Yunnan——Romantic under the snow mountain

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Travel preface
    I remember the protagonist in “One Meter Sunshine” said: Lijiang’s Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is surrounded by clouds all year round. Only one meter of sunshine will come down every autumn season. Legend has it that people who are illuminated by this meter of sunshine can have beautiful love…
     Travel equipment
    1. Jack Wolfskin three-in-one 2. Canon 6D2 3. Seabird 4k sports camera 4. Royal Mavic Zoom 5. Millet stabilizer
    Jack Wolfskin three-in-one: the first time I went to the snow-capped mountains to wear the hole pants (in retrospect, I also admire myself), this time to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 5,000 meters in elevation for the mountain climbing lightly selected Jack Wolfskin waterproof and windproof down men’s three-in-one ski suit . The liner is 700 fluffy goose filling for warmth and comfort. The hood is comfortable to fit the head and keep it warm. The double side pockets of the chest provide storage functionality. The clothes are TEXAPORE technology fabrics, which are effective in dealing with a variety of weather conditions. There is a breathable zipper under the arm that increases air circulation. The bottom of the clothes is equipped with a windproof skirt, which can effectively prevent wind from locking. Drawstring hood, comfortable fit head, two-way zipper system, external windshield. The elastic piping cuffs fit the wrist flexibly to prevent cold wind from entering. When wearing this three-in-one cold, wear two pieces. When you are hot, you only need to wear a down jacket. The down liner is warm and light.
    Jack wolfskin soft shell pants: These pants are very convenient for outdoor sports. The pants are warm in the velvet. The legs are also very comfortable when walking. The regular waist can be adjusted freely with the belt. Zip pockets on the sides to prevent losing things. The pants are micro-elastic and windproof technology fabrics.
    Jackwolfskin hiking shoes: high-cut shoes, TEXAPORE technology fabric has good wind and wear resistance, waterproof and natural not afraid of snow. The sole is wear-resistant and shock-absorbing. The outdoor hiking is more comfortable and relaxing. The climbing snow mountain can also be non-slip, and the protective toe can avoid being harmed when it is outdoors.
    Seabird 4k Sports Camera: This sports camera is attracted by its bright colors at first sight. The Xiaomi Seabird 4K sports camera breaks the dull black orange blue and green of the camera to give you more youthful colors, 12 million pixels. A variety of camera modes, the weight of the zippo’s volume pen, the portable photographer who can carry the imported bag, capture every wonderful moment in the life, travel and walk with the seabird camera.
    Royal Mavic Zoom Zoom: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is high in altitude and no-flying. The Blue Moon Valley at the foot of the Snow Mountain can fly, and the scenery is very good.
     Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
    I remember bravely wearing the hole pants when I climbed the snow mountain. I chose the full set of Jack Wolfskin [Wolf Claw] for this lesson. The blue down jacket is the same as the blue sky in Yunnan. The light equipment is completely afraid of the altitude of 5000 meters.
    The blue down jacket is very suitable for taking photos in the snowy mountains. I can feel the warmth of this dress when I look at my shape. There is Jack Wolfskin not afraid of cold, naturally not to miss.
    Suggestion: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain needs to book 2 days in advance (large cableway + ticket + round-trip car 320 yuan or so student card ticket half price), if the next day’s ticket is (large cableway + ticket + shuttle car + impression Lijiang show 500 yuan or so )
    This group is actually similar to the free line. It is very convenient to pick up the car by round-trip car. The tour guide will tell you the itinerary and time. You can arrange it yourself.
    With the general season of 7:00am in the off-season, the off-season is about 8:00am. Because there are many people, the time to climb the snow-capped mountains depends on the arrangement of the scenic spot. It is divided into two periods: morning climbing and noon climbing. I have been to both time periods. The content is the same, but the order is different.
    The wolf flag is completely versatile, and I used it as a headscarf. It is also very suitable for it. When the wolf claws come out with a headscarf.
    Say this trip to the noon climbing:
    Departure at 7:40 in the morning First come to Ganhaizi at the foot of the snowy mountain, where you can see the panoramic view of the snowy mountains at close range.
    High-top hiking shoes can reduce the snow in the shoes when climbing the snow-capped mountains. The anti-slip texture at the bottom is stable even on ice. It is also very breathable while keeping warm. It is still very refreshing after wearing a day’s feet. The design of the heel part will not hurt even if you stand for a long time.
    Then set off to the Blue Moon Valley, Blue Moon Valley is very beautiful, you can prepare your camera to take pictures (recommended light color clothes) Blue Moon Valley has a scenic battery car sightseeing car can sit (50 yuan / person this fee is not included in the group There are three sites in total, and you only need to take a ride to visit the five main attractions of Blue Moon Valley.
    After visiting the Blue Moon Valley, take a bus to have lunch (a chicken hot pot) and a lot of dishes. The taste is also very good. After the meal, take the bus to the entrance of the snow-capped mountain area at about 12 o’clock, take the shuttle bus to the entrance of the cable car, take the cable car to the altitude of 4506, and then climb the stairs yourself (open the higher altitude according to the weather conditions, Up to 5596 is generally not open.) The crew will provide a down jacket oxygen bottle (the snow mountain is not very cold but don’t run too fast).
    (If your things accidentally fall to the plank road, you can find a staff to help, don’t go down on your own, try to get your own things, and don’t litter.) There are also many foods to sell on the snowy mountains, as well as commemorative coins. These ones.
    This time, I went to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at an altitude of 5,000 meters. In order to climb the mountain, I chose the Jack Wolfskin down jacket. This down jacket is more fluffy than the duck down. The more fluffy, the warmer, lighter, and naturally warm! The elastic piping cuffs fit the wrist flexibly to prevent cold wind from entering. This down jacket can also be used as a three-in-one jacket. When you are cold, wear two pieces. When you are hot, you only need to wear a down jacket. It is very convenient for outdoor sports.
     Winter geek
    This is a #66-day #冬日极客# global recruitment initiated by the Wolf Claw. The lucky ones who dared to win the winter, stayed in the Nordic under the aurora.
    Only after experiencing the pleasure of skiing, enjoying the mysterious dreamy smog, and passing the graceful and dazzling aurora, can you understand that cold is the meaning of winter! Not afraid of cold, go out and experience the meaning of winter. From now on – 12.12, go to the Wolf Claw Store / official website / online flagship store to participate in the event.
     Baisha Ancient Town
    Compared to the hustle and bustle of Dayan Ancient City and Shuhe Ancient Town, Baisha Ancient Town is secluded and secluded. It is far from the urban area and has the original residents. The ancient town of Baisha is the most ecological and undeveloped ancient town. Here you can feel the true Naxi people.
    Baisha Ancient Town has a long history. At present, there are not many merchants in the ancient town. There are only a few dozen hotels and restaurants. There are also many café bars opened by foreigners, and even if there are not many tourists, they are not tired. Find a place to sit down, order a cup of coffee or beer, soak up the sun, look at the snowy mountains in the distance, and be quiet and stunned, even if you don’t do anything, you will feel very comfortable.
    Compared with the houses built after the ancient city of Dayan, the ancient town of Baisha is mostly an old house where the local residents live. It has the characteristics of rich Naxi architecture, hanging fish and tile cats. There is also the precipitation of the years and the sense of vicissitudes of history. Through the village is a large expanse of fields, wheat fields, flower seas, villagers nearby will often come here to put cattle and sheep, like a paradise.
    It is usually quiet and there are not many tourists. The Naxi grandmother usually sells vegetables and snacks in the ancient town gates. The dishes are all in their own small courtyard, pure natural. Occasionally there will be cattle and sheep passing through the ancient town, of course, there will be a little cow dung, this is the original ecology.
    When I came here, I just caught up with the team that was here to hike and host a long table for 100 people. The bonfire is bright, against the snow-capped mountains, and the Naxi grandmother is jumping around the campfire, an ordinary and special day.
     Lijiang food recommendation
    The most creative restaurant in Yunnan in the ancient city of Lijiang
    Restaurant Name: Little Stables
    Address: Near the south gate of the ancient city
    Per capita: 150+
    At the weekend, I took a video with the Xiaomi Seabird Sports Camera and chose this restaurant to take photos and eat two birds. The second time I came to this restaurant, the restaurant is located near the south gate of Lijiang Old Town. It is very quiet. There is a small landscape of the ancient city in front of the door. The restaurant specializes in Yunnan creative dishes (chives).
    The choice of American-style char-grilled pork chops, a large piece of rectangular wooden board, the main food in the middle, as well as lemon fish, coconut milk, Yunnan specialty milk fans and other snacks … tastes light, looking very appetizing.
    Different from other restaurants in the ancient city, the restaurant is decorated in a modern European style. The owner is a foreigner and there are several restaurants that are suitable for taking pictures. Come to Lijiang, you may wish to come here and try.
     Lakeside restaurant
    Located in Jinmao Valley Town, Jinmao Junyue Lakeside Restaurant is a modern shopping mall in Lijiang. The lakeside restaurant specializes in seafood buffet, with roasted whole lamb and dessert. The most attractive thing is to sit on the outside and look up at the snowy mountains. It is visual. Double enjoyment with taste.
     Lijiang Homestay Inn Recommended
    There are so many B&B Inns in Lijiang, the first time I come to Lijiang, how to choose, as a hotel test sleeper, I recommend the following to you:
    1. 仟宿·云畔度假酒店
    Price: 400+
    Location: Near Shuhe Ancient Town
    Advantages: The whole hotel is modern decoration style, giving people a very comfortable feeling. Herborist disposable toiletries are provided with complete hardware facilities. The first floor room has a small yard and all glass is transparent.The geometric lobby, the roof is the observation deck to see the snow mountain, the second floor there is a folk singer singing free at night, breakfast is served until 2 pm, free fruit in the evening. In the snowy art town.
    Disadvantages: Going to the ancient city of Lijiang and the airport is a bit far away.
    2. Jingting Boutique Inn
    Price: 300+
    Location: within the ancient city of Lijiang
    Advantages: Behind the street of Sifang Street, at the foot of Mufu, quiet in the middle of noisy, close to the Zhongyi market, good location, bedding is very comfortable, you can cook at the inn, the boss is very good, the law school of Peking University, Good at Chinese medicine, tea ceremony, you can let the boss help to do conditioning. Floor heating
    Disadvantages: The inn yard is not very big.
    3. Snowy Sands Hotel
    Price: 700+
    Location: near Shuhe
    Advantages: Lijiang’s most cost-effective single-family villa hotel with a yard, washing machine, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms, bedding is very comfortable, the space is large enough to open a party, super suitable for a family, the second floor has a view Balcony, you can see the snow-capped mountains, as well as two-bedroom three-bedroom villas.
    Disadvantages: There are no restaurants and supermarkets around the hotel, far from Lijiang Old Town and the airport.
    4.Flower Building·Read Zhuxuan
    Price: 300+
    Location: within the ancient city of Lijiang
    Advantages: Located in the ancient city of Lijiang, close to Zhongyi Market, very close to the ancient city entrance, the room is clean and comfortable, the little brother in the northeast is very enthusiastic, you can find him in the ancient city, you can find it if you are lost.
    Disadvantages: The neighborhood is not very lively.
    5. Youth Residence
    Price: 80+
    Location: Near Shuhe Ancient Town Parking Lot
    Advantages: newly opened youth travel, industrial style decoration style, there is a single bed, the bed is also very high, the entire green trip three-story, the roof has an open-air viewing platform, you can play billiards, the boss is very enthusiastic, can make a meal, The proprietress can also play with it.
    Disadvantages: Far from the Lijiang Old Town Airport.
    6.Flower Building·Guanyuan
    Price: 300+
    Location: within the ancient city of Lijiang
    Advantages: Close to the Zhongyi market, close to the ancient city, no need to pull the luggage for too long, there is a duplex room type to choose from, it is very convenient to live in Lijiang.
    Disadvantages: the room lighting is not very bright, the lighting is also a bit dark.
    7. Flower Building · Exclusive Memory
    Price: 200+
    Location: Near Lijiang Ancient City Waterwheel
    Advantages: Outside the ancient city, near the ancient city entrance, taxi traffic is more convenient, opposite the hotel is Qixing Street, shopping and eating are very convenient, the inn’s open-air balcony has a lot of flowers, as well as the swing, the view is very good.
    Disadvantages: Going around the ancient city is a bit far away
     Lijiang International Shopping Plaza
    Here Lijiang locals can buy it, it can be called Lijiang Taigu Li, haha, it is a good choice to take pictures.
     Transportation: Lijiang – Shangri-La
    Lijiang Bus Station (No. 25, Kangzhong Road) takes the bus. The fare is 58-63 yuan for 4 hours. The service area will be docked at 2 hours.
    Snow-capped mountains, rushing rivers and tranquil lakes glisten in the distant Tibetan valley, staring at such beauty, even the soul will calm down – Shangri-La
    The Shangri-La Tibetan language is translated as “the sun and the moon in the heart” and is the capital of the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The local residents are mainly Tibetans. Shangri-La has 60% of Tibetans and 40% of Han and Yi.
    Songzanlin Temple is the largest Tibetan Buddhism in Yunnan Province. It is 3,380 meters above sea level. Because of its shape and layout, it is like the Potala Palace. There are more than 300 squatters, where you can meet many monks, so visitors who come here must abide by the local culture and customs and follow the guide.
    The Songzanlin Temple has a large scenic spot, including Ram Youngcho Lake, Tianzangtai, and Songzanlin Temple. At the gate of the scenic spot, buy a ticket and enter the scenic spot to take the shuttle bus to the door of Songzanlin Temple. A panoramic view of the Songzanlin Temple can be photographed on the hillside opposite the Songzanlin Temple.
    The elevation of Songzanlin Temple is still a bit high. Don’t walk too fast or run on it. It is easy to lack oxygen. I lived in Yunnan. I was too excited to walk in Songzanlin Temple and feel oxygen deficiency.
    There are three main halls on the top of Songzanlin Temple. Photographs are not allowed in the temple. There is a legal logistics store in front of the main hall. There are a lot of pendants on the car. I bought a dipper for my dad to buy 120 pieces. The monks will give the chanting blessing. There are also car pendants sold under the mountain, but there is no monk to bless the chanting, and the blessing is recommended to buy in the shop in front of the temple.
    The celestial burial platform does not have a celestial burial every day.Followed by, if any, the tour guide will tell. There are many crows over the Songzanlin Temple.
    Ram Central Lake is the center of the scenic spot, surrounded by cultural attractions. To the north is the Tibetan Buddhism Kuantan Songzanlin Temple, and the east and northwest are Gulong Village and Xiaojiezi Village with the ancient culture of the Tea Horse. In the west, you can see the prayers of blessings in the mountains. To the south is the celestial burial platform. Shangri-La’s religious culture is very rich.
    In the scenic area, you will see many prayer flags. The Buddhist scriptures are a form of prayer and worship in Tibetan Buddhism and folk customs. They originate from the custom of Tibetan ancient Bon religions. There are various spells, prayers, and tigers, lions, pennies, dragons, and mothers. Every time the scriptures flutter with the wind, it is to send the scriptures up to the sky. The five colors of blue, white, red, green and yellow are usually used to symbolize blue sky, white clouds, fire, green land and earth.
    噶丹-松赞林寺 ticket price list:
     Yan’an Banyan Tree
    Banyan Tree in Ren’an is about 18 km from Shangri-La’s Dukezong Ancient City. It is located in Hongpo Village of Jiantang Town, close to Pudacuo National Forest Park.
    After passing through a piece of grassland, the scenery outside the car can be described by the wind and the grass, and the cows and sheep are described as very beautiful. Yan’an Banyan Tree is located in the depths of Hongpo Village, Jiantang Town. It is very secluded.
    Banyan Tree has a doorman at the doorstep. It will ask the guests in advance to inform the front desk of the reservation information. After arriving at the hotel parking lot, the staff has already arrived at the white Hada to wait for the greeting. The initial impression is very good.
    As the first Chinese Banyan Tree in China, Banyan Tree has been in business for 13 years since its opening in 2005. The hotel was renovated and rebuilt on the basis of the original collection. It retains the charm of traditional architecture.
    The hotel is a decent single-family room. After the check-in, the staff will use the shuttle bus to the door of the check-in room to explain in detail the various precautions for use of the room.
    In the big bed room, the room is divided into two floors, with a separate small courtyard, and there are stairs in the yard to go directly to the second floor. There is a rocking chair on the balcony on the second floor for an intuitive environment.
    Shangri-La is cold, the hotel has air conditioning in advance, the room is warm and the service is very user-friendly. There are two air conditioners upstairs and downstairs to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature. There is cotton cloth on the door window to prevent air leakage, which ensures the temperature inside the room.
    The interior is a unique Tibetan style, with red and black color schemes, Tibetan Thangka and woodcarving furniture. There is a late-night menu on the desk at the entrance to send meals to the room. There are a variety of drinks in the refrigerator, snacks on the cabinet, mineral water and a variety of brewed drinks, and oranges on the coffee table. The incense in the room is divided into essential oils and fragrances. The day of the stay is lemongrass essential oil, upstairs and downstairs.
    The first floor is mainly for the washing area, the bathroom and shower are separated by wet and dry, there are two washing tables, and the toiletries are divided into two types, which are placed on the two sinks. The wooden hand-made tub is very comfortable for bathing, and the hot water can be discharged in about five seconds.
    Turndown service: In the evening, the staff returned to the room. The staff had already done the turndown service. The curtains in the bedroom had been pulled. The pajamas and slippers were placed neatly on the bedside. There was a small gift box on the night bed. Ok, the towel.
    In the evening, the staff will call in advance to check out the next day. The service of the staff in the room is very intimate.
    There are two restaurants in Banyan Tree to ensure the guests’ diet. The yurt-themed restaurant has barbecue and hot pot, and the drunken restaurant offers local specialties. Breakfast is also here. It is served from 6:30 to 10:00. The staff at the restaurant are intimately asking what to drink and there are many types of breakfast. , Chinese, Western.
    Banyan Tree in Ren’an is in the middle of the mountain. There are many scattered Tibetan pigs in the open space in front of the hotel. There is a small river at the foot of the mountain. There are many yaks on the grassland. When going out, the staff will remind you to keep warm. The distinctive Tibetan robes in the room can be kept warm and the hotel lobby is suitable. You can take photos for free.
    In general, the room hardware facilities of Banyan Tree in Ren’an, the service attitude of the staff and the surrounding scenery are great, suitable for friends and family to come on vacation.

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