Yunnan Classic Route Kunming & Dali (first two stations) [starting]

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D7 Shangri-La Dukezong Ancient City Tibetan Home Visit Shangri-La Hot Nest Inn (Dawa Road)
    D7 Shangri-La Songzanlin Temple Napahai
     About the author
    Hi! I am a big Sydney, a sister paper after 90, Aquarius, a small white collar for nine to five, engaged in the tourism industry.
    Like to travel, like adventure, like photography, like to write,
    I hope this life can use this footstep to measure every inch of the world!
    I hope that the story that happened on this land can be shared with you!
    Either studying or traveling,
    There is always one on the road
     General article
    ~This trip is a total of eight days~
    ~ The total cost is about 7,000 yuan~
    [Travel]: Kunming – Dali – Lijiang – Shangri-La
    The overall itinerary is relatively tight, especially in Lijiang. The total travel time is a little longer and more tired, so the recommended itinerary must not be too full. In fact, there is nothing fun in Kunming, you don’t have to go, and the total itinerary is recommended to play for five or six days. It will be a little tired for too long.
    The scenery in Yunnan is still refreshing. Many places are remarkable, especially in Wuhu. I really want to live in the first half of the month.
    Accommodation must be chosen, not too cheap, otherwise it will affect the mood.
    [Preparation before the trip]
    Travel time is before and after the Ching Ming Festival, wearing spring and autumn clothing, T-shirt + thin coat, because of the cold morning and evening, with a thick coat or woolen coat.
    It is especially important to say a few points:
    Sunscreen products (UV is particularly strong, if you do not pay attention to sunscreen, personal experience tells you to see the picture below): sunscreen (SPA50 and above), sunscreen clothing, masks, umbrellas
    Rainproof products (a sunny day and a rainy day): umbrellas, raincoats, shoe covers
    Driver’s license: There are many places in the itinerary for charter or car rental.
    The pre-departure standing list (full version) is attached below:
    Paper towel, wipes, sanitary napkins
    Sheets, quilt, mat
    Hat mask scarf
    Jackets, fleece pants, quick-drying clothes, 2 sets
    Toothbrush Toothpaste Soap Shampoo Shower Gel Conditioner 2 Towels
    Sewing kit Portable outdoor bag (folding ultra small) Sunglasses
    Comb, nail clippers, lip balm, cotton swab
    Toner, face cream, sunscreen, BB cream
    Travel three treasures
    ID card Passport Student card Account copy of the account Everbright bank card (no national fee) Credit card Youth Club membership card Cash
    Hong Kong and Macau Passes Taiwan Passes 400
    Itinerary and other planning materials
    Insurance emergency contact information
    Frontier ID card One inch/2 inch ID photo ID bag seal
    Large and small clothing from the inside out
    Slippers (bathing class) gloves
    Sufficient socks, disposable underwear
    Carry-on bag, rivet bag, stitching shoulder bag, big bag, travel case
    Swimwear, goggles, swimming cap, sunscreen, wide, cap
    Small hanging compression bag
    Scanned copies of the above documents (photographed by mobile phone)
    SLR camera + battery + charger + package
    PAD+ charger
    U card one
    Rechargeable battery + charger
    Mobile phone + charger + card (set national package)
    Charging treasure 2
    2 headphones
    Insulation cup
    Folding tableware
    Outdoor blade windproof lighter rope 50
    Compass survival whistle 30
    Trekking pole 30 yuan
    Sealed plastic bag
    Notepad, notepad, pen
    Watch 50 yuan
    Compressed biscuits snickers energy bars raisins beef jerky
    Anti-wolf spray electric shock 50 yuan
    Book: China Tour
    China map 1.5
    Band-Aids, Cool Oil, Mosquito Repellent Products, Plateau Products, Drop Spray, Eye Drops
    Cold medicine antidiarrheal medicine gastrointestinal medicine anti-inflammatory medicine spray pepper water motion sickness medicine allergy medicine
    Tape alcohol cotton
    Anti-altitude reaction drugs (to the plateau Tibetan areas): American ginseng lozenges, vitamins, high altitude Rhodiola
    Transportation outside the province: going to Beijing, flying to Kunming, Beijing, returning, Shangri-La via Kunming (about 2 hours) to Beijing, totaling 2,500 yuan
    Transportation outside the city: Beijing to Dali (night train sleeper can save one night accommodation and time), Dali to Lijiang (the bus is about 60 yuan for two hours), Lijiang to ShangriLira (the bus four hours 58 yuan)
    City traffic: Kunming – bus Dali – chartered car (recommended to rent electric car or self-wheeling car, we will not ride because of two sister papers) Lijiang – Bao Tuan Shangri-La – chartered
    They are all booked in advance, the minimum 60 yuan, the highest 150 yuan, the home of Lijiang Amu This is not bad, the other few are very general, especially Shangri-La is not recommended! However, the Shangri-La boss is very good. The car on the last day was only 60 yuan.
     Southern of the clouds
    Kunming is the first stop in Yunnan. To tell the truth, there is nothing to be fun, it is obsessive-compulsive disorder. Be sure to go!
    An early flight, about two hours to Kunming, take the airport bus directly to the train station after the plane. On the bus route, there will be a flight attendant recommending to a hotel in the middle of the afternoon, you can save the bag for free, and you can browse around, don’t believe it, it is estimated that the travel agency pulls the guests.
    After the train station, save the package first, a package of 10-20 yuan. The train station is very mixed, so be sure to pay attention to baggage safety.
    Dianchi Lake: Dianchi Lake, also known as Kunming Lake, is the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan. Relatively far from the train station, one hour away, free of tickets, you can turn around the lake, an hour or so. Next to Yunnan Nationalities Village, due to limited time, the evening comments are also very general, there is no going.
    Cuihu: It is a park, not too big, about an hour, free of charge, mainly because the surrounding residents are usually used for leisure. There are many uncles and aunts who wear national costumes to sing and dance, and the atmosphere is still very good. There are a few trees next to the pavilion. There are a lot of little squirrels. They are not afraid of people. It is especially fun to jump around.
    Yunnan University: Just beside Cuihu, an hour or so, free.
    Jinma Bijifang: It is two brands, really hearty, there are several small streets selling things next to it, and there is a commercial pedestrian street that you can stroll around.
    Take a bus to the Dianchi Lake at the train station, and take a bus from Dianchi to Cuihu Park. You need to take a bus. An hour or so, Yunnan University is next to Cuihu, not from Yunnan University to Jinma Bijifang. Far away, we can ride a small yellow car for about half an hour. Jinma Bijifang was not too far from the railway station, but it was late, so I took a taxi directly.
    The cuisine of Kunming was an authentic Yunnan bridge rice noodle. Therefore, the authentic Yunnan bridge rice noodle that was eaten at noon on the first day, tastes very good, about 30 yuan per capita. For dinner, I found a place to eat near Jinma Bijifang (see below), which is also very good!
    In order to save time and stay for one night, we chose to take the train sleeper from Kunming to Dali on the first night, about six or seven hours, and try to start later, so that we don’t have to wait too long after arriving in Dali the next day, because we arrived at Dali Railway Station. After that, it takes an hour to get to the ancient city of Dali. The first general bus is usually around 7:00. According to the location of the inn, ask the innkeeper or Baidu in advance to take a few cars. Of course, there are also many private cars at the entrance of the train station. Ten yuan can also be used.
     Shangguanhua Xiaguanfeng Cangshan Snow Haohaiyue
    [Dali accommodation] It is recommended to stay in Dali Old Town for one night and stay in Double Gallery for one night. Arrange the tour according to the accommodation. (Our arrangement) The original plan is like this, but due to the time of some local tour groups related to Lijiang, and the transportation modes and routes played in Dali, I adjusted it, and the accommodation in Dali Ancient Town was pushed down, directly Live in Shuanglang, direct bus to Lijiang in the afternoon of the second day of Dali. Some shortcomings are that the ancient city of Dali is not too detailed.
    The main attractions of Dali are divided into four blocks:
    [Dali Ancient City] You can spend half a day, or take a stroll in the evening and evening; so you can visit Cangshan during the day, return to the ancient city in the afternoon, and stay in the ancient city at night.
    [Cangshan] There are three lines to climb Cangshan. Generally, you can only choose one at a time, because these three lines are parallel, and the starting point of each line is different. They are the Zhonghesi line (the cable car is open-air, the trip is short, it can be played less, generally not recommended), the Zhitongsi line (the starting point is the Gantong Temple, the length of the cableway is centered in three, 40 yuan into the mountain Fee, feel the ropeway 80 yuan (round trip), online special price of about 100 yuan, you can see the chessboard, the tour only takes half a day), the washing horse pool cableway (also called Cangshan big cableway, the cableway is the longest of the three The highest, 182 yuan (one-way, including Cangshan tickets), round-trip 282 yuan (including Cangshan tickets, Tianlong Babu film and television city tickets and film and television city battery car costs, the tour takes a long time)); recommended to wash the Ma Tan cableway, It is said that you can see the azaleas in the mountains in the spring, very beautiful! However, if there is a bad weather situation, the Shumatan cableway will not reach the top, only halfway up the mountain, so it is better to feel the ropeway. They all overlook the panoramic view of Dali, and they are very happy!
    How to get from Dali Ancient Town to Cangshan? Cangshan is still some distance from the ancient city of Dali. It takes about 20 minutes by car. There is a small bus in the ancient city, which costs around 20 yuan. You can also take a taxi or rent an electric car/four-wheel electric car.
    There is a tourist distribution center in the main street of the ancient city. Tickets, cars, etc. can basically provide services and the price is fair.
    [洱海] How to play Bohai? First, you can choose to circle around or play only the wonderful parts. There are three types of transportation: riding, electric (two/four), chartered. If you want to ride around the lake, it will take at least two days, plus at least three days for attractions. If you are visiting a tourist attraction, it is recommended to drive or charter from the Dali ancient city clockwise to small. Putuo can be, plus attractions, two days is enough.
    [Shuanglang] The third day chartered to the double corridor (you can ask to get off at halfway, around 150 yuan), and visit the South Shaofeng Island and Yuji Island in the double corridor. These two places can be rented together for half a day. Bicycle (about 3 hours) or electric car (about 2 hours), clockwise to dig color / small Putuo.
    [Chongsheng Santa Temple]
    Also called “Dali Santa Temple”, the joint ticket is 121 yuan / person (including Dali Santa Park, Three Towers Reflection Park), student voucher half a ticket 62 yuan / person, just took a photo outside, there is a big outside Square, taking pictures of all kinds is still very good.
    [Xizhou Ancient Town]
    In the middle of Dali ancient city to the double corridor, there is a Xizhou ancient town, the village is not big, but the antique, history is long, there are many stalls and small shops, national costumes (super beautiful), eat, silver, the price is not Too expensive, but also very rich!
    【Dali Food】
    Glycoside/Xizhou Clam: Xizhou Crisp is one of the most popular snacks in Xizhou Town. The taste is sweet and salty. The raw material is wheat noodles, and the outer skin is crisp and soft, and the layers are distinct. There are many small shops selling in Xizhou Town, among which Desheng and the famous. In addition, there are also some small stalls and food shops in Dali Old Town.
    Silk: It is sold everywhere, and there is a unique snack in the local area.
    Three teas
    When renting an electric car in Dali, pay attention to whether the electricity is full or not, and ask the owner how long to ride, in case there is no electricity in the middle. There are many car rentals in Dali Old Town. Many cars are very new, very beautiful and very personal!
    (our trip)
    The next day: go to Cangshan sensation ropeway in the morning – afternoon chartered from the Cangshan Departure to the Shuanglang (middle parking in the Chongsheng Santa Temple outside to take pictures, play Xizhou ancient town) – evening Shuanglang
    Day 3: Morning tour of Nanshao Fengqing Island and Yuji Island in Shuanglang – Rent a bicycle clockwise to dig color – return from digging to Shuanglang (about 2 hours) – Depart for Lijiang at two o’clock
     Thanksgiving trip
    I especially feel that the friend of this trip, Yan Yan, is just the date of her marriage next month, and I wish her a happy wedding!
    I am also especially grateful. The local friends in Yunnan who met on the trip, you are very honest and worthy of our study!

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