Yangshuo 5-Day Free Walking Guide

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Budget: 3000

Day 1 Yangshuo Xanadu (Tickets)-West Street (Tickets)-Butterfly Spring (Tickets)-Yulong River (Tickets)-Julongtan

“Today is the time to compare physical strength. The attractions are more concentrated and require high-end non-stop excursions, but trust you It will be fun. If you feel too hurry, just go for a long stroll in Julongtan and Xanadu. The top priority of today’s itinerary is West Street and Yulong River. It is best to spend more time here. Experience its beauty and quietly feel its charm. You can taste authentic cuisine around West Street. ”

Day 2 Yangshuo Nine Horse Painting Mountain-Xingping Ancient Town (Tickets)-Shili Gallery-Yangshuo Pocket Country-Impression Liu Sanjie (Tickets)

“The highlight of today’s itinerary is Shili Gallery and Impression Liu Sanjie. This is a local landmark. It will not disappoint you. You can taste the food around Xingping Ancient Town. Impression San Liu will only be charming at night. The show is so vivid, so be sure to wait until the night comes. ”

Day 3 Yangshuo Langshi Village-Yuzi Paradise

“Let ’s take a stroll in Yuzi Paradise, take some pictures as a memento, today ’s arrangements will be very satisfactory, I believe it will definitely stunning your eyes. Summer in Yangshuo is the perfect choice. Yuzi Paradise attracts tourists from all over the world In the past few months, it will fully show its unique attitude. The distances to be visited today are far away, and it will take a little more time on the road. Do n’t waste time on the road, you can learn more about some attractions Background information, or take a break to recharge and prepare for the next play. ”

Day 4 Yangshuo Yulong River Drifting Golden Dragon Bridge Wharf-Yulong Bridge-Yulong River Drifting Xinzhai Wharf-Yulong River Drifting Chaoyang Wharf

“Because the attractions are relatively concentrated, today’s itinerary is more compact, but this is a more comprehensive choice. At each attractionWhen playing, it is recommended to consider and control the time. Yulong River Drifting Xinzhai Pier and Yulong River Drifting Chaoyang Pier can be simply played. Today I went to the city’s most famous attractions Yulong Bridge and Yulong River Drifting Golden Dragon Bridge Pier. This is the most famous place in the city, showing the local characteristics, it is worth spending more time here. ”

Day 5 Yangshuo Tianhu · Butterfly Spring-Lishui Ancient Yue-Camel crossing the river-Yangshuo Park-Jiumahuashan Canyon Rafting “>

“The most must not miss in today’s itinerary is Yangshuo Park and Jiumahuashan Canyon Rafting. Allowing enough time to go here will definitely bring you a lot of surprises.”

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