Xinjiang·Summer Travel Story | I just want to be exiled in this piece of pure land.

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    There is a green grassland where the herdsmen riding horses are driving the flock; there is a desperate desert with a mysterious veil in the uninhabited; there is a piece of land burned by flames, hot temperatures It did not let life be exhausted by it; it was surrounded by mountains, and the natural wonders gave the magic of the mountains, and the myths continued to spread.
    I remember when I was a child, I read “Journey to the West”. In one scene, Tang Yin was impressed by the story of the flames in the West, passing through the Flame Mountain, and Sun Wukong took the banana fan to extinguish the flame. My understanding of this land in Xinjiang began here.
    It has been through thousands of years, and the mysterious magic has been shrouded in this territory. My curiosity about it has never stopped. Once a thousand years, until today, I can finally uncover the mysterious tip of the iceberg. How beautiful it is here; how wonderful it is here; how amazing it is here; here is the Garden of God’s Eden.
    For a lifetime, I feel that I must go to Xinjiang. No, it is just a magical pursuit of the world!
     About equipment
    Body: Sony A7M2, A6300
    Mirror head: Sony FE16-35/F4, FE55/F1.8, FE70-200/F4, FE28/F2, FE90/F2.8 Macro
    Later: Lightroom, Photoshop
    Some people may ask, why do you bring the body of the APS-C frame? Haha~ Because I am poor! ! ! Using a C-frame body with a telephoto lens, you can use a focal length equivalent to 105-300mm, which means you can use the telephoto lens.! It is much longer than the use of a full-frame body. It is especially suitable for shooting in an outdoor environment. It saves the money for buying a lens and can get more uses of different focal lengths. Why not? This is also a way to save money! A full-frame + half-length travel combination fuselage is a common match I use now. For the same reason, the FE90 macro lens can be converted to a 135mm macro lens for more microscopic shooting.
     Travel tips
    1. The summer day in Xinjiang is long, and it will take about 10 o’clock in the evening. So, in terms of dressing, the temperature is suitable during the day, generally at 26~28 degrees Celsius. You can wear short sleeves without fear. If you are afraid of drying, you can add a skin. Clothing, cold at night and early in the morning, it is best to bring a thick coat or jacket.
    2, travel in Xinjiang, must carry a good ID card! Because many places require identity verification and security checks. Remember to remember! And definitely keep it safe! (The author lost his ID card in Xinjiang, which made it very troublesome to stay at the hotel and check in, and the Xinjiang Public Security Bureau got off work at 8:00 in the evening. If you accidentally lost it, you must go to the identity certificate as soon as possible. !)
    3, due to the relatively heavy rain in June and July in Xinjiang, go out and remember to bring rain gear or raincoat defense.
    4, June to July to visit the colorful beach or nearby visitors must pay attention to anti-mosquito and small bite! It’s terrible! Intensive phobia patients are cautious!
    5, enter the halal canteen diet specifications:
    1 Pigs are taboos for Muslims, especially the Hui people. Don’t ask the canteen staff about pig-related foods, and try not to talk about pigs. Muslims think that pigs are dirty things, so they avoid pigs. Dog meat is also a taboo for the halal canteen.
    2 Maintain your own hygiene. After eating, some paper towels that you bring yourself should not be thrown casually, and you should not spit. The Muslim clan is a very hygienic clan.
    3 Do not smoke, drink alcohol, gamble, not loudly, and Muslims believe that these are sources of filth. Doing these things in front of them will cause them to be disgusted.
     Day 1 . The beginning of the journey
    The flight from Guangzhou to Urumqi at 8:10 am was forced to delay boarding for 2 hours due to the impact of the coastal typhoon. But the mood has not been affected by the delay of the flight, and the heart only has expectations for this mysterious territory.
    The flight departs on time at 10:20 am. Suddenly waking up from sleep, looking out the window, shocked by the mountains that stretched under my eyes. The scene of the great mountains and rivers of the motherland is really magnificent! I can’t help but pull out the camera and keep pressing the shutter to record this precious picture. After more than five hours of flight time, I finally arrived in Urumqi.
    After spending a night in Urumqi, the next morning I rushed to the airport to Fuyun. A beautiful journey begins with a splendid sunrise, and the unknown road is ahead.
     Day 2 . Cocoto Sea
    In the northern part of the journey, we will take a chartered car to visit, or you can choose to rent a car and drive by car. It is very convenient to rent a car in Urumqi, it will be a bit harder, and you need to understand the speed limit of Xinjiang high speed, not the result. It can be very serious! ! !
    Our first stop is the “Cocoto Sea” with the reputation of “green jungle”. It is famous for its rich mineral resources. It is the second coldest pole in the country. The mountain is rich in water resources, with beautiful environment and pleasant climate. It is surrounded by mountains, especially in the eastern Irtysh River Grand Canyon. The strange rock and the strange rock, for the magical nature of nature, people are very emotional, very fascinating.
    On the way to the Cocoto Sea Scenic Area, you will also see [Coco Suri Lake] and [Ire Lake]. If you come in the fall, the golden yellow will be more beautiful.
    Scenic spot (Ertys Grand Canyon) ticket price per person: 90 yuan
    Cocoa Sea National Geological Park scenic spot car price: 36 yuan from Damen to Zhongshan
    Traffic Guide:
    1. Travel by car:
    Tickets to the Nianqigou Bus Station in Urumqi will be sold one week in advance. Take the Urumqi-Fuyun County long-distance bus, four shifts per day (or five shifts depending on the number of passengers), depart at 10:00, 11:00, 13:00 Beijing time, arrive in about 7 hours, fare About 135 yuan. Departure at 20:00 (or 20:30) (sleeper), arrive at around 6 am the next day, the fare is 135 yuan. After arriving in Fuyun County, take the Fuyun County-Coco Tohai Line Taxi (Fuyun Bus Terminal) and arrive at Cocoto Sea. Or take the Urumqi City-Cocotohai Town Line long-distance bus and arrive at Cocotohai Town.
    2, self-driving travel:
    Drive from Urumqi to the happy intersection of Fukang City, along the 216 National Road, from Urumqi City – Wucai Bay – Karamali ungulate wildlife reserve (where there are wild horses, yellow sheep and other protected animals) – Chakultu (with toll station) – Fuyun County (along the Provincial Highway 226) – Cocoto Sea Town (with views of Coco Suli and Iremu Lake along the way).
    The Irtysh Grand Canyon is the main attraction of the Cocoto Sea. From the backwaters of the Cocoto Sea, the wonderful long scrolls of the Irtysh Grand Canyon began to show. Along the frontal river, the granite peaks are arranged in a row, and the peaks are round and sinuous. These peaks are different from the peaks of other places. The mountains are round and smooth, and they are very steep. They are mostly bell-shaped, braided, and tapered. Among the various peaks, especially the granite peak “Shenzhong Mountain” with a relative height of 365 meters is amazing. The solitary peak stands proudly, the cliffs are inserted into the clouds, and the cliffs push the water, which is the highest in the Altai Mountains. What is even more peculiar is the surface of the granite peaks here, mostly densely honeycombed pits, and vertical grooves like the giant waterfalls that solidify, and the fossils of waterfalls. The scenery of the canyon is fascinating, the Irtysh River is surging, the hot springs, waterfalls and streams are quiet and soothing, the four seasons birch forest and alpine meadows are colorful, and the wild grape ditch, golden triangle, Shuimogou and other hiking areas have unique natural scenery, or horse riding or On foot, you can enjoy the beauty of the Irtysh Grand Canyon.
    Of course, if you want to understand the historical changes of the Cocoto Sea, you must visit the Visitor Service Center and the Geological Museum! The museum covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, where it can not only watch the process of geological evolution in Xinjiang, but also the display of fossils and their species. For tourists to further understand the local Xinjiang resources and natural culture.
    National Mine Park – Cocoto Sea No. 3 vein. The No. 3 vein is a pegmatite deposit of large rare metal granites rare in the world. It is famous in China and abroad for its rich variety of rare metals, high reserves and high quality. It is praised as “Natural Geological Museum” by the international geological community. At present, among the 146 kinds of minerals known on the earth, there are 86 kinds of No. 3 veins, which is a classic mining area where Chinese and foreign scientists study granitic pegmatite and rare metal deposits. The 三 resources in the “No. 3 vein” occupy the first place in the world’s similar veins, and the glory of 钽, lithium, 铌, and 铯 in the world. During the three-year difficult period of tension between China and the former Soviet Union, the Coco-Tuohai No. 3 vein repaid the 40% of the debt of the former Soviet Union, and also made an immortal credit for China’s “two bombs and one star”. “Mechanical mine.”
    The Cocoa Sea Geology Exhibition Hall in-situ staff club was built in the 1950s and was officially incorporated into the Cocotohai National Geological Park in 2008. It is the first in Xinjiang and the country to use rare metal minerals as the main specimen. museum. The museum makes full use of a large number of precious mineral specimens with outstanding features extracted from the No. 3 vein of the Cocoa granitic pegmatite. There are more than 400 geological specimens and exhibits in the collection, and there are as many as 94 kinds of minerals, including two world-class minerals and three kinds of national-level minerals. The only piece of “Erges Stone” in the world is also treasured in the museum.
    A precious old photograph in the museum records the years of the Republic’s meritorious deities for the country, recording the rise and fall of the town’s honor and disgrace, fully demonstrating the development history of Xinjiang’s industry, and promoting the Xinjiang ethnic group at the beginning of the founding of New China. The people are not afraid of hardships, hard work and entrepreneurial history and national unity.
    The night in Xinjiang’s summer is quietly coming after 10 o’clock. I obviously don’t know how to grow up in the south.adapt. But there is no ash and waste gas that is metabolized by the city. There is only a night of silence, so that you can look up at the stars and the fleeting meteors. It is rare to come to the northwestern territory, such a beautiful night is also a beautiful scenery. The starry sky of this night makes us unforgettable.
     Day 3 . Burqin
    Leave the Cocoto Sea early in the morning and drive to the Kanas Scenic Area. Due to the long distance to Kanas, you will pass through Burqin and rush to Kanas. Along the way, the window is full of beautiful scenery, and the Kazakhs who are grazing are met by chance. I feel that this free and happy life is a kind of happiness, which may not be comparable to that of being in a big city. This sincere simplicity cannot be replaced.
    This road, although driving in the car for a lot of time, but as long as I look at the scenery outside the window, it will naturally think about life. Travel is a powerful magic that will make people relax, make people forget to worry, and even give you a new life! The journey is no longer a dream, the world is my way.
    After more than 4 hours, I finally arrived in Burqin. At this time, Burqin is near dusk, and the dazzling sunshine is very dazzling. After a meal from the restaurant, I found that the clouds in the sky were stunned. After negotiating with the driver, Ouba, after sending everyone to the hotel, we drove to the windmills of the colorful beach to watch the sunset.
    In less than ten minutes, we flew from the car to the windmill and looked at the colorful beach in the distance. The sunset is the most touching moment! Even if it is ravaged by mosquitoes in summer, it can’t stop our enthusiasm for chasing light and shadow! Keep pressing the shutter to record the most dazzling moment of the day. The magical sky makes me more fascinated by the territory.
     Day 4 . Kanas
    In order to feel the Kanas scenic spot before noon, everyone will continue on the road after breakfast. On the way to Kanas, I saw a large beautiful prairie. In the distance, it is the “Altai Mountain”, one of the three major mountains in Xinjiang. It stretches continuously and the momentum is very spectacular.
    The Kazakh people are very friendly. We saw a group of tourists taking pictures, and we greeted and chatted with us enthusiastically. Then we took some snacks from the car to the Kazakh children. The little friend was also very interesting. One of our little friends wanted to take him with him. At this time, his domestic pony suddenly came over and stopped. In front, the child immediately hugged the pony and drove it away! Very cute~
    ticket price
    Kanas scenic spot ticket: 185 yuan / person
    Kanas Scenic Area Shuttle: 80 yuan / person
    Hemu tickets: 60 yuan / person
    White Haba Tickets: 50 yuan / person
    Tuva home visit: 80 yuan / person
    Hemu Village, Baihaba Village Village Maintenance Fee: 20 yuan / person
    One-way ticket from Kanas Scenic Spot to Baihaba Scenic Spot: RMB 62/person
    One-way ticket from Tiekeketi Township to Baihaba Scenic Spot: 62 yuan/person
    Cruise: 120 yuan / person
    Drifting: 200 yuan / person
    Bonfire party: 168 yuan / person
    Kanas is the largest scenic spot in northern Xinjiang. Tickets for scenic spots and scenic spots are relatively expensive, and each attraction is far apart. Most of them need to take a shuttle bus, but the price is not cheap, in Kanas scenic spot. There is no way to drive by yourself, so you know! For accommodation, you can choose a villa in the scenic area, but you must book in advance, otherwise it will be troublesome to sleep at night!
    Kanas is Mongolian, meaning “beautiful and mysterious place.” The beauty of Kanas is written between mountains and rivers, embodied in humanity, and integrated into mystery. The majestic glacier snow peaks, the mysterious mountain lakes, and the criss-crossing rivers and mountains depict the long stretches of Kanas. The Kanas landscape is from time to time, and it is known from time to time. There are four seasons in a year, and the four seasons are different.
    It is the only settlement of Mongolian Tuva people in China. The original village marked by wooden houses is integrated with the surrounding forest grassland. Mongolian Tuva people who have been hunting and nomadic for generations have formed a simple and rich folk customs in a relatively closed natural environment. The living environment where people and nature live in harmony is fascinating.
    Kanas Lake is a mountain lake formed by the Quaternary glaciers. It is the only Arctic Ocean water system in China. The lake water comes from the melting water of the mountains such as Kuitun and Youyi Peak and the local precipitation. It rushes into Kanas Lake from the surface or underground.
    According to legend, there are several wonders on Kanas Lake. One is the long dry wooden dyke. This is the driftwood in Kanas Lake, which is blown by the strong valley wind and floated on the upper reaches of the lake. The second is the lake. There are giant “water monsters”, and the horses that drink water at the lake are often dragged into the water, adding a bit of mystery to Kanas. Some people think that it is a kind of big red fish (Zhe Luozhen) of local specialties. It is a wonderful scene that only happened when the weather was fine. Kanas Yunhai Buddha Light.
     Day 5
    If you can get up early in the morning, you may wish to go to the fairy bay in Kanas. You may marry a morning mist like a fairyland, or you may encounter a wild deer that slips out of Moriyama for food. This kind of adventure may not happen in your life, but in Kanas, everything is possible.
    If you want to watch the sunrise at the fish watching platform in Kanas, you must get up very early! Without transportation, you must walk all the way to the mountains. When you first climb the fish-watching platform, you need to pay attention to choosing a good route. Because there are two roads on the top of the fish platform, it is easier and less difficult to go up the mountain and choose a relatively flat route on the left hand side. When you go down the mountain, you can choose to take the boardwalk. The scenery along the way is very charming, you can see the whole Kanas style!
    I remember that after years of knowing the legend of the Kanas Lake monster in CCTV’s documentary, I have been full of curiosity for these years. Until you climbed to the fish watching platform and witnessed the splendour of Kanas Lake, you couldn’t help but sigh the magic of nature! And perhaps the luck on the day is better. When the fish watching the lake overlooking the lake, the fish objects are swimming. The initial length is at least 5-6 meters long. The journey is really not harvested!
    [CCTVDocumentary] Deep Lake Phantom:
    In the summer, the mountains and mountains are full of fascinating flowers, adding a lot of color to the summer colors, making the heat become so good.
    The afternoon time was particularly slow. Looking for a place to pass the time? Then go to the old village of Kanas Tuva or the new village. Maybe you will meet the cute Tuva children, or you may encounter something that makes you feel interesting! And we met a pair of cute and fun children in Tuva New Village. They are two brothers and sisters, playing on the lawn of the house. We went to say hello and take photos with them. They are not afraid of strangers at all. Very happy! This pure childhood is really the best thing in the world!
    In the Kanas scenic area, in addition to the fixed spots such as Moon Bay, Wolong Bay and Baihualin, individuals prefer to walk freely in the scenic area, so that the unique side of Kanas can be found. At dusk, you can enjoy the magical magic tricks of the sky at the lakeside.
     Day 6. Hemu Village
    Our tripThe last stop is the Hemu Village in the Kanas Scenic Area. Hemu Village is located in the mountain fault basin of the intersection of Nashe River and Hemu River. It is the northernmost township in western China. It is a famous Tuva who lives in this place by the Tuva people who maintain the most complete national tradition. One of the villages is also the farthest and largest of the remaining three Tuva villages (Hemu Village, Kanas Village and Baihaba Village).
    The beauty of the northern Xinjiang is endless, just like the way to the Hemu Village on Kanas Lake is a paradise-like view! On a section of the road that is approaching Hemu Village, the blue sky and white clouds are combined with the large green prairie. It is like the world suddenly returns to the original, beautiful!
    Upon arriving at Hemu, it was found that the horizon began to cloud, and it appeared that there would be signs of heavy rain. Soon, I received news of the weather in Kanas Lake, where there was not only heavy rain, but also a big hail! Especially scary!
    As the rain gradually slowed down, we took a shuttle bus into Hemu Village. (PS: Since we live in the [Hemu Mountain Villa] hotel, it is nearly an hour away from the village, so I recommend to stay in the village because of the benefits of living in the village, because the advantage of living in the village is to save a lot of time by watching the sunrise and sunset! At this time, the grass is nearing the night and the tourists are gradually decreasing. We wandered around Hemu Village and found many unique “supermarkets”. The names of the stores are very interesting. Among them, the personal feeling that the store feels very worth buying is the sheep fat cream, which is an excellent moisturizer for people who are easy to dry and not I feel very oily.
    In Hemu, I met a very business-friendly child. When I saw that we passed, he always talked to us and went straight to his store to see what to buy. In the end, I bought a lot of things in the shop opened by his family. I feel that this little friend is too powerful!
     Day 7
    One night’s time passed, and at 4 o’clock in the morning, go to Hemu’s viewing platform to wait for the sunrise. The rising sun slowly rises and the tourists are getting more and more. The sky is constantly changing like magical colors, sometimes golden, sometimes red, and wonderful!
    As the sun rises, Hemu Village is baptized by the sun, and the clouds in the sky are so dazzling, so that this beautiful day is full of warmth, and the cold wind is no longer terrible.
    When I went down the mountain, I met two horses, which were just illuminated by the warm sun in the morning. The atmosphere was extraordinarily moody. This tranquility was especially intoxicating.
    At the beginning of the morning, the old man is already busy.
    The herdsmen also rushed to the cattle to go to the grasslands for food, leisurely and self-satisfied life, has always been the pursuit of our urban people, and the cattle are also rushing to the grassland for food, leisurely and self-satisfied, has always been the pursuit of our urban people.
    After the cow mother fed the calf, he then contributed his own milk to the people. Life is not easy, and animals are no exception.
    The eagle flutters high and flies in the sky, becoming the tyrant of the sky!
    The early morning of Hemu Village is very quiet, so when you come to Hemu, you must start early and feel the tranquility that belongs to the country. It belongs to the natural aura.
    At night, at 2 o’clock in the morning, the lights of Hemu have all been extinguished, and the Milky Way has long been hung in the sky. The endless stars shine their brilliance, how mysterious the boundless universe is. I remember that when I was in my childhood, every time I had a power outage at home, I would set up a canvas bed at my door to sleep outside, and in the same summer season, I looked up at the stars, and that memory was the most precious piece of my life.
    The night of Xinjiang Hemu is attracted by the wonderful stars of the universe. I love this dark night because I can lie in the arms of the earth and embrace the stars.
    The eternal interstellar, the galaxy of life.
     End of journey
    The 7-day trip to Northern Xinjiang is about to end with the fading of the Milky Way. Although the destination is not too many, it is enough to reveal the mystery of Xinjiang! I hope that I can come back again in the most beautiful autumn and winter in Xinjiang, and feel the fairy-tale autumn and the snowy pure winter.
    I really want to be exiled here for 365 days, let me enjoy the pure purity of this world. Damei Xinjiang, see you next time!
     Xinjiang cuisine
    When it comes to the cuisine of Xinjiang, everyone should think of kebabs. However, the mutton skewers eaten in Xinjiang are definitely different from what we eat in the city! Xinjiang people like to eat the meat of sheep, because the fat content of sheep meat is higher than that of goats, and the taste will be more delicate than that of goat meat. This taste is absolutely unforgettable!
    Of course, in addition to the delicious kebabs of Xiangkou, there are many specialties in Xinjiang, such as roast oysters. This is definitely a street food that you can’t miss! Especially the freshly baked oysters that have just been baked are very crispy and delicious, and one person can eat a whole piece! Moreover, it is said that the capsules in Xinjiang can be stored for a year and a half without problems, and the friends are shocked! In addition, there is also [Pilaf] which I like more, the meat is rotten and the rice is delicious, and the entrance is very fragrant. Others include roast lamb loin, grilled pike, milk tea and ramen noodles, which are not to be missed! Travel to Xinjiang must definitely try.
    As for the sake of alcohol, the individual strongly recommends Xinjiang’s [Yili Laojiao], Luzhou-flavor liquor, which is very mellow, not as strong as ordinary liquor, and can be imagined as a young man like me who does not drink much. Its taste is quite good! The price is also very affordable, definitely a good gift! As for the sake of alcohol, the individual strongly recommends Xinjiang’s [Yili Laojiao], Luzhou-flavor liquor, which is very mellow, not as strong as ordinary liquor, and can be imagined as a young man like me who does not drink much. Its taste is quite good! The price is also very affordable, definitely a good gift!
     E N D
    The journey in Xinjiang is over. Many times when you get used to a place but have to go back to a place you are familiar with, there is always a sense of reluctance. The biggest contact that Xinjiang gave me was a touch of return to nature. Staying in the city for a long time will always make you lose yourself, so irregular travel can bring a release of your heart and find yourself, such as regaining a new life. Why do many people choose to stay on the road now, that is because the journey allows us to re-recognize ourselves! Xinjiang is such a great place! The nature there, the simplicity there, and the wine there are all gifts from heaven. At the same time, I would like to thank the guides Chunjiang Ge, Yiran, Oden and our driver Ou Ba Qian for their companionship and help!
    Travel no longer dreams, the world has my way!

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