Yangshuo deep tour: 6 days and 5 nights, can’t see your beauty

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“Youth is a stumbling trip, with the beauty of the post-knowledge.” The lucky lyrics may be best for this journey.
    6 days and 5 nights, a girl carrying a few pounds of backpacks, riding 6 km 7 km (sometimes walking in the wilderness of the wilderness with no lights, sometimes riding in the unobstructed trails A total of 35 kilometers of bicycles, 32 kilometers of electric cars); climbing a majority of steps is more than 30 degrees without handrails steep slopes, the steepest place has 80 degrees straight ladder “wild mountain”, perhaps most people are not It will be like having my experience.
    This may be what youth should look like? Dare to fight, dare not tough, go forward, and pursue all good things. I can’t copy or copy my trip, but I can listen to it quietly, and my Raiders can be collected silently.
    It is August 29, 2018, I am in Yangshuo. Here is the hometown of Liu Sanjie, the Guilin, which is known as the good mountain and the beautiful water. It is the Yangshuo that concentrates the essence of Guilin. As a sister of Guangxi Zhuang nationality, my indissoluble bond with Yangshuo is not the “Guilin landscape in the world” in the primary school textbook, “the essence of Guilin in Yangshuo”, but a dance at the age of 10. The teacher chose me to participate in the performance dance of Liu Sanjie. The performance of the performance is the song singing. “Hey ~ what the surface of the water fights with the fight, what is the surface of the water from the high-rise, what water surface to support the parasols ~ what water surface is a total of white-headed 嘞 ~” These lyrics can now open mouth.
    However, until today, I have time to personally meet Liu Sanjie’s hometown. This is a journey of finding youth and a journey of youth struggle. This time in Yangshuo, I saw what is called a beautiful scenery, explored many villages and niche spots in Yangshuo, and also watched Guilin’s best-looking performances in Guilin. I have to say that the wonderfulness of Yangshuo is a scene after another. The feelings of the ages make this Yangshuo, which was originally a mountain and a river, a little more entertaining and agile. WasteNot much to say, start with the focus, travel planning! Information about food, accommodation, attractions, tips can be turned directly to the end!
     my itinerary
    Day1 arrives in Yangshuo and stays in the Ming and Qing Dynasties
    Day2 Xia Yuzhai – Yulong River Scenic Area – Yitian West Street
    Day3 Guilin
    Day4 Fuli Bridge – Old County – Yulonghe River Road – Turtle Bridge – Yulong River Scenic Area – Xingping, check in more than one `Shuixiangyin Inn
    Day5 Jiu Ma Painting Mountain -20 Yuan Renminbi Location – Xingping Ancient Town – Laozhai Mountain
    Day6 West Street – Yitian West Street
     Beautiful picture
     Ming and Qing Dynasties
    It was almost nine o’clock when I arrived in Yangshuo. Fortunately, I also caught up with the last shuttle bus that passed through Yangshuo, and arrived at the old house of Yangshuo.
    Yangshuo Old House, the name often appearing on major tourist websites is Yangshuo Ming and Qing Dynasties. This courtyard was built 400 years ago by the martial arts of the village (Yangshuo Baisha Xiatangzhai) and is the house of Wu Kui. It has now been converted into a homestay. After a long period of time, the house was abandoned. Until 2014, a couple named Mario came to Yangshuo, and the distressed old house was distressed. The house was re-emerged in front of the world.
    It’s also a coincidence to find this homestay. I’ve seen a German’s article in Yangshuo before, and I’ve come to the old house. It’s not so thorough, it’s the next morning, and I’m listening to the housekeeper’s introduction. Learned.
    In fact, it is strange to say that in our stereotypes, Wu Kui should be a big old man who doesn’t understand design and beauty, but you can see the delicate details of this Wu Kui from the house. All the grilles are beautifully carved, and the design of the door panels is not a hole. In order to cool in winter and cool in summer, the door is a push-pull movable door. The push and pull is not the push and pull of our present, but on the plane of the gate, divided into upper and lower parts. The following is the door that is integrated with the main entrance, but there is also an additional layer. This interlayer can be pushed up. The hollow hole above is blocked, so that it can achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer. Lao Xu said that if the door is broken, the current carpenter can’t repair it.
    The place where the smile likes the old house is the rest area of ​​the room C7. When I first saw this place, I thought it was extra, but when it rained, I smiled and lay on the lazy couch in the rest area, watching the eaves. Rain and patter, the sound of rain stopped, and I felt very comfortable. The favorite place of Lao Gao is the sofa in the hall of the old house, where you can see the whole house. He said that if the house price of the old house is 100 yuan, then at least 70-80 belongs to this place. Sitting on the sofa and watching the green hills and trees in the distance, you can enjoy the stars when you are fine, watch the moon, chase the clouds, and watch the raindrops fall from the eaves when it rains. It is very beautiful.
    Stayed in the old house, and there was no noisy car whistling noise, no sleep at night, the next morning, there is an appointment for a good breakfast, the Yangshuo tour, officially opened.
    1. Breakfast is reserved
    2. It is best to make an appointment with the butler for the first visit, let the butler pick it up, the address above the map navigation is wrong.
    Thousands of words made a sigh, only to one day when the mountains and rivers met.
     Xia Yuzhai
    The old house is the most luxurious one in the Xiazhangzhai complex. You can enjoy the beauty of Xiazhangzhai when you go out early. Xiazhangzhai village itself is not big, only dozens of households, usually do not say Chinese tourists, even the village people have not seen a few, especially in the old house, most of the nearby houses are empty, only in Some stores on the road are a bit popular.
    While listening to Lao Xu’s introduction to the Xiayuzhai River old house, a group of foreigners came by bicycle and parked at the door of the old house. The head is the little nephew who greets the old Xu. Xiaozizi is the owner of the B&B Inn in the next-door village. He often rides with foreign guests in the vicinity. He will come here almost every day. When he smiles in the old house for a few days, he only sees foreigners who are visiting in groups. It is a pity that Chinese tourists are not visiting here.
    Many of these houses in the village are old houses. The bricks are the kind of yellow old bricks. I don’t know if there is anti-theft or moisture-proof. All the houses have only a small mouth for the window to breathe. The window of the wooden strip is tightly covered, which is considered to be the architectural feature here. Every brick, like a vicissitudes of the old man, is ignoring its past experience, waiting for the Chinese to listen to its story.
    Although Xiazhang Village was not developed, the village was originally affiliated with the Yulong River Scenic Area, so it is also necessary to abide by the village regulations. The private cars are not allowed to enter the scenic spot after 9:00 and 7:00 every day. If you want to enter the scenic spot, you can only enter by bicycle or electric car or stay in the scenic area at night. This is a good thing for Xia Yuzhai, and it is also a bad thing. The wine is not afraid of the alley, I believe that one day it will be discovered by the world.
     Yulong River Cycling
    “Love is like a blue sky and a white cloud. There is a sudden storm in the clear sky. There is nowhere to hide. It is always unexpected.” When it was drizzling in the Yulong River, Muir became a downpour, going to Shili Gallery and There is almost no shelter on the trails in the city. There is only a small pavilion on the road. This is the only place on the road that is suitable for sheltering from the rain.
    On this trail, the smile smashed the cows who were eating grass, and the foreigners who were also riding in the rain, smashed the vast green rice fields. I think Tao Yuanming described this paradise. When the rain is small, it is an ink landscape painting after the empty mountain and new rain. Here will tell you what is clouding, what is called a hole in the sky, what is called the mountain road 18 bend, what is good mountain water, countless praise used in Guilin body is not too much.
     Yitian West Street
    Yitian West Market Yitian Group combines the local characteristics of Guilin and a cultural and tourism complex built in Yangshuo. From the beginning to the end of the park, every place is carefully designed. The bridge at the entrance, from day to night, is full of colors, always showing different charms. The lake under the bridge, there will be commercial performances from 8:00 to 9:00 every day, which can be seen for free, but if you think of the best location, you need to pay a certain fee, but the smile is heard on the third floor of Starbucks. Perform here, promise me, remember the destination.
    The favorite of the smile is the area of ​​the concentric bridge. The bright yellow light is covered with the whole bridge. It is like walking into the tunnel of time and space, and the lights are brilliant and dazzling. When I walked to the other side of the bridge, it was another scene. The songs from time to time, the sometimes shaking lake, and the crowds moving around were not a good place to take a break.
    This is the evening of Yitian West Street, or dreamy romance, or lively and extraordinary, or dignified and sleek, faded the night coat, Yitian West Street has become a little less lively, but you can go to the soy milk shop to drink a cup of soy milk, Go to the dessert shop to have a refreshing cool, or watch a movie at the cinema, read an afternoon book in the bookstore, leisurely and not boring, youthful leisure.
    Happy and interesting Guilin, the ancient love, that is the beginning of our youth.
     Guilin Qiangu Situation Area
    One of the projects of Guilin’s ancient love poem Songcheng, when the Guilin Qiangu scene area was not built, Songcheng has opened up the ancient times of Hangzhou, Sanya, Lijiang, Jiuzhai and other four places. Last year, it also won several firsts. Awards, they not only have unique insights on the performance design of the scenic spot, but also a very strong publicity, is a mature, professional team. On the third day of arrival in Yangshuo, I came here.
    In the ancient scenery area of ​​Guilin, you can see a very large statue of the singer, that is, the statue of Liu Sanjie (a well-known Liu Sanjie is known as the singer). The three-sided singer statue seems to want to tell people that the song of the song is spread throughout the land of Bagui. The surface of the image is smooth, and the look has a charm. I don’t know how much manpower and material resources are spent to make such a beautiful statue.
    Entering the scenic spot will first pass through the Songxian Square, and then you can arrive. There are flowers in the Sanjiehua Street, the old Yangshuo taste of Yangshuo Ancient Street, and there are many fun and wonderful streets hidden in this vertical and horizontal street, from time to time. Many small performances, sometimes the tone of the festival, “A Three-player Grandpa”, sometimes the embroidered “Mu Laoye Tu”, or a folk acrobatic performance, performance one file after another, the entire scenic spot is a mobile Large show floor.
    The most exciting outside the theater is the national flash show. Usually, the flash show is closely followed by “I am back to Yangshuo Ancient Village”. At first, the young ladies were still very sweet and gentle in the ancient village. They all smiled, they would sell Meng Biye, they would have a hair dryer, and then suddenly there would be a moment when people disappeared. When they came out, they became energetic and enthusiastic invited tourists to join the dance array. Flash show, in just a few minutes, HIGH exploded the audience.
    In the theater, the most exciting place is the performance of the ages in the theater. There are a total of five scenes in the performance. From the opening of “The Legend of Guilin” to the end of “Looking for Liu Sanjie”, every scene is carefully designed. Every actor is presented in the best posture in front of everyone, and this has a good reputation. The feelings of the ages.
    It is different from traditional stage performances. It continues the advantages of the sequence of ancient times. It incorporates sound and light in the performance, and takes advantage of the space of the entire theater, allowing visitors to touch all aspects and experience the charm of the ancient feelings. Let the audience’s heart string tightly clasp, smile still remember the end of the paragraph, who is Liu Sanjie? Perhaps the one you have never met, perhaps the ordinary one, or perhaps the one on the land of Bagui.
    1. Guilin has begun to open its doors after a little afternoon in the afternoon. In the morning, you can go to Shili Gallery or Yulong River for rafting.
    2. In addition to Guilin’s ancient performances in Guilin’s ancient scenes, small performances are also constant. The specific performance list is based on the information on the day published on the public number of the scenic spot, or when there is a scenic spot, there is a lively sound and crowds. To judge the venue of the performance.
     Old county
    Yangshuo place name: “The old county is located in the middle of the old county brigade, and is located in the flat. It was built in 1400. Tang Wude four years to the first year of the Zhenguan (621-627 AD) once set up Guiyi County, the village was built in the old county town site Next, hence the name. “I think that people who write books or prints should have missed a preface in 1400, and in 621 AD, it should be more than 1400 years ago.
    There is such a very real story in the old county. A South African named Mad Eagle has persuaded more than 20 landlords to pack six old houses and create an exclusive “secret garden.” Like the Secret Garden, many old houses have been converted into homestays. The difference is that the secret gardens are deeper in the old county, while others are at the gates of the village. Don’t worry about being a hotel, so you don’t dare to go in. The outside home of the hotel is actually accessible. Wen Kui’s yard is the most conspicuous one at the entrance to the village.
    In the old county, you usually go to the village and the ancestral hall, or drink tea in the house, or eat farmhouse food in the farmhouse next door, or sit on a lounge chair with a furry fan. The time in the village is pleasant. of.
     Yulong River Scenic Area (Fuli Bridge – Dam)
    From the old county to the Fuli Bridge, there is still a certain distance. The electric motorcycle flew all the way to reach the Fuli Bridge. Fuli Bridge is located in the upper reaches of the Yulong River and is also the source of the Yulong River. It can only be reached after the Yulong River passes through Yantun Village. This is an ancient bridge. It has been more than 500 years old. The bridge is like a curved jade belt hanging on the bridge. It is still quiet and gentle, like a tender southern girl.
    A few kilometers from the Fuli Bridge is the Yulong Village where most tourists will go. It is the most popular and lively place in the entire Yulong River. However, no matter what the scenic area is, it is not fun to play. Going down, there is a dam that is not known to tourists. The most amazing thing here is that the bamboo poles here can automatically flow upstream.
    Seeing that the addiction thinks of playing in the water, it can be over the Yulong River Trail after Xia Yuzhai, where there are two most popular and weakest trails. One is that all tourists will take off their shoes and walk to a small net red dam in the middle of the dam, while the other is a moss-covered dam that nobody cares about. The two dams are only 1 km apart. I recommend everyone to check them out. And by this time, it will soon be in Yangshuo, that is, it is time to leave the Yangshuo. Here, there seems to be a lot of places that have not been able to taste it one by one.
     Youduo Yangshuo Shuixiang Ying Holiday Homestay
    With reluctance, I bid farewell to the old house, bid farewell to Yangshuo City, and took a car of 10 yuan per trip to Xingping. I was greeted by the boss of Yangduo Yangshuo Water Reflection Holiday B&B. I didn’t expect the boss to be so amiable. When I am a boss, I am also a street car driver when I am not busy.
    The most welcoming place to stay in the entire property is the hall and yard. Miss Sister at the front desk quietly told me that the boss is not veryI like the kind of very bright white light, I like this kind of warm and a bit of a tonal light, so when I come back from the inn at night, the hall is like a star shining and the house is warm, there is a feeling of going home. This is the beauty of Youduo·Shuixiangying Holiday Homestay.
    Although the guest room is not a luxurious palace style, it is not a cold and cold Nordic style. It is not a creative theme. It is just an ordinary inn style, but because of this ordinary, it is integrated with 20 yuan. Lying in bed, you can see the 20 yuan yuan landscape picture framed by the window, just like the same beautiful print. That was the most leisure time I enjoyed at Xingping.
    Looking for it, looking back, the world is bustling, at your feet.
     20 yuan framing place
    If you are not riding or driving by car, you can only walk over. Because it is not far from the ancient town of Xingping, there are occasional trees covering the area, so it is not too difficult to reach. There will be a lot of people holding a 20 yuan yuan photo on the stairs.
    Before I heard people say that the portrait of 20 yuan was taken on the Lijiang River, but people who come here now say that it is more like aerial photography. I often scream at the tourists who are taking photos with tourists and squatting. There are signal towers on them. The drones are unstable. Every day, they may lose so many. The day before yesterday, someone spent 500 yuan to go up the mountain. Also did not find, so here to remind flight enthusiasts to fly here. Ordinary tourists are just sightseeing on the platform. Everyone is very conscious to take a group photo and it will not take a long time.
     Xingping Ancient Town
    Xingping Ancient Town may be the smallest ancient town in Yangshuo. In fact, it should be called Xingping Ancient Street. Because it only has about 1 km of stone road, it is said that Xingping Ancient Town is strolling around. The clock is also finished.
    Of course, we must not go to the old streets to walk from the beginning to the end, you can go to taste the essence of the old street, or go to the ancient stage to see, the ancient stage is not big, but you can walk for 20 minutes. Or choose a small bar or a dessert shopRest, there are not many small bars on the town of Xingping, but the work is still more refined.
     Laozhai Mountain
    Some people say that if you don’t come to Laozhai Mountain to watch the sunset, you have never been to Yangshuo. The summit of Laozhai Mountain can see the whole picture of Xingping, and the view is very broad and spectacular. Its linear altitude is actually not high, only 473 meters. The reason why it is so difficult to climb is because the slope is very steep, and the entrance is relatively secret. Usually, the locals will not climb the mountain when they ask for directions. There are also village women who told me that there are unsafe ghosts on the mountain, perhaps because of youth, young and fearless, dare to fight, and then continue to move forward.
    There is only a small sign at the foot of the mountain to tell you that this road is the entrance of Laozhai Mountain, and nothing will happen after that. At the beginning, the tens of meters of roads were still good. When they turned to the corner, the road became an uneven gravel road. Some places were not good enough, but these were not the most terrible. The most terrible thing was the summit. The former escalator road is very steep, and the steepest section of the road has reached 80 degrees. It must be used in both hands and feet to climb up. One of the mountain climbers who met was said that the most desperate part of his climb in Laozhai Mountain was that the sign on the road would tell him that there was still 1/2, 1/3 of the distance from the top of the mountain. As a result, he left two 1/3 of the time. When it was not over, he collapsed.
    And when I climbed halfway, the sky suddenly started to rain, and I was hesitant to go down the mountain (in fact, I already decided to go down the mountain), I met the handsome guy who was helping to take pictures in Xingping Ancient Town~ I was tangled with people. Whether or not to go down the mountain, and finally decide whether to go ahead under his command, this seems to be very similar to the youth we stumbled, with twists and turns, and difficulties, but we are still moving forward.
    On the top of the mountain, I not only saw the whole picture of Xingping, but also met the rainbow of the foot. At that moment, I felt that I was shaking my hands and feet and climbing up. It was worthwhile to sweat the clothes over and over again. This is a good weather in Guilin for a long time! Isn’t youth the same? See the rainbow after the storm, my youth, I am the master! This is the fearless, dareful youth!
    It is best not to go up the mountain by yourself, the slopes are steep, and there is a danger of the mountains falling, especially in the rainy days. In addition, there are many plants in the mountains. It is ready to start darker at six o’clock. It is basically black at seven o’clock.After watching the sunset, you must go down as soon as possible. The mountain road is about an hour or so.
     Day6 Day of the food and the end
    The last day was also the 6th day of the trip. I returned to Yangshuo from Xingping again. I didn’t go to visit Shili Gallery. I didn’t go to see the red hot air balloon at night, because I felt that all the scenery I saw in Xingping was satisfied. For Yangshuo, I am in love and are reluctant. As a snack food, on the occasion of leaving Yangshuo, I chose to stay in Yitian West Street, Xijiehe, to the Guilin cuisine in order to dig the alley. I am glad that I was not disappointed and washed my impression of Guilin dining.
    6 days and 5 nights in Yangshuo, how can you finish all the stories? There is also the story of my mobile phone riding a flashlight on the night road, the stories of those people who met on the Laozhai Mountain. Many stories have not been finished one by one. Just like youth, why was it a journey that can be finished? My youth is not going to go, the story is not over, do you want to go with me? Come on, go down together!
     About transportation
    There is a direct shuttle bus from Liangjiang Airport to Yangshuo. The latest one is theoretically starting from the airport at 8:30, but it doesn’t matter if it is late. At 9 o’clock, the car that goes to Zhapu is passing through Yangshuo. Will park there, the specific bus information is as follows:
    1. It takes about 18 yuan to take a taxi from the city center to the old house of Xia’anzhai. There is a free shuttle bus to the hotel.
    2. Yangshuo to Xingping’s car is 10 yuan per person, every half an hour, the latest car is 7 o’clock in the afternoon.
     About consumption
    From Xiazhang Village in Yangshuo to Yulong River to Old County to Fuli Bridge, from Xingping Ancient Town in Xingping to 20 yuan viewing platform to the last Laozhai Mountain, it is free of charge. Performance), adult ticket 260 one person, another parent-child ticket, family ticket package, online group purchase ticket is more cost-effective, other general cost list:
    Tickets for the Eternal Love 198 yuan
    Rent a battery car 60 yuan
    Rent a bicycle 10-20 yuan (Yangshuo is more expensive, Xingping is cheaper, you can rent it in some inns, you can bargain)
    Beer fish105 yuan / person (this is the price of being slaughtered, obey the driver’s past store, so do not trust the driver’s sales)
    Other breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner and other expenses will not be listed in detail, depending on the individual circumstances.
     About food
    In Yangshuo, in addition to Guilin rice noodles, there are beer fish and bamboo rice. You can see the beer fish on the street, there are a lot of chain stores, take a two-step road and a shop, you will see a lot of bamboo rice in the streets and lanes. If you don’t know how to choose, you may wish to take a look. The choice of the public netizens, then buy it online and then go to the store.
     About accommodation
    In Yangshuo, you can live in the vicinity of West Street. Many netizens usually choose Longyue Road, which is 1-2 kilometers away from West Street. However, if you like the B&B like a smile, you can live in the village. In Xingping, most of the inns are concentrated in the vicinity of RMB 20, which is not too far away. Bicycles can reach the surrounding area for a while. Here is the information about the inn where the smiles live.
    Yangshuo Ming and Qing Dynasties House
    Address: No. 57, Xiayuzhai Village, Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi
    Price: 580-930 yuan
    Youduo Yangshuo Shuixiangying Holiday Homestay (formerly Xingping Shuixiangying Holiday Hotel)
    Address: No. 71, Ergendi, Xingping Town, Yangshuo
    Price: 258-374 yuan
     Practical tips
    1. The small partners of the flying drones notice that there are more electric poles in the first generation of Yangshuo County, and the signal interference is strong. Pay attention when taking off and landing. In addition, Yangshuo Mountain is very much. When operating a short-key movie with Dajiang, be careful not to hit the mountain. The 20-yuan back view is a scene of a drone accident. When I was in the drone, I had a big sister who told me that two drones fell on the hill behind me in the past few days. I spent 500. Yuan asked people to climb the mountain and could not find it.
    2. The entertainment activities in Shangcun County of Yangshuo County are relatively small. Basically, there is no entertainment in the evening. They are all resting early. If the nightlife is rich, you can consider living near the West Street.
    3. The body needs to prepare some cash, such as the Xingping Yangshuo fare, which is manually collected after getting on the bus. Basically, it will receive cash. There is no money. Some staff will give you a WeChat, but some will not.
    4. In the Yangshuo to eat, you must remember to buy, do not believe any recommendation of the driver, otherwise it may be badly slaughtered.

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