Yunnan Cycling | What kind of scenery do you want in life?

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    Before the first trip to Yunnan, the end of my trip, I wrote in my circle of friends: How will I miss it when the trip ends?
    The mood at that moment was wet and soft, with a sorrow that the vague ride would end. I also wrote:
    Enthusiastically, I always say “no” to Congcong.
    Yige who has done a good job
    The high wind festival always accepts the old section at the end of the team.
    Always leave the delicious leaves to my leaflets
    Not very obedient and a bit sly
    And my dearest friend, old soup
    Travel time is long, and the last thing that is hard to bear is not the magnificent or gentle scenery, but the people who walked along with you.
    In the first few days, I was carefully preparing separate moments. Every night I had to preview in my heart: Yes, they will leave tomorrow. Then there will be a tear in the eyes, and then comfort yourself after the sadness: not a farewell, love is in the world, the end of the world is just a distance to lift the legs.
    Before the departure, the trousers of the leaflet had not dried up. I grabbed it and asked him to blow his pants.
    I have already previewed the lessons of this class several times, and I will not cry.
    However, at the end of the moment, I still cried.
    On the day they left, we have been in Shangri-La for ten days. This is a long rest time for most cyclists. Of course, the ride needs rest to restore strength, but the rest time is too long, the body will Lose excitement and be particularly tired when you get on the road again.
    I certainly know why they have been slow. Every night after the party in the small living room, I asked for a mouthful: You should leave tomorrow, rest for a long time, they are always vague: wake up tomorrow and say.
    Probably because I saw through my disappointment.
    On June 12th, 2016, I flew to Kunming from different places with Laotang. The Changshui Airport was filled with posters of Yunnan’s most famous tourist destination. I feel that after I have finished an airport, I have already traveled through Yunnan.
    I was waiting for my friend’s space to carefully observe the sky in Kunming that day, and it was a bit wet after a little rain.
    The big green lawn opposite the airport is inlaid with the red characters of “Colorful Yunnan”. I am thinking: Why do you want to make all the red ones? It’s not colorful in Yunnan.
    After waiting for a friend, I ate the rice noodles, strolled through the Dianchi Lake, and mailed the riding equipment.
    On June 19, 2016, I and the old soup set foot on the journey of riding Yunnan.
    We didn’t make any plans before we arrived in Kunming. We only bought equipment from the Internet after we spent three months alone riding the old soup. After taking the map of Yunnan Province for about five minutes, we decided to finally ride from Shangri-La to Kunming. Dali and Lijiang.
    The journey from Kunming to Dali is about 400 kilometers. I didn’t have any experience in cycling. All the equipment was bought by Lao Tang. With full curiosity and excitement, I set foot on my first riding trip.
    Far away roads, scattered dust, and nearly 30 pounds of equipment on the rear frame.
    I admit that I was too confident when I started.
    Starting at 10 am, passing through Anning City, crossing the town of Caopu, riding at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I was exhausted and did not want to move on.
    However, it has already reached the place where the store is not in front of the village.
    So on the first night of the ride, we camped on an open space on the side of the road called Lulu Town.
    The rumble of the big truck has been going on, and people can’t sleep. By three in the morning, I still didn’t fall asleep. Plus the first time I spent the night in the tent, I felt that the whole body was very wet and difficult to adapt.
    I got up early the next morning, packed my tent, and went on my way to hungry.
    Yes, don’t always listen to the rhetoric of those wonderful and wonderful journeys.
    Any journey of riding is not easy. Hot, hunger, exhaustion, and fear all infuse you from time to time.
    Therefore, we cherish every journey of peace and joy.
    The next day, we passed through Tuguan Town and passed to Lufeng. Because the national road was building roads, we had to go around the mountains.
    There is no end to the upslope, I have been riding, I have been driving all the way, I don’t know how long it has been pushed, and when the willpower is almost broken, we still have not gone out of the mountains. Just when we decided to set up a tent on one side of the cliff on the side of the cliff, we met a kind policeman who finally took us out of the mountain and reached a small town called Pinglang.
    Later, I thought that the two police officers passed by there on that day seemed to be special to save us. We took us out of the mountains and sent us to the quiet town, which smoothed our later journey and will have the future. So many stories.
    I had a problem with my joints because of my first ride, and I stayed in Pinglang Town for two days.
    It is a small town surrounded by mountains, surrounded by green and green, with a patchwork white house in the middle. There are grandmothers selling plums from their own yards on the roadside, a pound of money, and they are not sour. I feel too cheap, I don’t need to find it again, my grandmother looks at me with a smile, and doesn’t say anything.
    I liked such a moment, quiet, forgot the exhaustion of the journey, forgot to be in a foreign land, and even forgot the purpose of coming here.
    After a day of rest, we set off again. After passing through the ancient town of Chuxiong, we went inside and strolled around, but found that it had already been eroded by modernization and had no taste.
    The second camping, we chose a small river, located in Shaqiao Town, Nanhua County, Chuxiong Prefecture, is a particularly quiet and beautiful place. When we arrived, the sun had not yet descended. On the wet lawn, I wanted to go to the lawn farther away, but I was wet with the mud. When you return to the river and want to start washing your shoes, the sun has completely fallen.
    The river is quiet and quiet, there is a reflection of the sky on the river, and occasionally a shit is heard, opposite the continuous mountain, in the distance is a green and green grassland, behind which is the pink clouds reflected by the setting sun. We brushed the dirt on the shoes little by little by the river.
    What is the mood of that meeting? Is it unspeakable? Or is it a distant thought caused by quietness? neither.
    I was very grateful when I was at the river.
    I am grateful to everyone for all the sorrows and joys of all things in the past. I am grateful that I have seen that kind of scenery and I feel that way.
    I said to myself: What kind of scenery do you want in life?
    After getting up the next day, it was not the scene of yesterday evening. I wanted to see the sunrise. We ushered in a big cloudy day. The surrounding area was wet. The shoes and pants that we washed last night did not dry. I pulled out the black. The culottes are on the body and continue to hurry.
    On the day, because of the special fatigue and the problem with my leg joints, I stopped at a small town called Tianshentang. I have already eaten too much on that day. I especially want to eat steamed bread. I went around and found out where I sold the steamed buns. I ate four and I ate a large bowl of bait.
    After waiting for Xiazhuang, on the way to Xiangyun County in Dali, we finally met Yige, Congcong, Lao Duan and Xiaoye. That is a fate of how to meet each other! But when there is a time point that is different from the past, we may not be able to meet.
    Yige named our team “China’s Picking Lights Team”. He said that because we are all bachelors, we will ride all the way and become a light-collecting (ten bachelor).
    The day I met them was the day I rode the most since I rode, and it was the first time I rode in the night.
    When the sky was getting dark, we still didn’t reach the expected destination, passing through the land and hills, and there was no suitable camping place, so we put on the night light, led by Cong Cong, and the old section ended at the end of the team. The light of the stars, the cold air of the night, I became very brave on that day, and did not fall behind. At 10 o’clock in the evening, we finally arrived at Xiangyun County. For the first time, it was no longer the dinner of two people, my wife and Lao Tang. It became six hot people and talked about each other on the road.
    In fact, the most interesting and most rewarding thing on the road is not the scenery, but the people who like to be with you.
    Xiangyun County is only a few tens of kilometers away from the ancient city of Dali. The next day we entered Dali City early.
    The weather was particularly good that day, and Bohai was exactly the same as I expected.
    Six hot people threw the car and ran to the seaside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and beautiful scenery of the day.
    When the weather is good, the Bohai Sea is really beautiful and beautiful. The sea is blue and blue. In the distant mountains, there are low clouds covering the sun. The sun is hanging on the top of the head, and a gentle wind blows over, bringing a glimpse. Fragrant.
    In such a wonderful moment, Cong Cong picked up his gimmick at the seaside and ordered me to take such a sloppy moment for him.
    Leaving the Bohai Sea, I will ride the distance of more than ten kilometers to the ancient city of Dali.
    At the edge of the ancient city, Xiaoye and Yige began to look for the Youth Hostel. The rest of us sat on the edge of the ancient city to rest, watching the passing pedestrians and the shopkeepers who came up and asked if we were going to stay there. We all refused. .
    Xiaoye and Yige finally found an international youth tour called Dali Lily, divided into a large yard and a small yard. We stayed there for five days, often cooking, eating dumplings, cooking hot pot, making rice noodles, but the youth travel The kitchen is not provided free of charge, and it is only a reasonable price to negotiate with the boss. Therefore, sometimes we dislike her asking for too expensive, and use her own gasoline stove to make hot pot.
    She passed by and did not say anything.
    On the day we went, she found me and suddenly apologized to me. She said that because the kitchen did not open to the public, she did not know how to charge, so she was very sorry for the trouble caused to us. If you can stay for some time, the kitchen is open to you for free. I am a bit flattered. It doesn’t matter if I say it quickly. There are reasons for any regulations. We are not blaming.
    The boss’s special sincere face is the last impression card left by Dali, and I often think about it in the future.
    After leaving Dali, we set off for Lijiang. It was not a flat road. The ups and downs of the large and small hills continued to rise and the altitude was getting higher and higher. When I finally climbed a seemingly difficult slope, I finally I couldn’t help but drop the car on the side of the road and ran to the hillside and cried. I don’t know why I am here, what is the point of doing this, I can’t get involved, and I have to let my friends move to me. The more I think, the more I feel sorry. They quickly comforted me and took out the delicious ones one by one. The more I did, the lower my tears became, and the ripples in front of me were like the heavy fog on the hillside.
    After crying, I continued on the road and my physical strength did not recover. (The road was really too difficult to ride.) When I was going uphill, I was still pushing by Cong Cong. Sometimes I wanted to try it, but I almost tried it. Pushing the deep ditch on the roadside, I never dared to try again.
    The distance from Dali to Lijiang is not far away. It can be reached only by two days. When we are close to Lijiang, we find a small partner who is riding alone. He starts from Dali and plans to ride in 20 days. To Lhasa.
    In the evening, we arrived at the Green Travel, which was booked in advance. It was a newly opened young traveler run by two girls. The environment was very good. Two puppies were often running in the yard.
    The night in Lijiang is very lively. On the streets of the ancient city, people come and rub their shoulders. When they don’t pay attention, they are squeezed into the turbulent flow of people and can’t find their partners. At the foot is the bluestone road that has been polished, and there are two small shops on both sides of the road. There are not many customers in the store. People walk aimlessly and don’t know where they will go.
    The little friends who lived in the Youth Hostel are very interesting. At night, everyone is going to play a killing game in a room. I am often absent-minded, not because they are not fun. On the contrary, they are so interesting, and it seems that I am very Boring.
    At that time, I wanted to end the journey because of joint injuries and a waist injury that fell from the bed in Dali. The friends refused to do so. They were willing to wait for my waist injury to get better and continue on the road. However, my waist is not good, and oral and topical medicines are used every day, but I still don’t dare to work hard. I am a little annoyed. I want to continue walking in my heart. Secondly, I am afraid that my waist injury will not be restored and I will go on the road and lead to bigger problems.
    Therefore, for a few days, we are all staying in the Youth Hostel. In addition, it is often raining. We can only sit in the yard and watch the rain sparsely. There is no other meaning.
    One day, Yi Ge wanted to eat fried rice noodles. He bought the river powder and vegetables with heavy rain. He fry a big pot of river powder. I followed the meal and the dog in the yard smelled the rice. I also went to the dinner table, but I couldn’t give it to eat. It was too small.
    The days in the journey are like flowing water, very slow. We sit under the eaves and chat and drink tea and play cards. It seems that time has ceased to exist. In such a light day, my waist injury is slowly getting better.
    Finally arrived at the time of separation, we packed all the packages the night before. The next morning, we got up early and tied my luggage to the car. I was a bit sad about Lijiang, but I still have to leave. The two girls of the Youth Hostel came out to send us, and the rain would stop for a while. We slowly pushed the car out to the compound of the Youth Hostel. It seems that this fate of Lijiang has to be a full stop.
    All the way to stop and go, it is necessary to be familiar with the passage of one paragraph after another.
    The distance from Lijiang to Shangri-La is similar to that of Dali to Shangri-La, but the road is very difficult to walk. Originally scheduled to ride for two days, we finally rode for three days.
    On the first day, it was raining. Sometimes the rain was a little colder. We went on the road in raincoats. When the rain fell, we hurry to find a place to shelter from the rain. But on the way, there are very few places to shelter from the rain. Lijiang to Shangri-La is mostly on both sides of the road, so many times the clothes are wet and dry and wet.
    When we arrived at the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge, the rain became more and more unscrupulous and we hid in the courtyard of a country restaurant. There is a shed in the yard. We asked the boss if we could let us camp here, but for some reason, the boss did not promise us. The rain continued, and the rain fell on the ground and ignited a bigger splash. We were already soaked, and we continued to move forward with the rain. The rain has invaded the eyes, it is very salty, and sometimes it is sometimes a bit out of sight. But it is not far from the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge. After riding for about ten minutes with heavy rain, we found a place to stay. The hotel is finally stopped.
    We stayed in the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge for one night. The day after the heavy rain began to become very sunny. The equipment was covered with a rain cover and was not wet, but when everyone was ready to go, Congcong’s car There was a problem, I don’t know when the rear tires have been smashed. So the crowd helped him to unload the baggage, and then unloaded the tires to find a place to leak. They all have a lot of riding experience, and repairing a car is really a trivial matter for them.
    It’s harder to go to Shangri-La’s road in Tiger Leaping Gorge. It’s a very small hillside. It’s very hard to ride. If you ride for a while, you have to stop and rest for a while. In the rest of the space, we found the roadside. A large stone, wrote: “China’s light-collecting team and our respective names”, playfully “International ISO certification”. If you can still pass there one day, I hope that our handwriting will not disappear, maybe we can find more past time.
    That road is too difficult to go. I started to go down the cart. Cong Cong constantly encouraged me. I hope that I don’t want to push the cart. Even if I haven’t pushed it up yet, I have to ride. I really hate him in my heart. Under such a state of mind, no one still wants to listen to words like fuel. If you don’t push it, don’t push it, don’t force others.Push. Not only that, but even the cart was very laborious. Riding in front of the leaflet and Yi Ge called us to let us catch up with them, they cook in front, we can add some energy together and continue to go.
    When we caught up with them, they had already set up a petrol stove and a tent to keep out the wind. We have prepared very little food. They need more energy than me, but a bag of noodles, a marinated egg, and a The bag of pickles was all given to me.
    After eating it, I didn’t feel that my physical strength was getting better. I still couldn’t push it. I guess I didn’t ride the car because of lack of physical strength, but my will has collapsed. Those rolling hills don’t know where it is. The road at the end of the road gave me the idea of ​​wanting to ride a car. Congcong refused. They were willing to go slowly and slowly, but they could not take a ride.
    However, on the road from Tiger Leaping Gorge to Shangri-La, it is not easy to get on a bus. There is no suitable car for a car.
    Early in the morning, I suddenly called and told us that there was a lot of downhill road ahead, and it was very good. I listened to him and began to get excited. I passed a long and dark tunnel and thought that the front was a long downhill. After crossing the tunnel, it was still not. I climbed a slope and thought it was ahead, but I found out that it was still No. Then I finally realized that it was just a good faith lie that I deliberately said, but this lie has worked very well. My will has already collapsed. I really need some lies to guide me to move on.
    Just about a few kilometers away, Yige called again and said that there was a small village in front of him. There was a family next to the road. They were willing to take us and let us camp in their large yard.
    It was a Yi people. There was a little girl named Wisdom in her family. She was a teenager, very sensible and a bit embarrassed. He called us to sit around the stove at her house and start to spend some leisure time. The wise mother made a big pot of bacon for us, and we sat on a small stool by the table to eat.
    That night, because the Wisdom family wanted to carry out a ritual of their nation, the wise father told us not to enter the room for the time being. The ceremony took place for a long time, and we chatted in the yard and didn’t feel that we were being scorned.
    How could it feel that it was being scorned? If there is no wisdom to take us in, we must ride forward, because there is no place for camping in that section of the road. Our food has been exhausted. If there is no wisdom, I really don’t know if the journey ahead of us will be how.
    The next day we set off, we wanted to send money to the wise mother, but the mother refused to ask for it. When we repeatedly demanded it, we barely accepted it. In the chat, I know that wisdom also likes to read some extracurricular books. Cong Cong has left the “Sophie’s World” that he has been carrying to give wisdom. We left a photo in front of the Wisdom House. Later, after I returned to Beijing, I kept in touch with wisdom. She kindly called my sister and later bought a few books for her. I don’t know if she read. Finish.
    After leaving the Wisdom, I rode again for a day and we finally arrived at Shangri-La. This short distance has met many cycling partners, a team of more than a dozen people, a big brother who is alone, and a foreigner who is riding in the opposite direction. When everyone meets I will say hello happily and raise a thumb. I guess that is probably a mutual encouragement on the road.
    Shangri-La is the last stop for my ride.After riding to Shangri-La, my entire riding trajectory was over. I originally planned to ride the rain collapse, but I didn’t know what to think. I felt that it was not suitable for farewell, so I decided to stop at Shangri-La.
    They have not been gone for a long time, and they don’t want to stay for a long time. I certainly know why we stayed in Shangri-La for so long. Although I only met for only twenty days, in those twenty days, we rode together and climbed the mountains together. I was taken care of by all of them, and almost all the way to the Shangri-La, the kind of quick connection The feelings of love make people can’t bear to say goodbye.
    However, there is no banquet in the world. We can’t stay in Shangri-La forever. We gather here from the north to the north, and at the moment of separation, we must separate them anyway.
    I wrote a paragraph after another on the book they bought, hoping that we could gather again one day. Xiaoye left a bottle of Wangzi milk to me. I gave him my sunglasses and he would bring it into Tibet together, as if I had gone to Tibet together.
    I sent them to the corner of the path and could not continue to send it. They are going to go further afield, and I will end my 30-day cycling journey back to the city where I live.
    What kind of journey is that? The farther I go, the clearer I look. I stood outside the distant time and looked at myself from the perspective of another person. I felt that with such a journey, I can be content with this life.
    Later, I had a short meeting with Cong Cong and the old section in Beijing. Later they returned to their respective cities. Xiaoye and Yige also plan their next journey while working in the remote Lhasa.
    I also hope that I can continue with them, but there are many things in life that you can do without what you want to do. Sometimes you need an opportunity. I already have such a journey, and I shouldn’t have to ask for more.
    I sometimes feel that life is actually composed of countless moments that we can remember. That wonderful and wonderful journey really gave me too many unforgettable moments, and I can do it again besides gratitude for everything that I have. What?
    If the fate is not exhausted, let us see you on the road.
    Cycling time: June 19, 2016 – 2016 7Month 11
    Cycling track: Kunming – Anning City – Caopu Town – Lulu Town – Tuguan Town – Lufeng County – Yipinglang Town – Chuxiong City – Nanhua County – Shaqiao Town – Tianshentang Town – Xiazhuang – Xiangyun County – Dali – Wuyuan County – Xiqiao Town – Songgui Town – Heqing County – Lijiang – Xiaozhongdian – Tiger Leaping Gorge Town – Baoshan Village – Shangri-La
    My dear teammates: Lao Tang, Yi Ge, Lao Duan, Yan, Cong Cong, Xiao Ye,

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