You are frozen into a dog in the north, I am looking at bikinis in Sanya, eating and drinking.

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Everyday is an unknown journey, and every day I practice on the trip. If you asked me where to travel in winter, it would be better.
    As the South, I suggest that you go to the North to experience the cold. But if you ask me where to go in winter, I will not hesitate to tell you to Sanya! The current temperature in Sanya is between 20-30 degrees, very comfortable. More importantly, Sanya also has a seafood dinner.
    The whole of Hainan Island, especially Sanya, the southernmost point of Hainan Island, is still very fascinating. There are some of the most beautiful beaches in China. If there is a suitable opportunity, especially in such a winter, when you wrap it in your own city. Sanya is still wearing a bikini. Who wants to come?
    Sanya, for most people, is a holiday destination for beaches and hotels and food. I think the best way to open Sanya is to eat, drink, sleep, and quietly lie on the beach chairs at the beach, watch the sunset, listen. Waves.
    Whether it is Sanya Bay, Yalong Bay or Dadonghai, it is a famous tourist attraction for those who come to Sanya. In recent years, it has many famous tourist attractions such as Tianya Haijiao, Wuzhizhou Island and Nanshan Wanghai Guanyin. The tourist spot has added a lot to Sanya.
    First come to a set of trailers, let you know that Sanya is really what I said is worth your while!
    [Nanhai Guanyin Nanshan Temple]
    [Love is a lifetime of the end of the earth]
    [The most beautiful beach Haitang Bay]
    [Seafood meal to eat and eat]
    [Coconut Chicken Made with Fresh Coconut]
    Precautions before departure
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, and credit cards are all good, and other special certificates are included. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is now very developed, not all places can be swiped or WeChat paid.
    2, ticket class: when determining a good tripIn the meantime, choose the means of transportation in advance, the plane high-speed train or the train. Recently, all kinds of inspections are strict, so you must leave the time to stay in time.
    3, photographic equipment: camera Canon 5D II, lens Canon (16-35), Canon (24-70) and Canon (70-200), Sony Black Card 6, Dajiang UAV, stabilizer, shutter release, tripod , ample batteries, chargers, etc.
    4, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure, a variety of chargers, USB data cable.
    5, clothes: Sanya’s current weather is 20-30 degrees, so as long as you prepare summer clothes. To go to the beach, remember to bring a swimsuit. Remember to bring a swimsuit. Remember to bring a swimsuit. The important thing is said three times. Remember to bring skin coats and hats, sunscreen and more.
    6, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid and so on.
    The author introduces himself:
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    Travel Self Media Travel Experiencer Freelance Writer
    [Sanya self-help travel guide]
    Sanya belongs to the tropics. The temperature is high throughout the year. The temperature changes in the four seasons are not very large. The annual average temperature is around 25.5 °C. From the beginning of October to the end of February of the second year, it is the best time for Sanya tourism; the north is cold and windy, wearing cotton jackets, Sanya is still very warm, you can wear summer clothes, beach shoes, and enjoy the warm sunshine on one side. When strolling on the beach, especially girls can wear bikinis and let the sea caress.
    1. First introduce the temperature and dressing guidelines of Sanya’s four seasons for your reference.
    Spring (March-March) temperature is 18-32 degrees, an average of 20 degrees, wearing short-sleeved shirts and cotton dresses.
    Summer (late May to mid-September) is hot and humid. The average temperature is 26-33 degrees Celsius and the humidity will rise to 90%. The maximum temperature is 36 degrees, and short-sleeved shirts and silk dresses should be worn. Because the typhoon season is from May to November, rain gear should be provided. There is a folk custom in Hainan (the cow head is raining and the tail is drying). It means that Hainan is not afraid of rain, and it is less likely to be annoying. There are many air-conditioning in public places in Hainan, and thin coats should be prepared during frequent visits and activities. The hotel generally has an umbrella in the lobby for guests to use free of charge.
    Autumn (late September to early December) temperature and humidity drop, the temperature is 20-30 degrees Celsius, the average is 25 degrees, the humidity is about 80%. The weather is fine and dry. Short-sleeved T-shirts, shirts, sweaters and lightweight outerwear should be worn.
    Winter (from mid-December to late February) The temperature is 24-28 degrees Celsius, the average temperature is 27 degrees, and the humidity is about 73%. The weather is cool. It is a great choice for tourists to enjoy the seaside activities, and it is especially helpful for people’s health.
    Even if you go to Sanya in the winter, at noon, it is also a bright sun, so you can prepare more summer clothes, because the temperature difference between winter and evening is a bit big, and sometimes it will be colder when you go to the beach in the evening, bring some coats properly. And thick clothes are still necessary, personally think that as long as the long sleeves of trousers, it is enough.
    One thing to note is that if you are colder, you should wear enough clothes. If you are afraid of taking trouble, you can consider depositing at the airport of the departure place. If you consider the airport price is too high, you can also bring a compression bag, which can reduce the volume and facilitate Take it while you are playing in Sanya.
    [Sanya self-help travel]
    1. Aircraft
    In fact, the most concerned about Sanya is the traffic problem. Sanya Airport is called Sanya Phoenix International Airport. Sanya City is not far away. There are direct flights to Sanya all over the country.
    I am definitely the first choice for the flight from Hangzhou. Recently, because it was the peak season of Sanya tourism, the ticket for Hangzhou Fei Sanya was very expensive, so I chose the plane to leave at 9.30 in the evening.
    From Phoenix Airport to the city, you can also take the airport bus. The departure time is 9:30-20:00, every hour, 20:00-the flight ends, every half hour, that is, as long as there is a flight to the port. There is a civil aviation bus waiting at the port of the terminal (normally, the last bus is 00:30).
    The driving route is: Phoenix Airport – Binhai Road – Sanya Resort – Jinjiling Road – Jiefang Road – Bus Terminal – Xiayangtian – major hotels along the Dadonghai, the price to the city 15 yuan / person , to Sanya Resort 10 yuan / person.
    The departure time of the airport bus from the city to Phoenix Airport is: 08:40; 10:30; 12:00; 13:30; 15:30; 17:00; 19:00; 20:30. Driving route: Dadonghai Square (Departure Station) – Baohong Longdu Hotel – Pazhou Ede Hotel – Guoguang Howard Johnson Hotel – Beautiful Spring Hotel – Phoenix Airport (terminal). The price is also 15 yuan/person from the various stations in the city to Phoenix Airport, and 10 yuan/person at the Phoenix Airport of Guoguang Hotel, which can be used at various parking stations on the Second Ring Road of Sanya.
    The journey time from the airport to the city is about 40 minutes. If you have other requirements or questions, you can call the civil aviation bus customer service hotline.
    2, train
    Sanya Railway Station is the southernmost railway station in China. There are direct trains to Haikou and Sanya all over the country. If you can’t buy special fares or close to Hainan, it is a very economical choice to take the train to Sanya.. If the ticket for Haikou is more than 100 yuan cheaper than Sanya, you can also go to Haikou first, then take a train to Sanya. This is the case. The sea train from Sankou to Sanya is more than half an hour. The driving time ranges from one and a half hours to two hours. The cabin environment is good and comfortable.
    The Asian Railway Station is exactly the new station of Sanya Railway Station. It is located in Lizhigou Town in the northern suburbs. The railway station is close to the city center. Many buses can reach any place in the urban area as well as major scenic spots. From the urban area to some scenic spots in the north, you will pass the train station if you take the bus. The Sanya Railway Station is very beautiful. If you don’t take the train, you can feel it. It is a very good landmark experience.
    3. City traffic
    Many hotels (resorts) have free sightseeing cars for the city and attractions. It can be said that it is very convenient, but such hotels are expensive and the costs are of course included in the price.
    It is not cheap to take the bus in Sanya. There are more than ten bus lines in the city. The operation time is basically from 6 am to 11 pm, and most of the fares are only 1 yuan. Moreover, there is only one main street in the city of Sanya, Jiefang Road, which has a lot of shopping and food. It is also very convenient to take a bus. There are many shifts and basic seats. The driver of the ticket seller is also very enthusiastic. If you want to really feel the city of Sanya, Or take a bus here.
    The New Year’s Day has passed, the bell of the Year of the Pig is about to ring, and at the end of the year, take advantage of this opportunity to go out and change. The north is desolate and solemn. You may wish to turn the perspective to the southern end of the motherland. Well, follow the footsteps of the cow brother. Experience the eating, drinking and fun of Sanya! [The beach that must go to Sanya]
    First of all, I came to Sanya, of course, to play with the sea. Go to the beaches of Haitang Bay in Sanya, the island to embrace the waves and the sun. The sea is clean and transparent. There are several different blue colors in the distance. The corals under the water are rich in species, and the corals can be clearly seen. It is suitable for various underwater activities including diving. A variety of leisure methods.
    In the evening, I will be in Hongxialing, overlooking the long forest and the blue waters. The innocent bay is connected to the infinite Pacific Ocean. The white sands of the beaches, the fields of coconut wind and rice waves, make a huge beauty. The landscape paintings are refreshing and ambitious.
    [The attraction that couples will come to Sanya]
    Where do we know where the world’s ends are often mentioned in our lives? The Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area is located at the foot of Maling Mountain in Tianya Town, Sanya City, and the Qianhai Mountain. Here, the clear water and the blue sky are all in one color, and the smoke is vast, and the fishing boat sails.
    The promenade-like coconut groves are full of picturesque scenery. Into the park, you can go directly to see the “Cape” stone, a boulevard straight to the beach, coconut trees on both sides, extraordinarily green, at the end of the road, the first thing that catches your eye is the Love Square.
    The ends of the earth, the sea and the stone are rotten, how many crazy men and women are left with happy memories here, the most famous of the ends of the earth is the beach stone carving. The stones on the beach are different, strange and strange, with thousands of gestures and stars, and quite a bit of the momentum of Su Dongpo’s “rocks piercing the air, screaming the waves”.
    [Home-like apartment hotel]
    Going to Sanya this time, Niu Ge is going with 5 small partners. We are all teasing together, eating and laughing together, so I feel that the apartment is much more free than the hotel, so our tour manager chose to just open. Sanya Ai Bida Bay Holiday Apartment.
    The three tall buildings in the picture above are the Ai Bianwan Holiday Apartment, where Xiaodou is looking for, and the sea is behind. The advantage of the apartment is that it can accommodate four or five people; there is a kitchen, you can buy food for yourself; there is a refrigerator, you can bring your own fruit drinks and drinks; there is a washing machine, you don’t need to wash your clothes; Open the door, I want to go out and go out, I want to lie down and lie down…
    Everyone gathered in a room to eat, drink, chat and talk about life is the favorite feeling.
    Open kitchen, full set of Siemens kitchen equipment, equipped with modern kitchen cabinets, if you want to cook for yourself, there is also an oversized refrigerator, the big refrigerator is simply the ultimate killer, especially the fruit-rich place of Sanya, cattle Brother also likes to eat tropical fruits, can be put into the refrigerator to keep fresh after eating.
    Sanya’s Ai Bianwan Holiday Apartment in the Atlantis Resort in Sanya, this location can be described as unique! 5 minutes walk is the blue sea sand, stretched coconut forest, perfect enjoy the first-line sea view; walk 15 minutes to Sanya International Duty Free Shop to meet the desire of mothers to buy and buy;It is only 10 minutes drive from Wuzhizhou Island and 30 minutes drive from Sanya Phoenix Airport. It is convenient to travel to and from shopping malls and tourist attractions.
    Of course, if you just want to go on holiday, you can have a perfect holiday without the apartment. The gym, swimming pool and children’s playground that comes with the apartment can satisfy your basic play experience. The nearly 2,000-square-foot swimming pool is one of the must-have places. The adult swimming pool covers an area of ​​1,650 square meters, of which the children’s pool covers an area of ​​213 square meters, which can meet the needs of the whole family. The indoor fitness center will allow you to maintain a good physical condition during your play, and you will have fun and fitness.
    After returning to the “home” in the wilderness, the balcony becomes our favorite. The 270° super large viewing angle allows you to overlook the landscape of Atlantis and the blue coastline of the blue line.
    On the balcony, there is a unique outdoor bath, which is romantic at night. When you encounter good weather, you can enjoy the beautiful bathing experience of watching the stars in the night while listening to the sound of the sea.
    This time we stayed in a suite with a total size of 81 square meters, the second bedroom sofa is a bed, the main bedroom opened the curtains, you can lie in the bed through the floor-to-ceiling glass to see the sea.
    I wake up in the morning and wake up naturally. I go to the apartment’s love restaurant, blowing the sea breeze and listening to the sound of the waves. Everywhere, there is a thick Hainan Li style. The mesh cross-shaped shape and rattan material used in the design all reflect the Li nationality. Features, this is a different “Southeast Asian style”, wherever you go, always gives people a comfortable and comfortable mood.
    Vibrating network red “Pocci rice”, it is a traditional Hawaiian seafood rice bowl, is also a highly respected healthy light food cuisine, low calorie, high value, delicious, is simply a lazy cancer patient and The gospel beauty of an emergency weight loss madness. In addition to the “Love Seafood Seafood”, there are many foods in the restaurant.
    Traveling in Sanya is sure to eat the fruits here, fresh and cheap. Now there is a lazy way to eat fruit. You can use the app as a fruit takeaway and send it directly to the hotel.
    [The most spectacular Guanyin in the South China Sea]
    In the southern city of Sanya, there is a grand Nanhai Guanyin image. According to legend, during the Tang Tianbao period, the legal sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect. It has a long history with Buddhism, and this Nanhai Guanyin image belongs to Nanshan Temple.
    The icon is magnificent, solemn and compassionate. She faces the sea, smiling and solemn, representing the wisdom and love of the eastern world.With the spirit of “peace”.
    Self-driving friends can start from the city, drive to the west line, take the expressway at Yacheng, the big hole, and then follow the signs to reach the big hole.
    [The most old seafood market in Sanya]
    After introducing so many fun places, it is natural to introduce food as a food item for Niu Ge. Speaking of Sanya, I have to mention the first seafood market in the eyes of food.
    Sanya, a famous tourist city in China, is not only the seaside scenery, but also the first choice for all food lovers who love seafood. If you want to eat seafood in Sanya without being slaughtered, the best way is to go to the market to buy fresh seafood to the seafood processing shop, or find a family hotel that can provide kitchens to do your own work.
    This saves a lot of RMB and eliminates the pain of being slaughtered. Speaking of seafood processing, in the many seafood processing markets in Sanya, the first market is indispensable.
    The first choice for the seafood market is Sanya’s first farmer’s market. The first market is close to Jiefang Road. It is the main commercial street of Sanya. It consists of the farmer’s market and the peripheral fruit market. The tourists are very lively!
    [Seafood processing restaurant to eat cool]
    Sanya is popular seafood stalls to buy seafood, Xinmin Street on behalf of processing, cheap, fresh, enjoyable!
    [Handmade coconut chicken]
    The biggest sign of this store is that the soup base is made of fresh coconut juice. There are a lot of coconuts piled up at the door. The cow brother has picked up the coconut by hand. Is it a sense of accomplishment?
    Let’s not say more, let’s try the signature dish – coconut chicken, the most original soup base is added with two coconut water, and the chicken is put down when the soup is cooked. The soup is very good. The taste is light and sweet, the chicken is fresh, fresh and refreshing, and the individual still likes it. It is said to be the exclusive beauty soup for women. The Hainan black pork taste here is also good. It is also eaten by the cow brother, and the taste is salty.
    The glutinous rice should be the glutinous rice of Hainan, which is stuffed with pork egg yolk. The taste is fragrant, and the pork seems to have been stir-fried, rotten and with a bit of chewy. This is really worthwhile. You can choose here when you come to Sanya for a meal.
    [Lost Space Aquarium]
    The former cow said that the apartment we stayed in is adjacent to the Atlantis Hotel. This hotel has its own aquarium, which displays more than 30 display pools of various sizes and is home to 86,000 marine life, including more than 280. Freshwater and marine life.
    The Lost Space Aquarium has a transparent acrylic viewing wall that is 16.5 meters long, 8.3 meters high and 0.65 meters thick. It is one of China’s large ornamental curtain walls.
    The resident show “C Show” is based on its international performance team, master-level dance visual design, lively and interesting interactive experience, and combines the unprecedented acrobatic performances to perform a legendary Atlantis legend. International production teamed up with the Chinese team to land in Sanya. Hainan’s first three-sided wrap-around stereo auditorium 15 meters high LED over 300 square meters of giant mobile video wall, 7000 cubic meters of central special effects water stage, to achieve a variety of scenes, to create a realistic experience of the sea world. More than a hundred pieces of dance costumes, the musical “Lion King” props doll master Michael Curry personally sit in the town, the design of the sky, bring you to experience the vivid marine wonders, the forest world, the ice and snow kingdom, presenting the beautiful Atlantis kingdom. A variety of elements, such as dance, water ballet, and air art, are a dazzling form of performance, and every second is a new experience.
    After reading the travel notes of Niu Ge Sanya, do you want to throw a down jacket to Sanya to wear beach pants and bikinis?

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