Xinjiang Travel Notes | Where does life not meet?

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    When I met Henry, our little friend of design, I was carrying a huge box from the station to the hotel. The train was very exhausted overnight. It was not long before the box was put down. The hotel’s supervisor uncle came to me and said that there was a lobby. The young man asked me if I want to go to Hu Yanglin. I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth and went to the hall. I saw a young man about one meter eight looking at the direction of my coming with a pair of small eyes of the same size. Let’s go of course!
    Then I got to know each other.
     Sailimu Lake
    On the same day, we went to the Kuqa Grand Canyon with three other partners, Bai Wen and Yajun. Yajun also liked to take pictures. We both traveled in the Grand Canyon one after the other, looking for a suitable angle. I hope that I can shoot the legendary blockbuster.
     Kuche Grand Canyon
    When I went to the Thousand Buddha Caves, we did not find a tour guide because of our inexperience. After entering the cave, I found that if I didn’t understand anything, I couldn’t understand anything. It didn’t make sense to come in. So the two boys who entered the cave at the same time as us proposed that several of us would jointly invite a tour guide. We are happy to agree. A few minutes later, I came up with a tall man who was more than one meter tall and had to bend down half of the cave. He was very professional and very serious. I sometimes frowned and shameless to foreigners. The theft is full of resentment.
     Kizil Thousand Buddha Cave
    After the explanation, the young man with the guide paid the fee. We said that the red envelope was given to him. He insisted not to say that we came to their local tour in the field, and they were treated as guests, but they were still very embarrassed.
    The next day, I went to Hu Yanglin with my little friend of the school design, but I was too late to get enough people. In the end, only two of us could pay a little more for the trip.
    In Xinjiang, October to November is the season to see Populus euphratica. A large expanse of Populus euphratica grows stubbornly on the endless Gobi Desert or in the endless desert. In the dry land, almost all the water in the visitors is sucked. In the harsh environment of the dry, Populus euphratica has been absorbing the extremely scarce water in the ground and growing up a little. There are also hundreds of years of seemingly fine ones. Those thick and tall Populus euphratica are thousands of years of wind and rain. They stand proudly between heaven and earth, like unbeaten heroes.
     Wheeled Populus euphratica
    After the end of Hu Yanglin’s trip, I will continue to go back to Korla. Henry will continue to go south to Kashgar.
    In Korla, I met a lot of friends. Aunt Huang, who came from Taiwan, brought her own pineapple cake and dried lemon to us, and Zhuojie, who works in Beijing, gave us delicious food. Qi Jie of Korla Pear, from the Tibet all the way to the young leader of Xinjiang, asked the three-year holiday to see the six or six of Hu Yanglin, the Cuiling family from Indonesia, the sister who traveled alone from Jiangmen, Guangdong. My friend from the northeast of Shenyang, who came from Shenyang, did not have the fate of playing together, but there was a fate from Jiangxi who had the fate of cooking together…
    When people walk on the road, their heart is not the same as working in the city. The guarding heart will lay down a lot. In an infinitely unfamiliar environment, the human heart can be closer. Therefore, although the acquaintance is short-lived, there are many reluctances.
    When I first arrived in Xinjiang, I and Xue did not do any Raiders. When I wanted to go directly to Wumu from Urumqi, I found that I didn’t have a car. So I stayed in Urumqi for two more nights, so I got to know the fruit business in Karamay. Cheng, also intends to go to Hemu’s Rong Jun and Li, who just returned from long-distance travel in Kashgar. Hua Cheng learned that we were going to the Xinjiang Museum the next day, and he also planned to go with his cousin, so he insisted on coming and giving us some fruit, apples, pears, and grapes with a full box. We didn’t finish eating until we came out of Hemu.
    In Hemu Village, a fairy tale, we met the dragon who had planned to go to Kanas on the Black Lake, because a sudden heavy snow changed the plan, and because of the heavy snow, there were 5000 in Hemu Village that day. People have to go out at the same time, the long queues have been counted how many bends have been turned. So we decided, even if there are three days of blizzard trapped in Hemu Village in the future! In the small mountain village like the fairyland, staying for a few nights is a gift from heaven.
    But the next day the blizzard stopped and there were two or three tourists coming in, which meant that we would soon be able to go out.
    In the gap waiting for the mountain, several people climbed the hillside next to Hemu Village. The whole world has been covered with heavy snow, and there is a piece of white, and the birch forest in the distance is intertwined with dense fog, and the shape cannot be seen. At the foot of the mountainHemu Village was dressed as a fairy tale world by snow. We walked on the hillside and laughed and sighed the beauty of Hemu Village. Suddenly, I saw two familiar figures, two little boys, whose face was frozen and red, sitting on a stool on the mountain for the rest of the tourists, not knowing how far they were looking. I screamed, one of the boys turned his face and looked at me, showing a big smile, and he quickly called another little boy. Another little boy saw me, first stunned, and then laughed happily. One of them is called Trek, the other is Taliha, who grows in Hemu Village. Whenever there is a holiday, they take Dongbula to the mountain and ask tourists who come and go to take pictures to earn some of their own. Tuition and pocket money.
     Trek and Taliha
     Talihar holding dongbula
    When we arrived at Hemu on the first day, on the hillside, we met Taliha and asked us if we wanted to take pictures. It was almost a request, but we quit. After a while, Trek came over, his little man, his face was dark because of the wind, and there seemed to be a place like to crack. He came over and begged me: sister, you take a picture! Ten dollars of casual photos, how long it takes to take longer. We are too embarrassed to quit. So I got to know Trek and Taliha who grew up in Hemu Village.
    We met again on the hillside. Because the blizzard had just passed, there were few tourists on the mountain, and the sky was very cold. They had no business, and they sat in a chair and dazed until they met us again, and then they talked happily. Although Terek grew up small, he was already 14 years old. In the first grade of junior high school, he said that he would soon go back to Burqin to go to school. The money earned on the mountain in these days is enough to support the tolls. He is very happy.
    As the noon continued to approach, the dense fog over the village of Hemu gradually dissipated, and the white cabins suddenly appeared in the heavens and the earth, just like the hometown of Santa Claus.
    Taliha saw someone snowballing on the hillside and excitedly let go of Dongbula. Seeing his excitement, I suggested that we play snowballs together to see who is the biggest. The two little boys are eager to try, and I can’t wait for the game to start right away. We gave Dongbula to Quanlong, let him sit in a chair to look after the business, and I and Snow took two little boys to the snow to snowball.
    Both Trek and Taliha are masters of snow, and for decades, their snowballs have rolled a lot, and the rolling ground reveals the black earth. I am obviously better than snow. Then they proposed to make their snowballs a snowman’s body. Our rolling snowballs made the snowman’s head, and the snowballing game became a synergy to make a snowman. Everyone is not happy.
    After the snowman, we will soon go down the mountain. Quanlong received a call to go out of the mountain. We had to go back to the inn to pack our bags and leave Hemu Village. Say goodbye to the two little boys and tell them that if they come back one day, Hemu Village hopes to see them again, they say good.
    We quickly walked to the foot of the mountain, and the dragon in front of us suddenly turned back and told us that the two of them were saying goodbye to you! We went back and saw two small figures on the top of the mountain waving their hands vigorously and shouting goodbye. The heavens and the earth are white and seamless, the trees on the hillside, the cattle under the trees are all blurred, only the two little boys on the top of the mountain are clearly visible, and the sounds of their shouting are goodbye, and they are pressed into me. My heart, let me almost fall into tears.
    After coming out of Hemu Village, the three of us and the uncle Tao from Wuxi carpooled to Beibei, and the uncle had to take the evening car from Beibei to Yili. We have not planned the next itinerary. Rong Jun, who had previously met in Urumqi, is also in Beibei. He went to Kanas one day later than us. However, because of the blizzard, they took the shuttle bus into the scenic spot, but they were not allowed to get off the bus and returned directly.
    That day was the Mid-Autumn Festival. Rong Jun and the Karamay friends who met him and the four of us had a festive meal. The first time I tried to drink Wusu beer. There is a separate name for Wusu wine, which is called Wusu, saying that if you drink more than three bottles, you will get drunk. The alcoholic weight of Wusu wine is higher than that of the mainland beer. It is not bitter to drink. If you go down a bottle, you don’t feel uncomfortable.
    I, Xue, Rong Jun, and Quan Long later went to the Devil City of Karamay, went to Hu Yanglin of Urhe, and then returned to Urumqi.
    Both Xue and Quanlong will fly back to the mainland from Urumqi.
     World Devil City
    We had never encountered good weather in Urumqi for a few days. On the day we sent them to the airport, Urumqi was still cold and inhuman, and I was more gloomy to send my friends.
     World Devil City
    I am still with Rong Jun. Rong Jun wants to go directly to Kashgar from Urumqi, and according to my previous plan, I will go to Kuche, Korla and Aksu from Urumqi and then to Kashgar.
    But because I just have to say goodbyeMy friend, in a bad mood, I almost didn’t want to continue swimming, so I told Jun Jun not to go directly to Kash, and after I finished Kash, I would not continue.
    Then we booked the plane one day later and arrived in Kashgar in the early hours of the morning.
    I thought it was the end of the journey, but it rekindled the enthusiasm for going down. Soon I was freed from the emotions of my friends. Every day I go to the old town of Kashgar, strolling around, sitting at the crossroads, seemingly coming to the Kashgar children, as if time can continue to flow like this.
     Kashgar Old Town
    Most people who come to Kashgar will choose to go to Kashgar to Tashkurgan County, which is a beautiful small county near the border, surrounded by Pakistan and Afghanistan. At the border there is the Red Gate, which is 4,900 meters above sea level.
     Hongqi Lahu Port
    Our party chartered from Kashgar to Ta County, and the scenery was magnificent and magnificent. In addition to me and Rong Jun, the car did not know the other five people. During the day, everyone got off the bus and quietly looked at the scenery, and there was not much exchange. When Taxian decided to have dinner together, everyone slowly became familiar with them. Among them were Cans from Guangdong, Hanamaki from Shandong, Puting from Taiwan, Big Brother from Zhejiang, and a very quiet boy.
     Baisha Lake
     Karakuri Lake
    That night, the night sky in Ta County is bright, and countless stars are dotted among them. When you raise your neck, you can see the stars, like one and another beating spirit.
    The next day, we didn’t light up, we set off to go to the country gate, and when the sky gradually lit up, the sun’s rays covered the distant snow-capped mountains, and we arrived at the Red Gate. Due to the special situation in Xinjiang, and the opening of the 19th National Congress, we have been banned from being pushed forward by the border guards when we are not near the fence. Although the fenced area is two or three kilometers away from the real border.
    On the way back, when passing through an ancient station, we got out of the car, stepped over a meadow, and walked to a clear river. The distant snow-capped mountains stood, the white clouds in the sky fluttered softly, and I crouched by the river. I almost want to taste the river.
     Along the Tashkurgan County
    Just as we were about to leave, a girl in uniform ran towards us, then quickly took off her uniform and hat and handed it over to her mobile phone, asking us to help take pictures of her. Her name is Ayati, a dark-skinned Kirgiz girl with deep eyes and a high nose. She said that her brother was on duty, but her brother went to the county town to build a road today, so she had to come over to help her brother to work. She asked with great enthusiasm where we came from, and everyone took a photo. When she left, she seemed to have a lot to say, but because we were in a hurry, we finally turned and left. Going far away, when I look back, I see a small figure running to a farther place. The land is vast and the scenery is beautiful, but there are few people around, and even the cows grazing on the hillside are not seen. Ayi Thira and her brother are patrolling here every day, and with these beautiful scenery, they also become the wind.Part of the light.
    After returning to Kashgar, I continued to go to the ancient city every day and didn’t want to leave Kashgar. I found a lot of reasons for myself to stay in Kashgar for a few days. So when someone proposed to go to the westernmost village in China, I did not hesitate to agree.
    The three girls who went to the car together were from Guangdong, good sister, KK, Xinxin, plus me, and a driver who was not familiar with the road. Along the way, we are all playing Jin Zhiwen’s “Going away”, although the driver’s master is not familiar with the road and has gone through several detours, but it does not affect the girls’ good mood. Several girls look out the window. The scenery, from time to time, screamed excitedly.
    The last place we will arrive is called Schmhanna, the westernmost village in China, where the last rays of China are sprinkled every day.
     The westernmost village in China: Schmhanna
    The good sister went to Kuche on the night of the car. The next day KK and Xinxin flew back to Guangdong. My place was gone, so I went to the ancient city to hang out. The children in Kashgar look very good, big eyes, long thick as the rainforest eyelashes. When I first met Bu Chennai and her good friend in the square at the crossroads, I felt that I saw Xiaodi Lieba and Little Gulina. The two of them look very good, they are only a few years old and they can’t speak Chinese. I said hello to them, they smiled and said hello. I really want to talk to them more, but they can’t understand what I mean, just stare at me with a smile. Little Dilierba combed two big scorpions, and when her sister came over and took off her hat, I realized that the two scorpions were fake, and the little Dilizheba was a bald girl. But this did not affect her beauty, even because of the bald head, the little girl added a different charm.
    After saying goodbye, I thought to myself that such a good-looking girl was no longer able to see it! I didn’t expect that the next day I strolled around the ancient city and accidentally walked to the door of Little Dilizhba. Little Dilizheba and Little Gulinaza were playing at the door with other friends. We were excitedly hugged. together. I asked the father of Little Dilierba to take them to the square to play. The old man promised me without any hesitation.
    In the old town of Kashgar, whether it is the street during the day or the street at night, you can see groups of children playing on the streets, no need to worry about bad people here.
    I want to take them to the supermarket to buy them some delicious food. The two little girls are very embarrassed. I ask if I want anything. I just want to meet one of them. I want to give them more, and they don’t want it. Just take one. Then stare at you with the big round eyes, as if to say that we are leaving here.
    From the supermarket, I met the young lady of the cloth, Nur Eisman, and she asked me why I should buy them. I said that we have a lot of fate. We met on the street several times, they are so Small, it’s really nothing to buy them some.
     Kashgar Old Town
    We sat in the chair at the intersection square. The two little girls couldn’t understand what I said and stared at me. Nur EssIn the first year of junior high school, Mang has already spoken Chinese. Although not very fluent, communication is not accessible. She asked me where I came from, I said Heilongjiang, about 4,000 kilometers away from here. She asked me where I work. I said that I am in Beijing. She said that it is the capital. I said yes. Beijing is the capital, there is Tiananmen Square, and there are many hutongs. She asks what is the hutong. I said that it is very narrow. The alley is like the path of the door of the house. She said it was so good, chatting with me can learn a lot of words. I asked them if the teachers in the class were all Uighur teaching, she said yes. I forgot what we were talking about when I said the word soldier. She had a confused look on her face. She said what the soldiers meant. I am a little different. I said that the military, she did not understand too much, until she suddenly realized that I was the People’s Liberation Army, I was relieved.
    Nur Eisman asked me how long I have been in Kashgar. I said that there will be a week, and I should leave soon. She said that you can’t stay for another week! When she left, she told me in her unfair Mandarin, tomorrow at 12 o’clock in Beijing, here. I mean, what do you mean, will we meet again here tomorrow? She said yes. Although I had decided to go to the Bunny and Bazar the next day, I still readily agreed to her offer.
    The next day, I got up early to wash my clothes. When I went out, I found that the time was very close to twelve. I took a car to the old town gate and ran quickly, but because the streets of the old town were mostly Similarly, I ran the wrong way. When I went all the way to the place we agreed to, the time was exactly twelve o’clock. Nur Eisman and Bu Nai Nai were waiting there.
     Nur Eisman
    We are still talking about the East and chatting. I said that you should practice Putonghua well. You can often chat with people who speak Mandarin here and learn more about the world outside. She didn’t say anything. After about ten seconds, she suddenly raised her big eyes with thick long eyelashes and said to me: You are very free. I have a tight heart and don’t know what to say.
    On that day, the weather in Kashgar was not very good. It was clouded. We didn’t say it for a while, and it rained. Nur Eisman said that you came with me, I will take you to shelter from the rain. I thought she was going to take me under the roof with a rain cover. I didn’t expect her to take me and Buenai into a hutong, and then opened a lock on the door. She wanted to take me to her house. .
    Nur Eisman’s house has a small yard, very clean, and Nur Ayman’s father raised two parrots, but in the cages in the yard, he did not learn to speak. As soon as he entered the house, Nur Eisman hurriedly took a clean quilt from the cupboard and motioned me to sit on it. After a while, Nur Eisman’s father came back, and Nur Eisman told Dad that I was her friend, and my father enthusiastically reached out and nodded. Dad’s beard is white, with the hats that their Uighur men often bring, looks like they are seventy years old, but Nur Eisman says her father is fifty-five.
    I have already set the car to the Kuche that night, so I saw Nur Eisman, Little Di Lieba and Little Gulina on the last day. Nur Eisman has been asking me when to come again! I said that if I come back in three years, you will still remember me! She said that we don’t have photos? I gave her the pen I brought from Beijing, and she carefully squatted in her pocket. Bu Nai was still very young. She didn’t realize that we were saying goodbye. The little girl was in her pocket and told her sister that she had to go home to eat.
    After leaving Kashgar, I went to Kuqa and Korla, then went to Yining to meet Henry, a small design partner who had previously met in Kuqa. October is not the season for playing Yining. After we arrived at an international youth travel, we wanted to find someone to fight in a car, but we didn’t know what to do.When I saw a boy carrying a big bag going through the check-in procedure in our direction, we did not hesitate to ask him if he wants to go to Sailimu Lake, whether to carpool with us. The boys waved their hands: I am sorry, I don’t understand, I am a Korean.
    So this is our first knowledge with Mingui Ouba.
     Sailimu Lake
    The next day, Henry, Mingues and their brothers in the same dormitory went to the Sailimu Lake and the Horgos port. Several people also exchanged a Kazakh place at the port with great interest. coin.
    After returning in the evening, we met together to eat. Some of them suddenly appeared in a white, well-dressed boy. Ping Ge said that he would go out to eat with us. I couldn’t help but turn back and say: So handsome!
    So this is our acquaintance with the veterans.
     Kumtag Desert
    I have eaten Sichuan food together for dinner. In order to let Mingui Ouba understand our menu, we want to explain to him what the dish is. Mingugo had studied Chinese for a year and a half, so he could understand a lot of words, but the words of Greater China were too profound and profound. I don’t think Mingueg understood the names of the dishes. Because even I don’t know what the “black and white” dish is.
    The next day, a group of five people went to visit the old town of Yining. There are a lot of colored houses there, and there are often fruit trees on the roadside, and you can pick the fruits all the way.
    In the evening, we went to eat barbecue together with five people, and we drank a lot of life-threatening Wusu, stumbled, and these feelings met each other more deeply. Ping Ge and Shuai Qi are going to take the night’s car to Urumqi. I and Henry will go to Kuitun to go to Hemu, and Mingues will continue to stay in Yining for one day.
    The first five people had a photo together, Ping Ge and Shuai Qi went first. The next day, Min Gu Ge sent us away. We said that if you come to China, you must find us.
    I thought it would never be seen again.
    In the Youth Hostel in Yining, Hehe, who lives in the same dormitory as me, is a super-temperate girl with a good voice. After we chatted, we were surprised to find that we had lived in the wheat field in Kashgar at the same time, but we never had a face-to-face, and then met in Yining after a different journey, and it was really wonderful to sigh.
    Even more amazing is that in the end, Henry and I did not go to Hemu, but also returned to Urumqi, peace brother, handsome and lived in the same Youth Hostel.
    I had a long-term plan for the night before, and I met again the next day. It was lined up with the drink of Wusu wine. Ping Ge has always said “what life does not meet.” I met again here.
    Several of us, plus a friend of Ping Ge, plan to go to Turpan to play together. Without any prior communication, I met Pan, who I met in Korla in the Youth Hostel. She has been playing alone for a long time.
    When I went to the bus station to wait for the next day, I met Zhou, who was in Urumqi at the beginning of the trip, and the Northeast partner who met in Korla. Reunion is sometimes very difficult, sometimes it seems simple.
    After we ended our trip in Turpan, Ping Ge went directly to Gansu from Turpan. I, Henry, and Shuai returned to Urumqi again.
    Waiting for the car to arrive in UrumuAt the time of Qi, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening, and we couldn’t wait to meet with Mingui, who had already come to Urumqi from Yining, and had a few bottles of Wusu wine. The reunion and separation of life have become so commonplace.
    The handsome plane flew to Kashgar. I was so sad because I went to work in Hemu and I could not wait to leave Uzbekistan immediately.
    On the last night of stay in Urumqi, I, Minguige and Henry went to eat together, and asked the young lady in the restaurant to help us take a photo and then hug again.
    This time the hugs must be true. We didn’t meet again where we met, and we couldn’t have met anywhere else. Because I have already finished my journey.
    Fortunately, on the day of leaving Urumqi, the weather was particularly good. Henry left for Nanshan Ranch early in the morning. We said that if we went out to play in our respective cities, I hope that our photography skills will be more refined.
     Bosten Lake
    When I bought the ticket and decided to leave Xinjiang, it was almost impossible for me to suppress my heart. As long as there was “I am leaving Xinjiang” in my mind, I couldn’t help but shed tears.
    One month and two days, I really gained too much warmth in Xinjiang. I have seen the most pure smile in the world. I felt like I was back in my childhood on the streets of the old town of Kashgar. I got to know too many partners and left a lot of memories that were short but beautiful like glass.
    We came from all corners of the country, and arrived at the same place in a certain node of our own life. We smiled and said hello to each other, climbed the mountains together, crossed the river, and saw the most magnificent scenery in the world. Don’t be too sad when you see you.
    Because, where does life not meet?

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