Yunnan photography, pure play, nine-day tour

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I. Introduction
    Yunnan is a province with extremely rich tourism resources. This is the third time I went to Kunming, Da, Li, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Shangri-La for the first time in 2008. I used the unit welfare of 3,000 yuan travel vouchers, I led the team of five couples, and bought a lot of specialties. All are happy. In the second or second year, Xishuangbanna was also about 3,000 yuan, but the tour guide was full of shopping and at his own expense. So I don’t feel very good. Since then, the negative news of Yunnan, Hong Kong, Hainan, Zhaike, and Fudge has not gone. Since then, Yunnan has basically been in the abandonment stage, and at the end of October 2018, it went to the five countries of Central Asia, and talked with Yunnan friends in the same room about Yunnan, and made another determination to Yunnan. At the end of December, Tuniu chose a zero-shopping photography line with no self-fee; Yuanyang Terraced Field-Dongchuan Red Land-Puzhehei-Bise Village-Fuxian Lake Shuangfei 9-Day Tour. At the end of the year, the number of applicants was small, and the whole group was nine people from Xiamen, Hong Kong, Wuxi, Beijing, Shanxi and Shanghai. Because we do not include meals, we gradually go from personal consumption to the AA system, and get together on the 8th. Although the group fee is 3,800 yuan, ten single room difference is 570 yuan, ten insurance, 85 yuan, ten ticket price difference is 200 yuan. A total of more than 4,600 yuan. But it feels very comfortable. The following is a summary of the itinerary and listed attractions as follows:
     Second, the trip
    , D1 Shanghai ~ Kunming
    2, D2 Kunpeng ~ Dianchi ~ Dongchuan Red Land
    3, D3 Dongchuan Red Land ~ Fuxian Lake ~ Jianshui Ancient City
    4, D4 Jianshui ~ Yuanyang
    5, D5 Yuanyang
    6, D6 Yuanyang ~ Mengzi ~ Guangnan
    7, D7 Guangnan ~ Bamei ~ Pu in the black
    8, D8 Pu in black ~ Kunming
    9, Kunming ~ Shanghai
    Third, sneak peek
    Net red old man in screw bay
    Green Lake gulls
    Dianchi Hongzui Gull
    Dongchuan Red Land, Luoxiagou
    Fuxian Lake
    Ssangyong Bridge
    Jianshui Zhujia Garden
    Yuanyang terraced fields
    Yuanyang terraced fields
    Yuanyang terraced fields
    Yuanyang terraced fields
    Bicolor Village
    Dam beauty
    Dam beauty
    Pu in black
    Look at Qinglong Mountain
    Kunming Green Lake
    Fourth, attractions call
    1. Kunming Dianchi Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province. It has an altitude of 1886 meters and an area of ​​330 square kilometers. It has beautiful scenery, blue waves, 39 kilometers from north to south, 13 kilometers from east to west, and 163.2 kilometers from the lakeshore. It is known as the pearl of the mountain. Every year during the winter season, thousands of red-billed gulls come out of the lake embankment, fly down and rush to eat, and become a beautiful landscape.
    2. Our trip to Yunnan is the Dongchuan Red Land. The Dongchuan Red Land from 1800 meters above sea level to 2800 meters above sea level has been opened for three hours. As the altitude increases, the image town is also very cold. Originally, I planned to go to Yunnan to avoid the cold, and the people who traveled in the big town were only nine of us. But the scenery in the off-season is no problem.
    3. There are many famous places in Dongchuan Red Land. Among them, the Luoxia Gully has formed an independent hill in the rainwater for a long time. The vertical texture of the whole mountain is obvious, and the red color is used as the keynote. The different colors are merged together. The striking terraced landscape, combined with mountains, river valleys, and residential houses, gives people a strong visual impact and a dreamy view. It is known as the most spectacular red land.
    4, Dongchuan Red Land has many well-known attractions such as Screw Bay, colorful slope, playing Makan, Wafangliangzi, Jinxiu Garden, Millennium Old Tree, etc. When the sun sets, the basic color of the scenic area turns red and bright red. Together with the blue sky and white clouds, the terraced terraces and the rolling hills, a colorful picture is formed, accompanied by the old man who smokes and wears the sheepskin, and the dogs and sheep that accompany him. The pictures are more colorful and the old man also They have become net red characters, and they also make a living. Although they do not deliberately ask for money, the average tourist is given one, two yuan or even ten yuan. They also make a living from it. We cruised through the various attractions in the afternoon until the sunset.
    5, in the red land of Dongchuan, mainly watching the sunrise and the sunset, so it is very hard to go out early and late, in the morning in the cold wind to play Makan to watch the sunrise, leaving the town at noon through the music spectrum concave, Jinxiu Park to the next stop Fuxian Lake, Dongchuan is the highest and coldest place in the trip. Is it possible to warm up the next stop?
    6. Fuxian Lake is 70 kilometers away from Kunming and 1722.5 meters above sea level. It is the largest deep-water freshwater lake in China. The lake area is 216.6 square kilometers, the lake volume is 20.62 billion cubic meters, the average lake depth is 95.2 meters, and the deepest point is 158.9 meters, equivalent to 12 The water volume of a Dianchi Lake is 6 times that of the Bohai Sea, which is 4.5 times that of the Taihu Lake, accounting for 9% and 16% of the water storage capacity of freshwater lakes in China. The mountains and rivers along the lake are beautiful, and there are many scenic spots. Climbing up the Beacon Hill, you can see the blue waters of the lake, and the boat is like a shuttle. We played at the lake for two hours.
    7. Jianshui Ancient City is located in one of the counties under the jurisdiction of the Hani and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Honghe, Yunnan. It covers an area of ​​3,789 square kilometers and is inhabited by Han, Yi, Hui, Hani, Yi, Miao and other ethnic groups. The population is more than 50 continents. 1994 Zhouzhou was listed as a famous cultural city in China and a key scenic spot in China. We collapsed in the ancient city. I went to the ancient city at night, went to the Temple of Literature, and ate Jianshui snack stinky tofu powder.
    8. In the middle of Jianshui Pedestrian Street, there is a large-scale Qing Dynasty residential building ~ Zhujia Garden, which is known as the southwestern side of the Grand View Garden. Zhujia Garden is a home built by Zhu Xiqing brothers in the late Qing Dynasty. It covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, with a construction area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters, 214 houses, 42 large and small days. The Zhujia Garden has an elegant show and flexible layout. The level is gradual, the environment is quiet, and there is a high architectural art. The pedestrians are like Liu Wei entering the Grand View Garden. Tickets are 35 yuan, 70 free tickets.
    9. The Red River Shuanglong Bridge is located on the Hujiang River and the Luochong River, 3 km west of the Jianshui City of Honghe River. It is named after the two rivers like the dragon. It is commonly known as the + seven-hole bridge. It is a three-story + seven-hole large stone arch bridge. Rice, 3-8 meters wide, is one of the famous monuments in Yunnan. It has been included in the history of Chinese bridge construction. There are three fly-type lofts in the bridge. There are buildings in the building and the bridges are opposite. It is known as the Daguan Building in Weinan. We waited by the bridge in the morning to see the sun overflowing from the bridge.
    10. We continued to build water in the morning, from Jianshui Ancient Wells and Tofu Zhufang. At 11:00, we went to Yuanyang, passing a famous Yuanyang Beef Noodle Shop. The bowl with big washbasin really scared us. Jump, the price is based on beef, rice noodles eat casually, arrived in 1300 years, the terraces of the Hani people are nearing dusk, the Yangyang 170,000 mu terraces are the basis for the Hani people to survive, and were included in the cultural heritage in 2013. The directory brings us a strange landscape. Many Yuanyang terraces will be introduced later.
    11. From Yuanyang to Guangnan, I have to go through Mengzi, and Mengzi has a movie Fanghua’s location in Bishai Village. I have not seen Fang Hua’s film directed by Feng Xiaogang, but it is undeniable that the film Fanghua gave birth. This attraction, the platform of the train station point is all the posters of the Fanghua crew. About one kilometer of the railway is full of passengers borrowing military uniforms and holding red flags to imitate the plot. Our tour guide gave me more than two hours to visit us, including eating lunch. I enjoyed the railway station and facilities with the old Chinese atmosphere along the railway, as if I had returned to that era.
    12. After watching the terraces, we went to Guangnan, another place where we collapsed. This is the second county that we lived in addition to Jianshui. It takes four hours to drive. It is picturesque on the way. After arriving in the county, I am The county town ate a simple meal, bought ginseng fruit, here ginseng fruit only 3-4 yuan a pound, after the Kunming actually want 8 yuan a pound, I know to buy more.
    13, dam beauty ~ people called the world Taoyuan, in the embrace of the mountains, the beauty of the dam is very complicated, first take a carriage to take a rugged path, but also take a pig boat to sway through a dark water The cave, about half an hour to reach the village in the mountain, can only hear the sound of water in the quiet black cave, see the shadow of the mountain in the boat, until it is suddenly open to enter the isolated village, according to the tour guide, the next Heavy rain is still unable to enter?
    14. Because dam is hidden in the mountains, it is isolated from the world. Therefore, the folk customs are relatively pure and beautiful. The village is surrounded by mountains and does not pass through the highway. The entrance and exit of the stockade mainly depends on two natural limestone lava water caves in the village. To go canoeing through a few kilometers of dark water hole to enter and exit, in a closed state, in a self-sufficient natural economy. Windmills, water mills, pavilions, grass houses, and banyan trees are seen in the village. An original ecological portrait.
    15. If you leave from Bamei Xiaocun, you must pass through another water hole. This water hole is decorated with lanterns. For the sake of tourism, the government has also saved money. Then, after the hole, the carriage is again, and then the coach is in Bamei Town. Stopped and settled for lunch. Our five people ordered food at the small restaurant in the town. At half past one in the afternoon, we drove for four hours to the last spot.
    16. Pu had never heard of this name before he was in the dark. He later knew that because of the shooting of the Sanli Sanshi Peach Blossom, it was famous. We went from dam to Pu, and because there was almost no team, it was too cold. It’s cold, and the second is that Pu’s black is not open now. Of course, it’s only for the small group of tourists. The next day, we saw the mighty buss of more than 20 buses in the morning, or let them enter, because there was a tour recently. Rong slips and angers in the scenic area, so the current scenic area is closed, and no tickets are purchased. Every day, the security guards are on duty for eight nights. At other times, no one is going to Tianjin. We live in the sunshine of the Puer, which is close at hand. It will be fine at 7:30. As everyone is familiar, our Chinese food and dinner will be settled in the inn. AA system is good, 40 yuan per person, there are fish and meat! Not bad right.
    On the day of Pu’s black day, after we unloaded the luggage at Puguang Inn, we set off to the scenic spot and took the carriage to the main scene of Sansei III’s shooting. The middle of the river was the main scene, and the wetlands were reflected in the mountains. Very beautiful, the sky is drizzling, but there is a world of fairy scenery. This is our one in the black, the carriage, seven per capita
    17. Pu was once the location where Dad was there in the Black Scenic Area. It was also the location of the Sanli Sanshi Peach Blossoms. There are many caves in the scenic area. Due to the lack of people in the off-season, we walked two times at 7:30 the next morning. The West Wilderness, soon the sky was bright, the mountains showed a reflection in the water, and there were water birds in the wetlands. Make Xianjing more agile.
    18, Pu is in the black and there is a commanding height that can climb! Qinglong Mountain, Qinglong Mountain is not high, climbing for about half an hour, but because of the rain in the world, the mountain road is rugged and slippery, as the saying goes, it is easy to go down the mountain. The whole group is under fifty, but I am seventy years old, so although I went up the mountain and saw the beautiful scenery in the black, but the tour guide still did not feel comfortable trailing behind, and sure enough, I fell down twice despite being careful. Second-hand stained a lot of mud, scared the tour guide. Finally, I supported me until I went down. I like the guide.
    19. Cuihu Park is located under the Luofeng Mountain in downtown Kunming. It can be reached by the two collapsed roads near the Jinmao Hotel where I collapsed. It can be reached by about 8 stops in the morning. I will arrive at about 8:30 in the morning. The trees are shaded, the building is in the heart of the waves, the environment is beautiful, tens of thousands of red-billed gulls, or stop or fly, it is spectacular, every winter is uninterrupted, has become one of the most popular landscapes in Kunming, I am in the afternoon A little flying to Shanghai, take time to enjoy the scenery of the Green Lake Gull.
    20. Return to Kunming Railway Station from Cuihu. The hotel will be retired from the hotel at 10:00. Take the Airport No. 2 and arrive at Changshui Airport at around 11:30. It will be launched on time and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao at 3:3. I walked out of the subway at about five o’clock, the sky was already snowing, and I went home before New Year’s Day. It feels just right and will continue next year.
    Five, after the feeling
    I went to Yunnan three times, four years and six years, and I was traveling with the group, but I felt different. Because of this pure photography line, there are many beautiful scenery, early and dark, hotel, food and beverage, but no trouble at home, shopping. I like it, what do you think?

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