Zhejiang to the west, Jiangxi to the east, walk the dragon tour scenery

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Zhejiang to the west, Jiangxi to the east
    Turning to Zhejiang, I found that the small town called Longyou is not far from Jiangnan.
    Quiet and dignified Zen Temple Tranquil empty stone corner rafting
    Grab the last tail of this summer, tie the once hot heart here.
     Fallen leaves return to the roots
    I first learned that Longyou is from the hometown of college students.
    The word “long swim” makes people feel strange and far away
    And fortunately, I can visit here to see Longyou.
    I also surprised my classmates. I went to Zhejiang to see a silent town.
    Knowing and understanding a city, it is best to visit the old buildings left in the old buildings.
    In the dragon to the streets, people will always be asked if they are coming to Long Tour.
    I replied that the locals will warmly recommend my sightseeing spots.
    If you are visiting Longyou, then you should not miss the Longyou Residence.
    Longyou Minju Garden is located on Longyou Jiming Mountain.
    It is currently one of the only two ancient residential resettlement protection projects approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.
    Since the 1980s, the local government has concentrated all the cultural relics of Longyou County and the ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    In the scenic area, the arches, ancestral halls, folk houses, theaters, flower halls, covered bridges, colleges and other ancient buildings of the Yuan to the early Qing Dynasty were arranged in a patchwork manner.
    Location: No. 46, Baota Road, Longyou County, Zhejiang Province
    Tickets: 50.00 yuan
    Opening hours: October – May 8:00-16:30, June – September 8:00-17:30.
    After entering the residential area, the face is coming back to the new food culture street. Jubao Ancient Street
    Although it is newly built, but the style is to cater to the scenic area, it is also set up in accordance with the ancient architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    Ticket gate but there is a champion arch in the entrance
    Built by Liu Zhang (1103-1182)
    He is a member of the temple of Xiaxia in Xikou Town, Longyou. He is also the champion of the 15th year of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty (1145).
    Therefore, this special champion archway
    In the residential area, you will see a variety of but large family officials standing side by side.
    Each household is marked with a house number and a big name marked with a surname.
    In fact, the bureaucrats of this large household were not like one household today.
    Longyou Minjuyuan but originated because it is an ancient house gathering place
    Finally, transplant the old houses of the local and surrounding villages to one place.Regrouped into a “court” so called the Folk House
    At the door of the mansion with a string of red lanterns
    Make history and modernity more integrated
    Whether it’s from the outside or from the inside out
    Every family’s house is a vivid piece of art.
    No matter where you look at it, it looks perfect and just like the Suzhou garden.
    It has been passed down to the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    Almost every household in the folk house has an indoor patio style design.
    The patio refers to the open sky between the house and the house or between the house and the wall.
    That is, there are houses on all sides, houses on the three sides, walls on the other side, or houses on both sides.
    The style of the patio makes the interior have lighting and ventilation
    And it is also very ornamental in contemporary art.
    In addition to the residential houses, there are a variety of workshops, bookstores, stage, etc.
    As much as possible to restore the traditional culture and life of the people of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
    Looking up at the patio, always attracted by vivid wood carvings
    These buildings are meticulously carved, and the characters of the opera are carved on the outside of the cow’s legs and fins.
    A vivid pattern not only represents the super high level of wood carving craft in the early days of the Longyou Republic of China.
    It also provides a basis for studying the development history of local opera dramas.
    Longyou Minjuyuan is not large, covering an area of ​​66,000 square meters.
    Pond, residential, shop, all things
    Walk around, don’t have to follow the map to find directions
    I have always liked the Chinese style retro construction.
    This is a continuation of Chinese tradition and a reservation and respect for tradition.
    And now it can achieve the perfect integration of modern and ancient times.
    Feel very pleased
    In addition to ancient buildings, tea houses, paper mills, wineries, bamboo shops, 蓑衣坊, steamed cakes
    There are even folk arts workshops such as Shuyuan still operating.
    Substitute feeling
    In the most in-depth location of the Residence Court
    The bridge is connected to the long aisle.
    The lotus leaf under the bridge is no longer a bright green color
    Summer is about to pass, catch the last tail of summer
    Whether it’s a house or a courtyard, it’s hard to imagine everything here is moving.
    The tiles are carefully crafted. The mottled colors are matched with the last touch of green in the late summer.
    Spring, summer, autumn and winter, experience the years of grinding
    It was not here, but it belongs here.
    Go online along the Xiaoming all the way to Jimingshan. See a fort.
    It is understood that this turret was designed by the Japanese. The National Government built raw materials using imported cement and stones.
    The fort was divided into two layers. It had 12 gun eyes. It was blown up by Japanese planes in 1942. Finally, the National Government rebuilt in 1945.
    It is said that in the early days of liberation, a traffic police platoon of the People’s Liberation Army was stationed here.
    There are countless people in the residence hall of the residence hall. If the biggest one is the Fu family compound
    It has a total area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters and is very well preserved.
    Master Fu of the Fu Family Courtyard, the generation of paper merchants since the Ming Dynasty, created the Fu Lizong paper number in Longyou
    It was also very prominent at the time. It is said that 60% of the official papers of the Southern Song Dynasty were tribute by their families.
    Since the emperor’s emperor’s six times went down to the south of the Yangtze River, his family’s master twice went to see him in Hangzhou.
     Walk the dragon tour and taste the dragon tour flavor
    Listen to Longyou’s friend
    A bottle of bright red chili sauce, a cage of white tender hair cakes, a bundle of dried bamboo shoots, all of which are treasures.
    I think this is the flavor of Longyou.
    On the east side of Jubao Ancient Street in Minjuyuan, there is an authentic Longyou gourmet restaurant “Longyou Flavor”.
    There are dozens of authentic Longyou snacks and dishes in the store:
    Onion cake, rice balls, pork intestines, glutinous rice, mud dust water fish, braised black pork…
    [Longyou green onion hoe]
    Have eaten all kinds of stuffed taroof
    I haven’t seen a chopped green onion like a dragon tour.
    Ingested mostly for radish, fresh bamboo shoots, pork, chopped green onion
    The dragon’s dry powder is made of rice flour. The method of eating is different from the powder that I have encountered in the past.
    Its powder is thicker and whiter and tough
    Can be used to eat fried or eat together
    Longyou called it “water vinegar”. It tastes smooth and delicious.
    [Duck Palm] and [Duck Head]
    Originally this is an independent two foods.
    And Longyou flavor combines it into one
    At the same time, it is a happy thing to be able to eat delicious duck heads and duck feet.
    The duck’s palm is rich in collagen. The small duck’s palm is more nutritious than the bear’s paw.
    The palm is the moving organ of the duck. So the skin is thick and thick without meat.
    Make people taste more chewy, even eat fresh juice
    Very suitable for people who do not eat fatty meat
    And the duck head is a dragon tour “one of the three heads and one palm”
    Its biggest feature is spicy, salty and fresh.
    Instantly Amway a local way to eat
    It’s a spicy duck head with a bottle of beer. The taste will get a qualitative leap.
    Longyou’s meatball is also called “mountain powder”
    It is made from sweet potato starch and alfalfa.
    The shape of the meatball is not a standard sphere and it indicates unevenness.
    There is a slight similarity to the “lion head”
    It can be fried, but it can be cooked and cooked in many ways.
    In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it existed in the form of a tribute.
    At the earliest time, it was only white, such as 璞玉, meaning “福高”
    And now there are all kinds of novel practices. The colors have also become diversified.
    [Scallion cake]
    Longyou’s onion cake has a very long history
    As early as in the Western Han Dynasty, its predecessor, “Hu Pie” appeared.
    Eventually evolved from “hu cake” into today’s onion cake
    The reason why Longyou Onion Cake is famous is that it is above the “onion”.
    It is a unique onion that lives on sandy land and is called “dog onion”
    This kind of onion is not only more fragrant but also a natural health food.
    After cooking with Longyou’s cake, it’s delicious.
     Mysterious cave Longyou Grottoes
    When it comes to the grotto, why do you have to go to the distant Dunhuang
    In the small town of Zhejiang in the middle and west of Zhejiang, you can find the mysterious footprints of ancient times.
    The secret of metaphor in the deep waters of the river blooms between occasions
    However, the changes of the times still cannot be solved.
    This also makes this the ninth wonder of the world.
    Numerous tourists are stunned
    Longyou Grottoes is an underground grotto group located in the Longyou area of ​​Zhejiang Province.
    Since its discovery in 1992, it has been covered by a number of news media with a mysterious color.
    Location: Shiyanbei Village, Xiaonanhai Town, Longyou County, Zhangzhou City
    Tickets: 65 yuan. Children under 1.2 meters in height are exempt from the ticket. Half price between 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters in height, 40% off for senior citizens over 70 years old, and half price for military officers.
    Opening hours: 08:00-17:30
    Unimaginable is the grotto that began as early as 212 BC
    The wall can still be refurbished and preserved to this day.
    I found that the grotto had a wonderful story in Longyou.
    There is a small mountain village called Shiyanbei. It sits north to south and back to the mountain.
    It has been called “the feng shui treasure land” since ancient times.
    Standing in front of the village and looking out into the distance, a river surrounded by a vast expanse of vision, quite fascinating
    There is a bamboo forest temple in the riverside of the village. The incense in the temple
    On the day of June 9, 1992, unlock the mystery of the grotto
    Wu A milk and several villagers used four pumps to pump 17 consecutive days and nights
    Under the leadership of Wu Ami, they entered a mysterious underground world. The magnificent momentum of the miraculous miracle
    Amazing and amazing, it’s also puzzling. The secret of half-day time is unforgettable.
    I finally got the dragon tour grotto today.
    It’s hard to imagine that this would be a vast underground project that has been sleeping for thousands of years and is rare in the world.
    Since being unintentionally discovered by several local farmers
    Sensational throughout the history, archaeology, and architecture
    It’s amazing and there’s still a lot of question marks that can’t be answered.
    Longyou Grottoes are not only built for unknown ages
    The causes and uses of these grottoes are even more
    Make it a century problem
    So today it is called “the ninth wonder of the world” by the locals.
    Currently open as a national AAAA level scenic spot for tourists
    There are more than 20 caves in Longyou Grottoes.
    And for preservation and protection for the development of tourism
    In the end, only 5 caves were developed.
    And the original five caves are not connected.
    In order to make visitors more convenient, the last five will be connected together.
    [No. 1 Mystery Cave]
    It is the smallest of the seven mysterious caves. The ground area is about 300 square meters. It is nearly square, the ground is flat, and the rectangular square pool is below the entrance. Because the support surface is small, there is only one pillar. The top of the cave is divided into two levels, the difference is about 50CM, just like the pillar is divided into two by the pillar. The entrance to the cave is separated from the Zhulin Temple by a wall. Not far from the mouth of the cave, there are three animal sculptures of fish, horses and birds. This is the only image engraving in the seven mysterious caves that have been drained.
    It’s magical. The No. 1 cave is the only place where stone Buddha statues are placed.
    And just outside the grotto, the bamboo forest temple is just across the wall.
    [No. 2 Mystery Cave]
    The No. 2 mystery cave is three times larger than the No. 1 mystery cave. The ground area is about 900 square meters. It is also near the square. There is still a small part of the north side that has not been completed (or intentionally left). Because the roof top is large, there are four pillars. Three of the fishtail-shaped columns are pointed to the north, with a pointed tip facing east, and a rectangular square in the middle of the south wall. The three sides of the thickest column cross-section of the four columns are 297 CM, 274 CM, 155 CM, and about 10 CM high. The mysterious cave is full of light. There are some obvious irregular irregular chisels on the wall below the entrance (patio). Some people think that the words “positive” and “volt” in hieroglyphics. The square pond dredging work in No. 2 Grottoes is underway and it is currently impossible to determine the use of Fangchi.
    The light in the grotto is very dark. The electric candle light with uniform style is perfectly connected with the whole environment.
    [No. 3 Mystery Cave]
    The No. 3 mystery cave is larger than the No. 2 mystery cave, about 1,200 square meters, but the height difference is very different. The top of the cave extends from the south to the north wall with a 45-degree slope. The ground also extends to the north end with a 45-degree slope. Deep and gloomy feeling. The mysterious cave is rectangular, but there is still a large part of the northeast corner that has not been excavated. Therefore, it is a corner rectangle. It is a mystery that the excavator intentionally does not dig it out or stop mining for some reason. There is a spiral knife mark from the top to the bottom of the corner. The author thinks it is a giant mechanical incision mark. The mysterious cave has three pillars, arranged in a north-south orientation. The rectangular pool is in the northwest corner, the ladder extends down the west wall, and there is a very small amount of water seepage on the west wall. According to the introduction, there is still a giant cave undeveloped along the wall, and the water in the cavern next to the water seepage is in the pressure difference. Underneath.
    The stairs in the grotto are very long and high. I can’t help but admire the unprecedented level of ancient architecture.
    This may be one of the reasons why the grotto becomes a puzzle.
    [No. 4 Mystery Cave]
    This is the biggest mystery cave of the project. The entrance is a platform first, the steep stone wall on the right side, and the stone steps on the left side of the wall. The stone steps are jagged like the previous mystery caves. The original step is up to three meters long, from the mouth to the bottom of the cave is more than 20 meters deep, the road is more than 50 meters, the bottom of the cave is relatively flat, the area is about 2,000 square meters, the three pillars are triangular, and the rectangular square is The middle of the cave. Rectangular square pools may be larger than the previous caves due to their large size.
    [5th ​​mystery cave]
    The mysterious cave is small in size, only about 700 square meters. There are a lot of earth and stone at the entrance to the mysterious cave, and the stairway is buried under the earth and stone. Tourists can enter from the 4th cave from the artificially cut cross door at the bottom of the cave. The cave is rectangular, with three pillars arranged in a north-south direction and a rectangular pool at the northeast corner.
    After coming out of the grotto, you will find many small caves around you.
    Half covered by water half exposed outside
    These are the grottoes to be developed.
    Also to make them appear in the most original way
    The color of the water in the cave is green
    Only 5 of the grottoes developed will not last long.
    But the entire scenic spot is very large
    It’s a good idea to take a turn around and a variety of courtyards.
    The koi pond full of ponds brings good luck here.
    The water in the pond is very clear. I can see many people throwing coins into the water and praying for peace.
    On the other side of the grotto is the Zhulin Temple
    It is also the direction corresponding to the No. 1 Grotto
    Zhulin Temple was built in the 7th year of Tang Dynasty (AD 632) and has a history of more than 1,300 years.
    Now covers an area of ​​80 acres, with a construction area of ​​4,800 square meters
    Temple gate to Lijiang River and Lingshan River
    It’s a good place to build a Zen temple since ancient times.
    The quietness of the temple is only a few people who believe in Buddhism
    The main hall “Yuantongbao Temple” sits north facing south
    The height is 17.86 meters wide and five are wide, and the depth is three, the Yuge is heavy, the yellow glazed top, the flying squat
    Beautifully styled, unique, with a strong ancient charm
    The companion’s little friend just put on a cheongsam today.
    Standing on the ladder of the Zen Temple, it looks natural and carries classical beauty.
    There are quite a few fortune tellers at the entrance of the temple.
    The sign always says “But you know your surname”
    As atheism, but still have to respect Chinese traditional culture.
    When the Zen Temple entered the door, it was written “Zhulin Temple”
    And when you walk out of the Zen Temple, the other side writes “Return to the shore”
    Under the tree is full of prayer red rope
    This linden tree is expected a lot and hopes a lot.
    It preserves the desire of everyone to yearn for peace.
    It stands quietly here and listens to the waiting room.
     Light bamboo raft
    For the thoughts of bamboo rafts, many people must think of the first thing
    The scenery of the world is Guilin? Or the beautiful Wuyi Mountain? Or is Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie?
    But everyone does not know Zhejiang Longyou
    There is a beautiful landscape of the Wujiang Mountain, which is beautiful and beautiful.
    And can catch the last tail of the summer
    Here waving a light bamboo rafting
    Here is the stone corner of Longyou
    Attractions Location: Zhejiang ProvinceXikou Town, Longyou County, City
    Tickets: 108 yuan
    Drifting time: 1-1.5 hours
    Opening hours: 08:00-17:30
    Recorded in history, Shijiao Village was first built in the Tang Dynasty.
    The surrounding mountain is like the name of the city, named after the stone village. All of today changed the place name into Shijiao Village.
    It is also one of the four important ancient piers of Lingshan River.
    There are still 3 ancient hoes left here.
    A small village with beautiful scenery and a bamboo raft. It is a perfect match.
    Some people say that Shijiao is like an unfinished girl in the mountains.
    In the process of rafting in Shijiao, there will always be beautiful girls wearing Chinese clothes to visit.
    They danced with beauty, quietness and classical elegance.
    Landscape with beautiful scenery
    Come here to experience the next bamboo adventure in the mountains.
    Our peers, sisters, also dominate the top of the bamboo basket.
    It’s best to have a safe sight at the same time on the bamboo pole.
    So as not to fall into the water~
    The river we flowed through is Lingshan River.
    It is the largest tributary of the Minjiang River in Longyou County. It is also located in the Shijiao Village of Lingshan River.
    It plans a total drifting distance of 4 kilometers. The current drifting mileage is 2.8 kilometers.
    There are calm waters and there are rushing downhill dive
    From ease to tension from tranquility to stimulation
    It takes about 1-1.5 hours to use.
    Why is the drifting of the stone corner praised by the people?
    That’s because the scenery of the entire trip is very worthy of recollection except for drifting.
    Bamboo rafts flow down the riverside
    In the distance, you can also see the Yingzui Rock, the bow, the Longjing Feiquan and other famous attractions.
    Mountains and waters are the scenery on the way to drifting
    The environmental protection of Shijiao Village is also very perfect.
    The cattle on both sides of the strait are stocked here.
    Whenever the bamboo raft passes, the ox will always make a cry. Welcome.
    Another big event after drifting in Shijiao Village
    That is an unforgettable bonfire barbecue dinner with the villagers.
    I heard the villagers say that the barbecue party here is not every day.
    The enthusiastic villagers came here to welcome them.
    They prepare ingredients, charcoal, barbecue utensils
    Prepare this barbecue meeting with us
    Flesh and pork kebabs pork chops
    a variety of vegetables, bean curd, etc.
    Here are all the barbecue ingredients you can imagine!
    Our respective division of labor The first DIY tried a self-service barbecue.
    I have to say that what I have done is the best thing to eat!
    Point on the campfire. Take the bamboo pole to go to the other side to see it.
    The barbecue is in progress. A small beach on the Lingshan River has a bonfire.
    In front of the Shijiao villagers and the tourists coming from afar
    This fire is like the hope of Shijiao Village.
    Exudes enthusiasm, lights up the road ahead in the night
     Longyou New International Hotel
    Longyou is not a big place. I choose to live in the New International Hotel.
    This is also one of the most famous star hotels in Longyou.
    Because it’s very convenient to go to various attractions and food in the city.
    Longyou International Hotel is located on the west side of Rongchang Square in Longyou, adjacent to National Highway 320. It is very convenient for transportation. It is a tourist-related hotel integrating business, tourism, conference and entertainment.
    The hotel has 162 luxurious rooms of various styles. The style is comfortable and elegant, and the facilities are complete.
    The new international hotel adopts the design concept combining modern and classical
    LED signboard room signage and classic European style interiors
    Make it a benchmark hotel in the Longyou area
    Beautiful high ceiling lobby with sly interior chandeliers
    Show the atmosphere of the hotel
    Good hotels always enjoy the most beautiful city views privately.
    Staying in the hotel, you can enjoy the best scenery of Li River
    At night, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery at night.
    Under the design of the new international hotel
    Chinese-style calligraphy and European-style cloth sofas
    Study room porch and living room design style
    It is reminiscent of the Western culture when it first entered China.
    The first collision of Chinese and Western styles
    Whether it is bedside or bathroom
    The light switch of the automated LCD screen is designed in the hotel.
    The bathroom is very large. The bathroom is very complete.
    The focus is on shower gel and shampoo. It is a premium perfume.
    The bathroom also distinguishes between the bathtub and the shower room.
    There is also a sauna in the suite.
    It is worth mentioning that all the toilets in the hotel use the most popular Japanese automatic cleaning toilet.
    New International Hotel offers a wide selection of food options in addition to accommodation.
    Dining area of ​​6000m2, European style, luxurious and comfortable.
    It has a Chinese restaurant, banquet hall and 20 VIP boxes, which can accommodate 1,500 people at the same time;
    Whether it is family travel or business travel, New International is your best choice.
    Cardamom is a traditional specialty snack of Longyou
    Steamed with bamboo steamer with dried pumpkin, glutinous rice flour, secret spicy bean paste, red and white sugar
    It is dried and is a casual snack for home travel.
    I am in Zhejiang, but I have never visited a small town in the west of Zhejiang.
    Living in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, home cooking will not use chili
    And Longyou is close to Jiangxi.
    Someone came to Longyou, a special shop, don’t put spicy food, and the last dish is still spicy.
    The reason is because the pots of Longyou people are spicy.
    Longyou small pepper also serves as a special dish representing Longyou
    [duck head]
    The duck head is a dragon tour “one of the three heads and one palm”
    Its biggest feature is spicy, salty and fresh.
    Instantly Amway a local way to eat
    It’s a spicy duck head with a bottle of beer. The taste will get a qualitative leap.
    [duck head]
    The duck head is a dragon tour “one of the three heads and one palm”
    Its biggest feature is spicy, salty and fresh.
    Instantly Amway a local way to eat
    It’s a spicy duck head with a bottle of beer. The taste will get a qualitative leap.
    [Seafood Feast]
    After the introduction of the waiter, I know that this seafood hodgepodge only costs 88 yuan.
    Completely subverted the impression that I did not like to eat at the hotel.
    And the taste is also subverting my imagination.
    She also said that because seafood everyone always has something they like.
    It’s better to make it a hodgepodge. Everyone can find their favorite seafood.
    [Longyou green onion hoe]
    Have eaten all kinds of stuffed stuffed oysters
    I haven’t seen a chopped green onion like a dragon tour.
    Ingested mostly for radish, fresh bamboo shoots, pork, chopped green onion
    The dragon’s dry powder is made of rice flour. The method of eating is different from the powder that I have encountered in the past.
    Its powder is thicker and whiter and tough
    Can be used to eat fried or eat together
    Longyou called it “water vinegar”. It tastes smooth and delicious.
    Longyou’s meatball is also called “mountain powder”
    It is made from sweet potato starch and alfalfa.
    The shape of the meatball is not a standard sphere and it indicates unevenness.
    There is a slight similarity to the “lion head”
    It can be fried, but it can be cooked and cooked in many ways.
     Travel TIPS
    Day 1 Longyou Minjuyuan Jubao Ancient Street
    Day 2 Longyou Grottoes Bamboo Forest Temple Stone Corner Rafting Bonfire Party
    1) High-speed train:
    Zhangzhou Station Longyou Station
    (The number of trains in Zhangzhou Station will be more. It takes only 10 minutes to reach Longzhou Station after turning to Longzhou Station.)
    2) Aircraft:
    Nearest airport: Zhangzhou Airport
    (Zhangzhou has an airport, but the airport is not big. The number of flights is less. The ticket will be slightly more expensive. It is recommended to fly to Hangzhou/Wenzhou/Shanghai where there are more flights. Then take the high-speed train.)

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