south of the country. The reward is far-reaching and has a strong appeal in the religious circles and religious believers.
    Huizong Temple is located 2 kilometers north of the old city of Duolun County in the southeast of Xilin Gol Prairie in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Mongolian language is called “Huhe Sumer”, which means the Qing Temple, because its temple is covered with the name of the blue glazed tile. It is also known as the “East Okura” because it lives in the east of the “Shenyin Temple”.
    As early as the Yuan Shizu Kublai Khan period, it was named “Duolun Muir”. On this beautiful and beautiful land of Feng Shui, the “Summer Palace” was built, and the great sweats of the Yuan Dynasty all went to summer safari.
    It’s really the time to come today. It’s like a clear sky, as if I saw the scene of the Kangxi League.
    Huizong Temple is a wooden frame structure with a height of 15 meters. It is located on the basis of the stone, and the front of the temple is Baosha. The upper and lower floors of the temple are supported by 20 girders of 1 meter thick, which is the number of the nine hundred and ninety-one. The overall shape is quite exquisite and beautiful. The top of the temple is a blue glazed tile with a dragon ridge shape. It has a 1.5-ton golden yellow-brown copper temple top that can be compared with gold. There is one gossip figure and two antelopes.
    There are dance scenes in the Huizong Temple, such as the dancing ghosts, the Dashanmen, the Tianwang Hall, the bell and drum building, the main hall, the upper and lower halls, the east and west halls, the official warehouse, the Jiacang, the apse, etc., standing proudly and magnificent.
    It consists of Huizong Temple Square, Dashanmen, Tianwang Hall, Badaru Temple, King Kong Hall, Daxiong Hall and its affiliated Shanyin Temple, 13 living Buddha warehouses, five official warehouses and more than 120 sects. The architectural style of the Central Plains in the Qing Dynasty was integrated into the exquisite connotation of Mongolian, Manchu and Tibetan art. The appearance was solemn and luxurious, and the decoration was magnificent. It became a bright pearl in the history of Mongolian plateau art.
    Huizong Temple is the abbot of the temple by Zhang Jia Hu Tu Ke Tu (ie Zhang Jia Living Buddha). It is a temple dominated by politics and religion. He is responsible for the religious affairs of Inner Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, and is responsible for the administration of Mengqi. Each of the flags sent a lama sorghum to the temple to become the largest Lamaism temple outside the mouth. There are more than 1,000 lamas in the temple. Each lama is 50 years old and is supplied by the Yintian and the various counties.
    The whole article is over, thank you for your appreciation.

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